Do the newer Model Xs have SiriusXM?

Do the newer Model Xs have SiriusXM?

Guys, do the newer Model Xs have SiriusXM? I picked mine up a few days ago and can't find the damn thing!

david.zillner | 21 juni 2019

I just got a new standard range, it's on Music->Radio and you should have a choice of FM or XM.

Raffim | 21 juni 2019

sweet, thanks... I'll check it out!

jjgunn | 21 juni 2019

Haha...Yeah it's kinda buried but it's there....

jamesxq | 21 juni 2019

The HW is there, but there's no 1-year free trial like other cars.

Raffim | 25 juni 2019

Thanks! Found it and activated my subscription!

billhindy71 | 27 juni 2019

Is the SiriusXM streaming or is there an antenna? I think there are some differences, especially if Tesla ever starts charging for internet service.

Thanks & Cheers!

Raffim | 27 juni 2019


jjgunn | 28 juni 2019

Sirius/XM works in the middle of the desert with zero cell signal. It's satellite radio, commercial free. Brilliant on long drives. | 29 juni 2019

@jjgunn, satellite doesn't work in tunnels or parking garages, and can have problems in cities with high rises that block the signal on the street. If you want 100% usage anywhere, music stored on USB is the way to go and it's also commercial free :)

jjgunn | 29 juni 2019

Point of parliamentary procedure your honor. >;-}

george | 3 juli 2019

I picked up my Raven Model X on Saturday. Software version 2019.15.103 transferred my SeriusXM subscription from my former MX and got it working. Next day when I choose radio there is no blue button for SXM, and selecting the favorited SXM channels (like CNN) does nothing. I’ve lost SXM. Reboot of center panel didn’t bring it back, Anyone else seeing this?

r1200gs4ok | 16 november 2019

George........that worries me to.....I have XM in my other car and want to transfer the account to my new MS when delivered in a few weeks....Hmmmm.......

hoffenberg | 19 november 2019

Me too, just ordered the raven...any updates on this?