Cabin Overheat Protection

Cabin Overheat Protection

I can’t seem you find it anymore. Is it still there?

DRFLGD | 10 juni 2019


redacted | 10 juni 2019

Still there. I think under "safety and security" or something, a toggle. I was just playing with it because it has odd interactions with sentry.

redacted | 10 juni 2019

Still there. I think under "safety and security" or something, a toggle. I was just playing with it because it has odd interactions with sentry.

redacted | 10 juni 2019

Noooo! I only hit the button once, honest.

Bill_75D | 10 juni 2019

Under safety and security and then you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it.

DRFLGD | 10 juni 2019


CygnusX-1 | 10 juni 2019

I'm really bummed that I can only choose between sentry mode or cabin overheat protection. Verified a couple if times, turn on sentry mode via app and the cabin temp goes up past 110F. Turn off sentry mode and the temp drops to 100F. Turn sentry back on and you guessed it, temp increased.

So looks like we get to choose if we want a coolish cabin and protected interior or piece of mind about video surveillance.

DRFLGD | 11 juni 2019

I don't have that problem.

EVRider | 11 juni 2019

@DRFLGD: There's nothing in the UI to suggest you can't use Sentry Mode and Cabin Overheat Protection at the same time, but it appears that if you enable Sentry Mode, Cabin Overheat Protection won't work. You wouldn't know that unless you checked the car's interior temp with the app.

packpike | 12 juni 2019

Thank you for solving the mystery. I was wondering why my wife’s MX was getting so hot recently and this explains it. It’s HW2.0 so Sentry Mode seems to be just somewhat of a scare tactic anyway. I’ll probably turn it off until they get this bug fixed.

finman100 | 12 juni 2019

It's currently way too hot here in the willamette valley (95 F) and I turned on Cabin Overheat With A/C. Also tapped the Sentry mode icon on the top of the screen. all before leaving the car. Monitoring with app all afternoon, the Sentry Mode active slider is in the Active mode, indicating it is on, and the current temp in the cab is 100 F. The cab temp 3 hours ago was 85 F.

I think both are working per the above observations? I suppose I'll never know unless Sentry mode is triggered by a passer-by and it says event recorded on the screen when i get back out there...

Yesterday was also too hot for us here, ha, and i was using fan-only Cabin Overheat and the cab temp got to 131 F. That's about as scientific as i can muster right now. Many fewer miles of range lost yesterday. Using A/C with Overheat has used 10 miles in 3 hours so far today.

That's my report and I'm sticking to it.

finman100 | 12 juni 2019

dammit, wrong forum. Geez, sorry about that. this needs to go in the Model 3 forum. my bad. im now assuming that the Model S is different than the Model 3, haha. back to the heatwave...

Hammonddave | 12 juni 2019

If it’s that hot the criminals will be staying home in the air conditioning,

EVRider | 12 juni 2019

Maybe it depends on which version you have — @finman100, what do you have?

Bill_75D | 13 juni 2019

@finman100 - Sorry you have to suffer so much with your 95° weather. We hit 112° here in Phoenix yesterday.

RanjitC | 14 juni 2019

No wonder all the homeless come to Los Angeles we hit all of 76 today.

BarryQ | 15 juni 2019

Not exactly cabin overheat protection, but here's some info:

If you select "Keep Climate On", the fan speed icon is greyed out. However, you can still select the fan speed. That way (if the temp was set to "Lo"), it doesn't blast on 11 trying to make the cabin as cold as possible. I find a fan speed of 2 or so keeps the car comfortable even in the Las Vegas summers.

It is bad software design to grey out the fan icon even though it is selectable.

Haggy | 17 juni 2019

They aren't supposed to be mutually exclusive. I haven't had the problem but it might have been nature not letting it get that hot.

The only thing I know of that might not be fully compatible with Sentry Mode is Dog Mode. I'm not sure what people might expect with both on, but if the screen switched to Sentry when it started recording, then the people wouldn't see the doggy message. There were a few other issues when it came out and I have no idea if there are any that still need to be addressed.

TranzNDance | 17 juni 2019

If Sentry alarm got set off, then there would be loud music playing in the car, which would not be good for the Dog.

CygnusX-1 | 24 juni 2019

Got to love OTA updates and Tesla. My car has been updated to 2019.20.21 and now I have Sentry Mode & Overheat Protection both working at the same time. Would have been nice to read that improvement was made in the release notes. But I'll take it either way.