My New Model 3 SR+ Only Has 220 Mile Range

My New Model 3 SR+ Only Has 220 Mile Range

I picked up my M3 SR+ yesterday. when the time I pick it up, it has 3 miles on it and the battery charged to 90%. However, the range only show 196 miles. Based on 90% battery capacity at 196 miles, the full (100%) charge will only give me 220 mile range (this is the exact range for SR). I'm wondering whether Tesla had downgraded my range to SR or this is normal for all new M3 SR+? Anyone has the same experience?

RWD ☰ | 23 maj 2019

Try a full reboot of the car. My SR+ gets 216 miles at 90%. A new update is also coming 2019.16.2. Maybe wait until a reboot and update before worrying too much.

fivehole_29 | 23 maj 2019

I picked up my M3 SR+ this past Monday and I'm having the exact same issue. I fully charged mine to 100% last night and the indicated range remaining was 216 miles. It's almost like it was "software downgraded" to the SR range of 220 miles. I reached out to my delivery specialist and he referred me to someone in the service department. So far just waiting to hear from them on next steps. The delivery specialist did say it's likely a software issue and something he had seen before. Also of note, the software build version on my car is currently 2019.7.107, so it's a bit old. I've been waiting for the car to update to the latest version but so far it hasn't happened. I'm really hoping this is just a software issue.

WantMY | 23 maj 2019

Read/watch this about Tesla range:
In short, it is about 192m, 3.7m/kWh. Pretty pathetic compared to my EV, lol

Jrcase | 23 maj 2019

Look at your window sticker. There is a range portion that should show 240 miles. It is in the area where the MPGe is. My SR shows 220 as the range but I am getting 240 and it shows as SR+ on the window sticker and when I press the “T” on the screen.

nylon | 23 maj 2019

cLam, cLam – when did you order your cars?

Jrcase | 23 maj 2019

Look at your window sticker. There is a range portion that should show 240 miles. It is in the area where the MPGe is. My SR shows 220 as the range but I am getting 240 and it shows as SR+ on the window sticker and when I press the “T” on the screen.

vxp | 23 maj 2019

delivered this week. 220 max too. actual range seem to be around 170 with AC. vin 380000

cLam | 23 maj 2019

@fivehole_29 I have the same software version 2019.7.107.

@nylon I ordered my two weeks ago, right before Tesla increased $400 on all model 3s

@Jrcase the screen does show SR+ when I press the "T".

vxp | 23 maj 2019

software 12 1 2

vxp | 23 maj 2019

screen shows SR PLUS. 220 max. this suuuuccckkkssss!!

hokiegir1 | 24 maj 2019

It'll get fixed with an update. Make a call to your service center and it's likely they can push it without a visit.

lateulade | 24 maj 2019

I have a theory that the SR+ isn’t a “plus” at all, because the numbers don’t pan out. I own an SR+ myself, and the power consumption doesn’t make any sense.

Both the LR and MR reach their max range by using .23kwh/mi (75/325 & 62/265). My battery rundown tests on my SE+ indicate that it’s a 50kwh pack, meaning that to get the advertised 240 miles, I’d have to have an average kWh/mi of .208, which is 10% better than on the LR/MR. to get 220 miles out of a battery locked to 45kwh, you’d have to do .204kwh. HOWEVER, to get 220 miles out of the 50kwh pack, you need to get — drumroll — .227 kWh/mi, the same as on the MR/LR.

My theory is that the SR+ was conceived at the 11th hour when it became obvious that the standard interior SR was too expensive to build, and that the SR+ pack advertised for 240mi was the pack intended for the 220mi SR. The SR+ isn’t really an SR+, it’s an SR — the current SR is an SR-.

Magic 8 Ball | 24 maj 2019

@WantMY Of course it would look that way to you but, of course, you have zero evidence and only some anecdotes from people that may be confused.

You have been ridiculous forever.

WantMY | 24 maj 2019

@Magic If it turns out to be true - this would be pretty bad news for Tesla. I hope they sell lots of SR+, because of it would make CAS easier to file agains Tesla.

lbowroom | 24 maj 2019

WantMY - You come off as an insecure teenager

Magic 8 Ball | 24 maj 2019

@WantMY Your world is built around "ifs" that could be bad news.

TESLA always makes good if there is a mistake like that.

WantMY | 24 maj 2019

@lbowroom You really want to know what I think of you, do you? lol stay on topic.

hokiegir1 | 24 maj 2019

At issue is an errant software lock. In actuality, SR customers have a SR+ that has been locked to 220 miles instead of 240 -- so the problem is just that the SR+ customers with the lower limit just need to be unlocked. Service can do this over the air. It's not a big deal, as long as purchase documents reflect the SR+ selection. The errant locks could be from delivery being changed from one person to another, or they are locking them all down during shipping and someone forgot to unlock it before delivery once it was assigned. It could also just be a glitch in the code from an update to reflect wrong. Stop thinking malicious intent and think user error. Doesn't make it right and it's still frustrating -- but stuff happens. It can be fixed. Call service.

lbowroom | 24 maj 2019

Yes, you think my points are well though out and logical and that I get irritated by half baked nonsensical trolls just here to mix things up between vape hits.

fivehole_29 | 24 maj 2019

@hokiegir1 - thank you for the detailed follow-up information. I've reached out to my delivery specialist already regarding this issue. Hopefully it can be fixed as easily as you have described.

doughampton | 24 maj 2019

Same here with my SR+ 216 to 219 max range miles. Delivered May 22. Also still on 2019.7.107. I have a service center appointment for May 31s hoping it's a quick fix. 401XXX vin.

If you are reading this and don't want to actually charge 100% to figure out your max range, here is the formula:
Current Range Miles/Current Battery %= 100% Range Miles. ex. 184/.84= 219 Miles

nylon | 24 maj 2019

@ doughampton when did you order yours? How long before you got a VIN? What paint, interior, wheels? I ordered a MSM SR with 18" wheels and black interior on 5/15. Estimated delivery says 6-8 weeks from order. and still no VIN.

Jrcase | 24 maj 2019

I bought an SR version. I got the SR+ without AP. I have 240 mile range @100% ( well 238 ). My car was built in 5/2019. I got it 10 says ago. It came fresh from California. It arrived on a Monday and I picked it up on Tuesday.

fivehole_29 | 25 maj 2019

I got in touch with a service rep yesterday morning and he stated they would do some diagnostics on the car remotely. I charged the car again last night to 90% and when I checked the range this morning, it's now showing 214 miles. That value is consistent with 238 miles at 100% charge, so it looks like the issue has been resolved for me. Previously it was displaying 196 miles at 90%.

@cLam and other owners facing this issue -- get in touch with your delivery specialist or service rep to get it resolved if you haven't done so already. Seems like an easy fix as @hokiegir1 had previously stated.

Magic 8 Ball | 25 maj 2019

@fivehole_29 Did you install new software, via OTA, for this to happen?

HighlandPony | 25 maj 2019

What, Tesla addresses the issue? No CAS for WantMy? How sad! I guess he can take comfort in owning the best’est top secret EV ever. It gets one brazillion miles on a single charge, even in the winter! And it’s the quietest and most comfortable, but he’s going trade it in on a Model Y, just as soon wit comes out, maybe. lol

Tuning In | 25 maj 2019

The kid is at a gaming cafe all day and night, somewhere in Asia and his car exists in a driving game. The sad thing is that he can’t distinguish VR from RL.

doughampton | 25 maj 2019

@NYLON -- ordered 5/8. delivered 5/22 Live in California. Took exactly 2 weeks.

coffeegrinder | 25 maj 2019

I'm also having an issue with my SR+, a bit similar to Jrcase, where my 90% is only 212 miles. That make say 100% roughly 235 miles. Isn't it supposed to be 240? My M3 is brand new and so it shouldn't be battery degradation and the temp's outside have been in the 60's F. I love everything else about it but range loss makes me nervous.

Any insight you guys may have would be appreciated!

fivehole_29 | 25 maj 2019

@Magic 8 Ball - I'm still on the same software version as delivered, 2019.7.107. I got caught up with work yesterday so I didn't get to touch base with the service rep again, but I'm guessing they pushed a configuration-only update that didn't require a full software build, and that it just needed the car to be charged again for the update to take effect. That said, my delivery specialist had already scheduled me for an on-site visit at my local service center next week so they can do a thorough inspection of the car's systems to ensure that I'm 100% satisfied.

Other than the previously errant range indicator, I've had no problems, and I think the car is fantastic and truly a joy to drive.

fivehole_29 | 25 maj 2019

@coffegrinder - I actually think you're fine, as from what I've read it's normal for the indicator to be off by a few miles. The issue I had previously was that the disparity was large enough to make me think I had the SR range instead of the SR+. Your indicator at 212 miles is only 2 miles off from my current reading of 214 at 90%, so I wouldn't worry as I think that's within a reasonable error threshold.

coffeegrinder | 25 maj 2019

@fivehole_29 - Thanks for your thoughts. Just trying to make sure my paranoia about battery degradation and range loss hasn't already occurred. I have too many experiences with iPhone battery degradation that I immediately got flashbacks! It doesn't help the charging screen graphics kinda resembles an iPhone on wheels lol.

Do you think it's wishful thinking that Tesla will come up with an upgrade that streamlines system electrical consumption to the point we get a nice little bump in range?

cLam | 25 maj 2019

My M3 SR+ now shows 163 miles at 69%, It is about 236 miles at 100%. I believe they fixed the range issue after I emailed Tesla service center.

Phantom_Menace | 26 maj 2019

Here’s my 02 cents. I took delivery in March. Currently on 2019.16.2 but the figures have not changed since taking delivery 2019.8.5. Tesla Stats app is showing 0 degradation so far.
346km (214.9 mi) @ 90%
385km (239.2 mi) @ 100%

rstromsoe | 18 juli 2019

My experience is consistent with @lateulade. I have to average ~200 Wh/mi to get 240 miles out of my SR+.

The 'upgrade' I paid for is nothing but a hopeful and unrealistic Wh/mi rating. What is strange is that the energy consumption graph has a rated line at 227 Wh/mi, and when I average 200 Wh/mi the projected range is well over the estimated range, but it is never realized. The estimated range just keeps ticking down at 1 mile lost per mile driven while the 'fake' projected range keeps claiming I am going to do so much better.

I definitely feel tricked. Would have considered the 240 mi Niro or upgraded to LR RWD with true 230 Wh/mi if I had known the truth.

The Niro has a 64 kWh pack and the SR+ a 48 kWh pack, but both claim 240 miles. The difference is with the Niro you can achieve 300, with the SR+ you can achieve 210-220.

hokiegir1 | 18 juli 2019

@rstromsoe - As noted earlier in the thread, if you paid for a SR+, call service and ask them to confirm that your car wasn't inadvertently software-locked to a SR. If it is, they can fix it over the air.

kev | 7 september 2019

I also have a May 2019 SR+. When I got it, it was showing 240 mi. range for the first thousand miles or so. It came with 2019.12.1.2 Then all of a sudden and very consistently, my rated range dropped to 213 at 90% or 237 total. I do hope that it's not a 1% battery degradation already. But after seeing several other comments in the last couple months, I believe it's most likely due to an update.

shank15217 | 8 september 2019

@Kev it's not battery issue, it's just your car adjusting to your driving style and the weather.

vincearlia | 10 september 2019

@cLam - what email address did you use? Did anyone actually reply, or did the range just change?

I'm experiencing consistent 220max & am driving at 175 Wh/mi

St☰v☰ | 10 september 2019

My SR+ with 28.3.1 with 800 miles on the odo is giving me 240 on a full charge (as of last Sunday) and at 90% gives me 216, both 100% consistent.

cpeppey | 10 september 2019

Stop living miles and start living percentage, it's worry free.

FISHEV | 10 september 2019

"Stop living miles and start living percentage, it's worry free."@cpeppey

Only if you never worry about getting to your destination. Percentage has to be converted to range to have any real world meaning in how far one can travel, the main function of the car.

Magic 8 Ball | 10 september 2019

When the percentage gets low you just find a place to fill up, it is not hard.

jimglas | 10 september 2019

the navigation in the car is remarkably accurate in predicting residual battery power on arrival

RayNLA | 12 september 2019

I have a Standard Range + and I simply drive and when it gets low I charge.
No stress

llim3306 | 14 september 2019

I have SR+ and I can only get 230-232 miles at 100%( 207 mi at 90%). I sent an email to Service last week and have yet to heard back. May have to call. My car was built in 6/19 and took delivery on 6/4/19.

llim3306 | 14 september 2019

Battery size for SR and SR+ and MR always have been a mystery to me. The only way to verify the battery for certain is to look under the front wheel axle for the manufacturing sticker . Important manufacturing specs are on the sticker, and at the bottom of the sticker next to the VIN is the battery size--installed on the car. I have verified with several model and so far all SR and SR+ , including my SR+, are 50 kWh battery.

Snake Oil | 28 september 2019

llim3306, Did you ever hear back from service? I have the same range on an SR+. I'd be interested in what you find out.

kel_carrigan | 28 september 2019

I think it has to be from the 32.2.2 update (at least for me, I don’t have V10 yet). I have a SR+ with 7300 miles, 6 months old. My full charge now is only 212 miles, and it seemed to happen overnight. I usually charge to 80%, and was always getting between 188-192, which is right for 240 mile SR+. Now after the update I’m down to 174 miles at 80%. Sounds like I’m not the only one.

llim3306 | 30 september 2019

Snake Oil, as of 9/30, I have yet to hear back from Tesla Service. Disappointing, I really like my model 3 and been doing everything I can to promote Tesla to friends, family members, co-workers..etc.
I may need to call service. Max range (twice charged) at 100% for me was 228 and 230.
As someone who really care about the environment, I will be supportive of Tesla regardless.