The new touchscreen configuration

The new touchscreen configuration

The new Tesla touchscreen configuration is more cumbersome, less intuitive, AND MORE DANGEROUS to use. All (or almost all) of the key icons that the driver must touch are now at the BOTTOM of the screen, thus requiring the driver to divert eyes further downward to activate them. Worse, some of the icons activate further “choices” that require a longer look downward to the bottom of the screen and thereby take your eyes off the road. Why would you do that? It makes no sense. Now, the top of the screen is just the top of the Nav map. Also the new touchscreen format does not allow the driver to select which view is at the top and which is at the bottom of the screen. And to get to the rear view camera requires a two step process and then does not allow the driver to choose whether the rear view monitor should be at the top or the bottom. This is the first time that Tesla has changed anything that diminished the ease and safety of operation of the car. MY REQUEST IS THAT YOU EITHER RESORE TO THE OLD CONFIGURATION or AT LEAST RESTORE THE OLD CONFIGURATION AS AN OPTION THAT THE DRIVER CAN CHOOSE.

NKYTA | 5 juli 2019

Stop shouting, please.

Dangerous? Effingham hyperbole. | 5 juli 2019

Trill must be a spam bot. Copy and paste of old out of date stuff. Version 9 has been out for 9 months and he's just screaming about it now?

BuffaloBillsFan | 5 juli 2019

Maybe thill is a spambot, but I am not, and I don’t love the new configuration either. And there is a new configuration from the latest update. Not a fan, but not in any way a dealbreaker. I will get used to it . . .

Xerogas | 5 juli 2019

@thill: it’s always been dangerous to fiddle with deep settings on any car, ever, while driving.

You have a brake pedal, accelerator, steering wheel, blinkers, volume control, next song, TACC speed and distance, all in the same place they’ve always been...SAFE AS EVER.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 5 juli 2019

I get nervous around people who panic that easy.

Tesla2018 | 6 juli 2019

I can see thills point since I got confused when they updated from Windows 2000 to XP or whatever update they come up with each year just to force people to buy the newest upgrades.

I cant figure out where they moved things too and how to change settings to get it to display what I want on my computers. I still have a Windows 95 computer at home that I use to keep track of my bills since it has stuff going back 25 years on it and it takes disks that has stuff on it from back in the 80's Cant even write to a cd rom disk on it.

But the Tesla is easy to figure out, since they dont make drastic changes just so people have to buy updated versions.They listen to what people want and do things like Sentry mode, dog mode, heated seats, lane departure warnings, summons etc. The only thing that I dont like are the Atari games and the fart thing or the Mars screen. I buy a car to drive it, not to play games in it. But I dont have to disable features I dont need every time I drive the car.

jimglas | 8 juli 2019

flag this bot please

johncrab | 8 juli 2019

Spambot or not, the point is valid. I only want the Nav up when I'm actually using it but Tesla makes me have it up all the time where I used to have the camera view. With the camera up high I did not have to take my eyes completely off the road to check blind spots as I do now. I have to take my eyes off the road and look at the floor and I don't like that. If I do engage the Nav, the camera view goes away and I have to fiddle with the thing while driving down the road. Back when v9 came out I sent a hardcopy letter to Elon, personally and never heard a damn word from anybody. That was my first sign that they really don't care about customers any longer. They feel they had momentum. Motorola made that same mistake. Where are they today? We canceled our Model 3 order because of v9 and T's cancellation of prepaid service plans without notice or offer of a refund or ANY communication put a lid on it for us.

Just how difficult would it have been to add a New/Classic layout soft switch? Ah, they needed that space for the bloody video games which IMO cheapen my car. Tesla and I came together at one point and we have diverged and that's that.

bp | 9 juli 2019

This is old news - since the software release that made these UI changes came out last year.

The problem with designing user interfaces is that one style doesn't work for everyone.

And when a UI change is implemented, users comfortable with the old interface tend to be uncomfortable with the changes, even if they are an improvement.

There are ways for Tesla to quantify usability - have UI changes tested by having users go through scenarios of typical interactions and measure how long and how many screen touches are required to perform those operations.

If Tesla was doing this, some of the changes they've implemented in various releases would have been obvious steps backward in usability. Such as when they decided to remove the first letter scroll bar from the media player - and then quickly admitted their mistake by bringing it back in a subsequent release.

Now that we've had time to use the V9 UI - we've gotten used to it. There are some areas where it is better - and some areas where it is worse. But in the end, it's still usable and compared to other changes Tesla has made (such as improved navigation, faster supercharging, Navigate on AutoPilot, …), the UI change inconvenience is relatively small.

Could they do better - absolutely! And perhaps if they would do what Musk said they would do years ago - have an open Beta program, they'd get better feedback during beta testing - and address more of these UI issues before the software developers finished work on a release and it was distributed to everyone.

andy.connor.e | 9 juli 2019