Adding a light to the lower storage well in the trunk

Adding a light to the lower storage well in the trunk

Has anyone attempted to put a light in the lower trunk storage area in their Model 3? I replaced the LEDs in the trunk and the light is substantially better. However, with the trunk mat in place, when I need to put something in the lower storage area, I don't have much light, especially if I'm in a parking garage and it's kind of dark. I have to lift that cover and the mat to nearly 90 degrees to get the light down in there. I was thinking of adding a single trunk light to the upper, rear section of material there to give me the light I need. But not sure where I'll find the wiring I need to make that work and if it's even possible. If anyone has tried, please let me know. I've not found anything online so far or on YouTube specifically on adding a light to this area. Thank you.

surfpearl | 10 juli 2019

If you're a DIY type you can connect LED(s), a resistor, a 9 V battery (or AA or AAA batteries) and a limit switch to provide you the desired function. Attach them to the lid and/or one of the walls in the lower trunk with some Velcro. The limit switch can be thin to fit in between the lid and the lip, or it can be the lever type. Look it up on-line, there a many options. It should be "normally open" when the lid is down, and "closed" when the lid is lifted. If you want to go little more fancy you can include a light sensor so the LED(s) will light up only when the ambient lighting is low. There are some prewired kits available on-line.

If this all sounds complicated, attach an LED headlamp to the lid or the wall and use the manual switch on the lamp.

You can also use a closet LED light with built-in motion sensor.

These are some simple DIY ideas off the top of my head, haven't done it myself, and the point is: no messing with the car's wiring.

SalisburySam | 11 juli 2019

Back in the day, the 2012 Nissan LEAF did not have a light under the pop up lid covering the charging ports at the front of the vehicle. Thanks to a member of the “My Nissan LEAF” forum, many of us bought this:

For $7, no muss, no fuss, easy to mount to steel with its attached magnet, sufficient brightness, motion detector, and requires no wiring as it uses 3 AAA batteries. For mounting to a non-magnetic surface, a double-sided tape solution or Velcro should be easy enough. Did I mention: $7!

MyRedM3 | 11 juli 2019

john, what did you replace the trunk LEDs with? Can you share the link? | 11 juli 2019

Solved this about a year ago. Here's the entire LED project writeup:

It attaches a super-bright 12 LED array in the center trunk shelf without drilling. Includes pictures, parts list, etc. I even made a few assemblies for sale, but you can do it yourself fairly easily. I'm on version 6 of the design, as I found tiny improvements to make it better over the year I've been making them. | 11 juli 2019

@MyRedM3, you can also upgrade the existing Tesla LEDs. Here's one source:

These are better than the stock Tesla LEDs, but I found them still providing poor overall illumination in the M3 trunk, mainly because of the location Tesla chose for mounting. In the past, these upgrades are very blue-white. With the 12 LED project, I use color corrected LEDs that renders colors far more naturally. That might not be all that important to you - just a minor annoyance I have with many of the cheap "white" LEDs that are often used. Tesla has gotten better over the years, but they are still a cool white. This article shows a comparison of the different modules, and how to make your own module upgrade:

MyRedM3 | 11 juli 2019

Thanks TeslaTap