Requesting USB card reader suggestions

Requesting USB card reader suggestions

I'm currently using a stick style USB drive. I use my center console to store quite a bit, and all the stuff in the console is often hitting the USB drive. I don't like the thought of ruining my USB port because my USB stick is making contact with stuff in my console.

I'm looking for very low profile USB drives to lessen contact with stuff in my console.

Suggestions are great, but pics of well installed solutions are even more appreciated.


vincelorto | 10 juli 2019

So I bought a USB stick drive too. I solved your problem by buying a EEIEER wireless charging pad to replace the standard chargers. I didn't like sticking the phone on those and have the car moving the phone back n forth. I figure it would eventually ruin my charge port on my phone. Anyhow, the wireless charging pad was $50 but each USB side are equipped with splitters. One of the splitters of each side are attached to the wireless charger leaving two available USB slots but these are on extended wires. In other words, you can stick your USB drive on one of these splitters and they're not stuck in a static position. The wire allows you to move the usb around and be flexible. One thing that doesn't seem to work, however, is when I attached the apple lightening cable to the other splitter, it doesn't seem to work. I"m not sure if I"ve split the power away too much or what. I have both Samsung and iphone 6 phones. This might be a soluition for you. Otherwise, I have seem very low profile USB sticks you can buy. Just make sure there's enough write speed.


vmulla | 11 juli 2019

My phones are older and do not have wireless charging, so I'm still looking.

EVRider | 11 juli 2019

Check out the SanDisk Ultra Fit models, which are very small:

vmulla | 11 juli 2019

The ad for the SanDisk ultra shows someone using the drive in a Tesla X, now I'm really interested in the product :)

I'm so glad tech companies are taking data in cars as a use case that's worth advertising.

jack.hodges | 11 juli 2019

Can also confirm that the Sandisk Ultra Fit works well and very low profile. I have used them since I purchased the car a year ago, first for music and later for TeslaCam.

EVRider | 11 juli 2019

I chose the SanDisk Ultra Fit for my first Model S because the USB ports were always exposed and a larger USB would be easy to spot when the car is parked. In my new Model S, the USB ports are in a compartment that can be closed, but I always leave it open.

I use one SanDisk for music and another for video.

CharleyBC | 11 juli 2019

I bought this little Samsung dude:

It's tiny, and very out-of-the-way. And so far working flawlessly. | 11 juli 2019

If you don't want to buy a new flash drive, consider one of these 6" USB extension cables: Then you can use any size drive, without concern of it sticking out It also allows better positioning to see the USB's activity light, although some drives don't include an activity light.

vmulla | 11 juli 2019

Thank you all.,
You've made my day. I have one of those things lying around. It's literally starting at me from my desk drawer.
You saved me a few $$$s :)