Climate control occasionally stays on after latest update

Climate control occasionally stays on after latest update

Hi, I'm posting this to find out if anyone else has had this issue.
Twice in the past week, after updating to 2019.16.x, I've come back to the car and found the climate control running. The first time I thought that maybe it was related to a glitch because I had used the "keep climate on" setting earlier in the day (never done it before).

The second time, my wife had driven the car (hot day) and I noticed the fan running when I entered the garage 15 minutes after she arrived. I got in and looked at the climate setting, which indicated it was off. However, on the mobile app, it showed it as on. I did a hard-reboot, checked the settings and exited the car. The fan was still running and the mobile app showed climate control as on! I begrudgingly used the app to turn it off instead of rebooting again and I haven't seen the issue reoccur since -- it's been a few days.

hokiegir1 | 6 juni 2019

I have definitely noticed our fan running after I would have expected it to turn off lately (also on 16.x), but I wasn't sure if it was update related, or just me not remembering that it runs longer after parking in the summer to help get the battery temp down some. I also noticed for the first time this morning, that when I changed driver profiles, the HVAC settings didn't change. Hubby and I usually have slightly different settings, so normally, they do change. Though, it's possible he had changed mine before switching to his profile yesterday (therefore, both would have been set the same way).

nicholb | 6 juni 2019

Do you have overheat protection on?

Cabin Overheat Protection
The climate control system can reduce the
temperature of the cabin in extremely hot
ambient conditions for a period of up to
twelve hours after you exit Model 3. Touch
Controls > Safety & Security > Cabin Overheat
Protection and choose:
• OFF: Disable Cabin Overheat Protection.
• NO A/C: Only the fan operates when the
cabin temperature exceeds 105° F (40° C).
This option consumes less energy but the
cabin temperature may exceed 105° F
(40° C).
• ON: The air conditioning operates when
the cabin temperature exceeds 105° F
(40° C).
Note: Cabin Overheat Protection operates
only when the energy remaining in the Battery
is above 20% .
Warning: Never leave children or pets in
the vehicle unattended. Due to automatic
shut-off or extreme outside conditions,
the inside of the vehicle can become
dangerously hot, even when Cabin
Overheat Protection is enabled.

M3phan | 6 juni 2019

Yes this started for me too (climate left ON? Nope, I set to OFF). I just get in the habit of looking at the app as I walk away and turning off fan if I need to.
(This is not the same as overheat protection (which I set to ON) to cool car over 105°)

M3phan | 6 juni 2019

Also, I notice the climate system fan makes a more pronounced buzzing or humming noise when it starts at high fan speeds. (5 or higher)

M3phan | 6 juni 2019

PS: pretty sure (hopeful) this will go away with next firmware update, since tesla just replaced my fan system two months ago, for a loud knocking sound when it was running (wonky fan and balance bearings or some such thing) and after the repair it was smooth and silent and didn’t start buzzing till latest firmware update.

httran26 | 6 juni 2019

I believe this is a new feature where the fan will come on after sitting for a bit. This is to reduce or eliminate the odor associated with using the A/C.

I have noticed this too on my car on many occassions. Left the car and everything is off. Few minutes later I walk out to the garage to hear the fan is on.

Don't worry, it will shut off on its own.

hokiegir1 | 6 juni 2019

@httran - In my case, the car doesn't shut off immediately when I leave/close the door. The screen does, but the fan keeps running.

CharleyBC | 6 juni 2019

This is a good example of why I sometimes wish the software updates included full release notes—all the little tweaks and bug fixes.

CST | 6 juni 2019

The app shows the system is in when the car shows it off.

juliancaldwell | 18 september 2019

This happens to me at least once per week...I walk away from the car.... my phone messages me 4 hours later saying that the climate has been turned off after 4 hours of running.

vmulla | 18 september 2019

Hmmmm... More confusion :(

There's a long running thread about software attempts to mitigate cabin smells. What you describe sounds like this could be related.

oaktowner2 | 4 november 2019

My Model S has this happen pretty frequently, too. Today I turned on climate remotely from the app, adjusted while driving, and then parked and left (note -- I did _not_ set the climate to be always on).

Four hours after I left the car, I got the "Climate has turned off because it has been on for 4 hours."