Free Supercharging Credit

Free Supercharging Credit

I just took delivery of my Model3! Absolutely amazing vehicle!!
I used a referral code to get 500 free miles of supercharging. Does anyone know how long it takes to show up in my account?
May be it is already there but I am just not looking at the right place...any comments based on your experience appreciated.

CharleyBC | 15 maj 2019

We had a bit of a weird story I won't bore you with, but it took a month or so. I'd hope quicker without a weird story. We never got any word from Tesla, nor did the owner on the other end of the referral. The only place it showed up is we noticed Supercharging started being $0. Then on investigation, I did find the remaining free balance in the "Loot Box" (treasure chest icon) in the phone app. Nowhere on the Web site that I've found.

wiscy67 | 15 maj 2019

CharleyBC - when you log into your Tesla account from a computer does it show you your referral code right below the manage button? Miy account shows my referral program info and under My Referrals it shows 0 for Friends Ordered. My friend did order his and used my code and he took delivery almost a month ago. Nothing showing in my or his loot box either. His rep says to be patient. Their dashboard makes it seem like we'll see when friends have ordered, have had theirs delivered and if they cancelled. In reality it apparently takes a month after delivery for anything to show up. Maybe.

jonmtcurley | 15 maj 2019

Mine took about 2 weeks but was not the full 5000, only 1000 miles. I am waiting to hear back about getting my full referral.