Linette Lopez & Jim Chanos at it Again

Linette Lopez & Jim Chanos at it Again

Spreading their FUD in a pathetic attempt to harm Tesla. Where’s the SEC now?

Tropopause | 6 juni 2019

Wow. Two in one day! Must be summer.

SamO | 6 juni 2019

One is wrong. One is not subject to SEC jurisdiction.

And free speech.

You can't stop the freight train. Deliveries over 100,000 annualized to 400,000 per year, mid-2019 is still pretty damn good.

Late, as usual, AF.

But . . . Panasonic $hit the bead.

Maybe Maxwell will be a better acquisition than Silevo was for SolarCity.

Madatgascar | 6 juni 2019

I was just posting about this in the TSLA thread, along with 2 other Business Insider articles (4 since TSLA started shooting up 3 days ago). Linette Lopez is a prostitute.

SO | 6 juni 2019

Speaking of hit pieces, check out this conversation I had with the head of the NJ dealer association.

Tesla-David | 6 juni 2019

i am so damn sick an tired of the FUD from idiots like these two. I love our M3 and MS. Nothing wrong with the quality. Total BS

Tesla-David | 6 juni 2019

Nice response @SO!

SO | 7 juni 2019

@Tesla-David - thanks.

Tropopause | 7 juni 2019

Q2 earnings can’t get here soon enough. Nice job, SO.

SO | 7 juni 2019

Thanks Tropopause.