Very Impressed w/Raven Performance +L

Very Impressed w/Raven Performance +L

Took our first trip in our Model S / Raven Performance.

Averaged 246kWh per/mile on a 226 mile trip. Left with 98% charge and left overnight with sentry mode on, used a few kWh while sitting, and arrived home with 33%.

The same trip in our S100D NON-P never netted less than 310kwh per mile.

The new Ravens are most impressive especially the P+L versions! | 15 juni 2019

Nice! Not sure I've ever seen less than 300 W/mi on my RWD S. Lifetime average is 327 W/mi.

How do you like the new suspension? Have you tried the 200 kW fast charging yet (you'd have to go to Fremont, CA)?

Boonedocks | 15 juni 2019

@TeslaTap ....agreed my S100D lifetime was 333 so super impressed so far with range.

As for the suspension.....UNBELIEVABLE is all I can say. I would even say it’s as comfortable and aggressive and calming as my all time favorite comfort car, my BMW AH7.

Between the suspension and hen HW3 FSD it is like my last 2 model S’ (S85/AP1 & S100D/AP2) were tester cars. Probably the best trip we have ever taken....SOOOO glad we opted to move up to the Raven

Boonedocks | 15 juni 2019

Just charging at home so far and pretty sad that we are now limited to 48Amp / 11kWh charging with no path for upgrades to 72Amp anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯