Viewing TeslaCam videos

Viewing TeslaCam videos

I have seen posts, both here and on Reddit, about gray frames when viewing sentry and dahs cam videos. I may have found out why.
I am using to view the files. I have found that the browser used with this online viewer is important. It won't work at all with Firefox, Safari, Epic, or Chrome. Either nothing shows in the viewer windows, or the videos have random gray/distorted frames.
The only browser that seems to work is, unfortunately, Microsoft Edge.
When I upgrade my Mac this year, I will download the program for viewing the videos.
I hope this helps those who are having issues viewing their files.

jdeskins | 2 juli 2019

Teslas with HW3 appear to have HEVC H.265 video encoded for dashcam and sentry videos rather than H.264 (which works with most browsers). H.265 video format primarily only works on Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers. Some on Windows 10 have also needed to download a Microsoft extension to play their videos.

The link for the Microsoft extension is:

apodbdrs | 4 juli 2019

I bought a cable adapter for my Samsung that I can use to view the flash drive directly on my phone, no special app required. On my PC, using windows 10, also not an issue.

Mercure1 | 10 juli 2019

PRO TIP HERE: I don't always travel with a laptop, and I wanted to have the ability to view my TeslaCam videos right in my car and save and send the videos in the event that I needed to share with the police. I was using a buggy Sentry Cam iPhone app and wireless Sandisk USB drive and got sick of the laggy performance so I returned both for a refund. In the Fall 2019, Apple's new iOS 13 operating system will allow you to view TeslaCam and Sentry Mode videos directly on your iPhone or iPad by plugging your USB stick into a cable adapter. You will use the Files app on the iOS device to view the video files from the TeslaCam folder on the USB stick. See:

If you can't wait until the Fall, you can go ahead and download an iOS 13 Beta now (visit and purchase the necessary Apple adapter (see I'm running an iOS 13 beta and using the Apple adapter and it works beautifully to view videos saved to my Model 3 USB TeslaCam folder.

jasonstearns | 10 juli 2019

I have not tried this yet, but found it in a FB group post as a recommended PC app. I was going to try it and see how well it worked for me. I will post my experience once I know more, but here is the link in case any others want to try it. It is free.

snailboat | 10 juli 2019

While everybody is plugging different apps for this, here's one that I made for Android devices. It's free! Android already has the ability to plug your USB drive in using a cheap adapter (many phones come with one) and view the videos manually, but this app just makes it easier and more convenient.

RedTeslaModel3 | 10 juli 2019

I was one of the folk that bought 200gb wireless stick, guess what I stopped using it.

I have an iphone, a 200G SD card, and cheap amazon usb, lighting, adaptor:

geekgo SD Card Reader for Apple iPhone iPad Android Phone MacBook Computer,Memory Card Adapter with USB C, Type C, Micro USB,Trail Camera Viewer(Black)

Dont use crappy beta ios 13! The geekgo comes with software that support instance viewing with 0 lag on IOS 12. I am using a jailbroken phone, waiting for IOS 13 is like atleast another year.

I also have a free firetabket in my car to view 3 camera at sametime but its so much work pulling that out when I have my phone with me.

Try it, if it doesnt work for me come back and yell at me.

billlake2000 | 10 juli 2019

snailboat, your app not working with my Android Moto e4+. However, I am using a Samsung T5 SSD. Android doesn't seem to detect that the T5 is connected. Any thoughts?