Front Motor disabled, reduced power

Front Motor disabled, reduced power

The first time I got this message was 2-3 years ago...I stopped the car and put it into park and then started up again
and all was normal.

Fast forward to about a week ago and it happened again.

Fast forward to today and it happened twice..and second time stopping car and
putting in park does not remove it.

Called Tesla and they assured me it was ok to drive the car this way. RWD works fine, not as much fun
but perfectly usable.

Checking previous entries about this it seems I'm in for a new front motor. I got a service appointment
for July 1. Should I call on Monday and get them to order a new front motor ahead of that time? Seems
dumb to bring the car in, they look at it for two seconds and then say "Oh that will be a week to get a new motor"
and leave my car sitting around for a week or two.

What you would do? Do you think it's a bad idea to drive the car like this?

ckcland2 | 22 juni 2019

My SvC has been doing a remote diagnostic and ordering parts a few days after I book an appointment. If yours doesn't offer this, ask them to. As far as driving if they say it's ok then so be it.

Stiction | 22 juni 2019

Good idea..I'll poke them later this week to check they've done this. | 22 juni 2019

@Stiction - I needed a rear DU (due to noise). Brought it in at 3pm, but they didn't have the DU in stock. They ordered it, had it delivered, and installed before noon the next day. So - not much of a worry. Also have zero concern about driving with one DU. Both my cars are RWD (only one motor), and in 6+ years never left me stranded.

Stiction | 22 juni 2019

Thanks TT!

Stiction | 23 juni 2019

An update: I drove up to SF in 90+ temps with no front motor/reduced power (power display showing dashed yellow over about 280Kw)

Later that evening, when the temps were down to 60s we drove home and the front motor did not throw any faults and worked normally.

So it's a heat related issue, apparently

Bighorn | 23 juni 2019

I had the message appear once when I tried to game the battery to precondition for a supercharger. Message never came back and Tesla central investigated and said it looked like a one-off and not to worry.

Aerodyne | 23 juni 2019

I am happy to have the dual motor should this happen to me...since I spend 99.999% of the time in chill mode, might not even notice it.

rxlawdude | 23 juni 2019

Anyone have or hear of a rear motor failure in a dual motor M3 that remained driveable?

In the S, the rear is the master and the front is daisy chained through the rear. Failure of the rear is bad news.