phone service

phone service

Phone service does not exist. Calling service center does not exits.

brockparker300 | 29 maj 2019

Looks like Tesla profits are here at owners expense.

lilbean | 29 maj 2019

I get a human when I call.

Muzzman1 | 29 maj 2019

To be honest, I was always blown away at the level of incredible service. I am a HUG fanboy. I've been an owner since my 1st 32k Model S and have purchased 2 MX's and 2 MS's since.
My SC is Van Nuys. Probably considered a pretty major one since Elon services his cars there because it's so close to VNY where he travels to/from LA at times.
I had a leaking strut on my wife's MD FWD. I emailed 3 times, and I called no less than 15 times over the course of a month and I never once got a human.
It has become an issue. I find the best way to actually get something done is just drive to the SC.
I hope the start putting more emphasis on service.

bishoppeak | 30 maj 2019

I get instant response by using the phone app