19” Replacement Tires, Best Ones?

19” Replacement Tires, Best Ones?

It’s that time to replace the tires on my 2017 Model S 100D, with 19” wheels. Came with the Goodyear RSA tires, only got 22k miles. Any suggestions for new tires that are good for all seasons?

GHammer | 18 maj 2019

Michelin AS3+

RandallKeith | 18 maj 2019

Continental DWS O6 AA traction rating absolutely the best all season tire you can buy.

ed330ci | 18 maj 2019

Yokohama ADVAN. Check individual tire reviews on

GHammer | 18 maj 2019

@Randall I have the DWSO6 on my P85+ and while I like them they have a higher energy usage and lower tread life than other tires I have used on my Teslas.

Silver2K | 19 maj 2019

Best all-weather is Nokian wrg4.

Best I've used for crazy driving, see hammer's first post

MS-2013-60 | 19 maj 2019

2013 Model S 19' wheel: Just purchase Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus. to Replace Goodyear ________ difference of night and day ! Discount Tire out the door $ 1088. less mail in rebate $50.

ALSET | 19 maj 2019

What is the market equivalent of the sound dampening foam tires that Tesla uses?

AERODYNE | 19 maj 2019

To the OP, very happy with the Primacies that came with the car, '15 85D.

I did drive in snow, and rain, no prob.

thranx | 19 maj 2019

OP: I did a bunch of research and, surprise, ended up replacing my Goodyears with the same as hammer, Silver2K, and teamscallen...Michelin AS3+. Handling aside, I was startled by how quiet they are, even brand new.

I got 20,000 miles out of the Goodyears (original equipment). 2016 75D, nothing radical in the way of launches. Goodyear was a nice-riding tire but doesn't seem to last worth a damn.

Costco has the Michelin AS3+ (and other Michelins, if you prefer). They were on sale and install was $15. Plus, you get the Costco warranty in addition to the mfgr's. Free nitrogen fill, too, if that interests you. Total price was less than anybody else. Interestingly, the guy ahead of me replacing the Michelins on his model 3 had put 65,000 miles on his car in one year (traveling salesman). Nice testament for the tire company.

Mike83 | 19 maj 2019

Our Goodyears have 35,000 miles on our MS and still have 4/32s. For the price we'll buy them again.

thranx | 19 maj 2019

@Mike; count your blessings.

RandallKeith | 19 maj 2019

You buy your tires based on price and mileage?

The difference between a good tire and a not so good tire can be a stopping distance of 30 feet.How many times have you slammed on your brakes and had less than 30 feet between you and whatever you were going to hit.

GHammer | 19 maj 2019

@Randall What's your point? The AS3+ is an excellent tire. You may prefer the DWSO6 but based on personal experience with both I prefer the AS3+.
The AS3+ is also the top recommenced tire in this category by Consumer Reports.

barrykmd | 19 maj 2019

ALSET | May 19, 2019
What is the market equivalent of the sound dampening foam tires that Tesla uses?

Any other tire in the world. Studies have shown the sound deadening foam to be marketing BS

richard_lawson | 19 maj 2019

Has anyone confirmed the tires on the new refreshed Model S?

cfishkin01 | 19 maj 2019

I stop by my local service center on Friday and they said they won't know until the new models are in which they claim is going to be late June.

thranx | 20 maj 2019

@barrykmd; having driven two model S's for six years with the Goodyears and now one week with the Michelins, I and my otolayrngologist concur.

jordanrichard | 20 maj 2019

Tire noise comes from the tread. Just listen a truck roll past you running on all terrain tires with large chunky tread. Better sound deadening in the wheel wells would probably do more than inner tire foam.

Everyone keeps talking about “AS3’s”. Are these better than the Michelin Primacys?

gridley1950 | 20 maj 2019

Quote: " Everyone keeps talking about “AS3’s”. Are these better than the Michelin Primacys?"

My question also. I'm lovin my Primacys and was going to replace them with the same when the time comes. Nice even wear, quiet, and feel great. MS P85D

gridley1950 | 20 maj 2019

But if there's something better I'm all ears.

barrykmd | 20 maj 2019

jordanrichard | May 20, 2019
Everyone keeps talking about “AS3’s”. Are these better than the Michelin Primacys?

My first tires were MXM4s. My second set is AS3+s (note the PLUS). The older AS3 non-plus were terrible in snow which is why they did the redesign. My next set will be AS3+s. I like them better, especially in winter.

I know Bighorn had the AS3+ as one of his 32 sets of tires. Be interested in hearing his comments on what else he's tried.

Silver2K | 20 maj 2019

" Everyone keeps talking about “AS3’s”. Are these better than the Michelin Primacys?"

Yes and nokian wrg4 is better in snow and summer than primacy

Mike83 | 20 maj 2019

Years ago our P85 wore out the Michelin primacy in 14000 miles. We got Goodyear with the same specs and they where quieter.
Our MS D came with the Goodyear tires and are wearing well. They look to last about 40000 miles.

Silver2K | 20 maj 2019

jordanrichard | May 20, 2019
Tire noise comes from the tread. Just listen a truck roll past you running on all terrain tires with large chunky tread. Better sound deadening in the wheel wells would probably do more than inner tire foam.

Although tread is a contributing factor to road noise, it is not the main reason for the volume heard. The biggest reason is the sidewalls of the tire. The stiffer the sidewall, the louder the road noise. Since the sidewall is connecting the tread to the rim directly, the foams doesn't help much at all

EchoCharlie1 | 20 maj 2019

I’ve been VERY happy with the Michelin Primacy tires and at 41k miles, finally replaced the factory originals. Mileage and performance will vary with driving habits and road conditions, of course.

barrykmd | 20 maj 2019

Silver - any idea why the wrg4 isn't on Discount tires web site? Where did you get them?

gridley1950 | 20 maj 2019

And it seems the dual motor and 19" wheels are somehow easier on the tires for both efficiency and wear. (Information I made up from hanging out here!)

Silver2K | 21 maj 2019


Mavis tire

thranx | 21 maj 2019

I went with the AS3+ because I needed an all-season tire with decent mileage and because Michelin particularly touts improved rain and snow handling with the "+" version.

If I was looking for a winter tire I would certainly consider the Nokians.

rxlawdude | 21 maj 2019

For our MS70D, we have continued to use the MXM4s, which have given us around 40K miles per set reliably.

I just swapped the MXM4s on our M3 LR RWD to the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ and handling is excellent. Road noise no different than the OEMs. However, at 1,000 miles, I'm seeing about a 10% hit in consumption per mile (lifetime over 26K miles was 241Wh/mi on the original tires, and the new tires are settling in around 270Wh/mi). We're about to embark on a 4,000 mile road trip in the 3, and I expect to see some reduction in that efficiency hit as the new tires get more thoroughly broken in. That said, I will probably go back to the MXM4s when the Pilots are done.

Bill_75D | 21 maj 2019

Michelin has a new tire just out that looks like an improved MXM4. It's called Primacy Tour. I'm going to put a set on to replace my Goodyears which are about used up at 30,000 miles.

Mike83 | 21 maj 2019

When I checked the specs on Michelin vs. Goodyear they are the same but paying for the Michelin name not for me.
Also I noticed my Goodyears hold pressure 45 psi for a very long time. I also drive on snow/ice and find them great having the D Tesla version.

MilesMD88 | 21 maj 2019

I’ll echo what Echo said. 29K on factory Michelin Primacy OEM tires. Quiet as day 1. Expect 60K or more from them based on tread depth wear. But mostly highway miles. Rotated once at 6K. Wear’s since even across all tires. 2015 P85D. Might be worth the extra $$ for these. Never had good experiences with Goodyear. Tire noise & ride degraded fairly quickly with Eagles.

murraypetera | 21 maj 2019

I am also in the market and Am looking at the Continental's PURECONTACT LS - SIZE: 245/45R19

I have been running on Michelin’s MXM4 which are ok but a bit loud.

I’m still waiting to see what Tesla is installing on the new S with improved range.

billUK | 22 maj 2019

Different countries have different names for the tyre models. My car came on Michelin Primacy 3's (no sound deadening in 2016) and I replaced them with the acoustic version of the same. The decrease in noise was noticeable, but not huge. The differences in noise levels for different road surfaces is greater than the differences between the tyres(tires).

adspguy | 22 maj 2019

I'm happy with the Nokian WRG4s.

HighdesertSeth | 5 juni 2019

Best tires for model s-19” are Pirellis Cirentino-(mis spelled) bought at America Tires!! 70000 mile warranty too. So much quieter then Goodyear. Great service too.

nino | 7 juni 2019

I need the front tires on my model S replaced, went to my service center and they will not do it, same story at the Norwalk CA COSTCO. The tesla SC in Buena Park gave an appointment for two weeks from now.
does anyone have any suggestion as to where else I could get the tires replaced?

rxlawdude | 7 juni 2019

Tustin Costco. | 7 juni 2019

I also switched at 19k miles from 19" Goodyears (with foam) to Cinturato P7 All Season Plus. Quieter and handles as well if not better. Far better wear resistance rating too. Worth considering.

jbdvm1988 | 7 juni 2019

TeslaTap- what’s your feeling on the wh/mile with the pirellis

eggbert747 | 7 juni 2019

Love my Pirelli's. Can't tell any real wear @ 15K. Quiet also

p.c.mcavoy | 9 juni 2019

Anyone with the Pirelli’s that route 70k mile life had them long enough to know what type of life you’ll really get? I happened to be by the Tesla gallery in Indianapolis yesterday and talking with one of the owner advisors that has been there for some time. He indicated a client of his had gotten the Pirelli’s, referencing the 70k mile rating, and there were about shot after roughly 20k miles. I am a bit suspicious that those were 21”, not 19”, as he reference the owner having a P85. Either way, still curious if any of you have had them long enough to really know if tread wear significantly better than some of the other options. | 9 juni 2019

@jbdvm - I see no difference in W/h between Goodyear and Pirelli. Not super scientific, bit looking at the power in the same month. Now W/h is better, but summar always has better W/m than our winters. Both are LRR tires, so should be similar.

@p.c.mcavoy - Sorry, haven't enough miles to evaluate wear yet. I figure if they last 20K instead of the rated 70K, they will pro-rate the cost of a new set, so really don't care too much how they wear - so long as noise/handling isn't affected.

RandallKeith | 9 juni 2019

Pirelli P7 has an A traction rating.This represents the tires ability to stop on a wet surface. Michelin AS3+ and Continental DWS06 have a AA traction rating. The tire rack says “ it’s a great tire until it rains.”I don’t understand buying tires based on mileage. Your first accident will cost you more then a set of tires

cfishkin01 | 9 juni 2019

Hit 40K on my original 19in Goodyear's today. 4/32 left in the front, 3/32 left in the rear. I want to replace them asap, but I do want to know what Tesla is going to use as the OE tire going forward before I pull the trigger. Anyone know when they will be coming off the line? Thanks. 2017 S75D.

p.c.mcavoy | 10 juni 2019

@cfishkin01 - It appears to still be the same Goodyear Eagle Touring tire being used on the latest models. I had posted that question in the post April 23 VIN thread ...

@waterT posted this reply to my question on Saturday.

waterT | June 8, 2019
@p.c.mcavoy, tires appear to be standard Goodyear Eagle Touring, I don't see anything that denotes anything special about them.

hirorir | 10 juni 2019

After two sets of Goodyear Eagle Tourings on my MS (~20k mi ea), I switched to Michelin Primacy MXM4s due to the mileage guarantee on the tires.

ST70 | 11 juni 2019

@cfishkin01- no reason to replace yet...with your driving you've got another 5K miles left...rotate from front to rear maybe if you accelerate hard (seems that you do if your rears are wearing faster).

cfishkin01 | 11 juni 2019

@ST70 - You are probably right, but they say your wet stopping distance increase substantially at this wear level so I ordered the tires from a local Goodyear shop. Went to get them installed today, and guess what, wrong tires, no band inside. They said they'll reorder had have them tomorrow, we'll see.