Has anyone recieved a Model 3 Key Fob in the last month? Resolved after 54 days.

Has anyone recieved a Model 3 Key Fob in the last month? Resolved after 54 days.

I got my car on the last day of March. I quickly realized that the phone key does not work with my less than one year old phone.

I checked the Tesla shop every day for two months before it was changed to allow entering a e-mail to be notified of the key being in stock.

On June 6th, I got an e-mail notification that the fobs were back in stock. I spend 4 hours at work trying to complete the order using multiple devices while the site crashed and timed out repeatedly before I succeeded in completing my order.
My order was confirmed and my credit card charged, then, nothing.

The page for the key fob claimed 3-4 weeks before shipping, so I waited. At four weeks, I replied to the confirmation e-mail asking what happened to my order. I got an auto-reply that they would get back to me.

That was last week, I have now been waiting 5 weeks.

Is it just me? or have they done this to everyone?

Edit: My key fob arrived today 7/29, 54 days after I ordered it and paid for it.

tigerjunkstuff | 11 juli 2019

Call them to investigate, for I'd placed an order on 06/09 and it was shipped on 06/10 and received on 06/13. Good luck.

NEKEV | 12 juli 2019

I ordered one on 6/6 , it shipped on 6/10. Got it a few days later. I'd contact them.

Tronguy | 12 juli 2019

@douglas_peale: As regards your Android phone not working. There's been a moderate amount of discussion about that in the forums. Current consensus is that the Bluetooth stacks on various different Android phones varies in quality and execution all over the map. (iPhone's appear to mainly work because, well, Apple and iOS.)
Further, there are settings in the Bluetooth and on the Tesla Android App that adds another fun bit to the pot that also makes things vary. My SO and I both have Samsung S8's bought at the same time and use them. Interestingly, she ends up pulling out the key card more often than I do, but maybe 10% of the time in any case.
So, what Android phone you running? Got the Tesla App so the "T" symbol appears on the notification bar? Inquiring minds and all that, not to mention that a specific phone type might scare up a solution or something.

douglas_peale | 12 juli 2019

The phone is a samsung galaxy luna pro. I have tried everything I've seen mentioned on these forums to get this phone to work without success. No there is no "T" on the notification bar.
The only thing that works is entering then exiting airplane mode, and that works until I walk away from the car.
Tesla is not responding to my attempts to contact them through e-mail.

mt917 | 12 juli 2019

I ordered my fob a few weeks ago and received it a few days after ordering even though the site said 6-8 weeks.

Tronguy | 12 juli 2019

@douglas_peale: So, just to be clear, I'm funning around in the dark over here. On my wife's S8, that "T" icon wasn't in the notification bar, either, and her phone rarely opened up the car. I went into Settings->Apps->Tesla, selected Notifications, then set all the sliders to the right (Show Notifications, App Icon badges, Notifications (sound), and Phone Key Status).
I'm not sure (I'm not an Android programmer), but that "T" implies that the app is actually running; without it being there, either the notifications are off or something has disabled the ability of the app to run in the background.
Speaking of that: Under the Settings->Apps->Tesla, under Battery, on my S8 running Oreo, there's a slider for "Allow background activity" that's slid to the right and is on. There's also an entry for "Optimize battery usage" that seems to imply that this app has that going on, too, but I dunno.
In order for the app to work, it probably needs to have some ability to run in the background, I think?

Tronguy | 12 juli 2019

Whoops - my phone's running Pie (9.0), not Oreo (8.0).

jasohns | 12 juli 2019

I just ordered two a few weeks apart and both shipped within a few days.

douglas_peale | 12 juli 2019

Tronguy. All settings available in the Tesla App are enabled. I do not have the option you are suggesting I turn on.

douglas_peale | 12 juli 2019

I have discovered that my key was delivered to someone in Arizona. I live in California. They want me to contact FedEx to resolve this. I don't believe this will work as I am not the shipper, and FedEx is likely only to respond to the shipper. I can't do it now anyway as they only have a phone number to contact, and it is "after normal business hours". I'll try tomorrow.

chat session with Tesla follows:
• J
Hello my name is Jordi and I will be assisting you today.
6:55 PM
• On 6/6 I ordered a key fob. I recieved confirmation of the order and my credit card was charged. I have not yet been informed of it having been shipped, and I have not recieved it.
6:56 PM
• I have replied to the order confirmation a week ago and got no response.
• I have learned from the tesla forum that others who ordered after me got theirs in three days.
• What happened to my order?
• Order # xxxxxx
6:57 PM
• J
I'm happy to help you with that. First, so I can pull up your account, can I get the last six digits of your VIN number, the phone number and the email address associated with your account?
6:59 PM
• xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
7:00 PM
• Thank you! One moment while I look into this for you.
7:03 PM
• J
That order number is not working. Can you verify the order number?
7:11 PM
• I am looking at the confirmation e-mail. The order number is xxxxxx It worked well enough to charge my credit card.
7:12 PM
• I ordered this while your website was being slammed with people trying to buy the key fob. It took me 4 hours of trying with multiple devices before the order went through.
7:13 PM
• J
This is the tracking number for this order xxxxxxxxx. It shows that it was delivery on Wednesday 6/12/2019 via Fedex.
7:15 PM
• You sent that to the wrong state. I live in San Jose, CA, not Peoria, AZ US. Also I never got the e-mail that it was being sent as I have for every other order I made from the tesla web site.
7:17 PM
• The confirmation e-mail has the correct address in it xxxxxxxx. San Jose, CA xxxx
7:18 PM
• I'm sorry to hear that. You will need to contact FedEx and work with directly with them.
• No, I am working with you. I should have gotten the tracking number when you sent it out, I did not. The address is wrong that it was delivered to. Please work with your shipper to get this fixed.
7:19 PM
• J
Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about this here. We give them the package and they delivered the package to the wrong address.
• FedEx will only respond to you as you are the shipper. Yes you can do something, you can ship me a key fob immediately.
7:21 PM
• In order to get this addressed, we’ll need to work with the appropriate team. I have forwarded this information and they will be in contact shortly. Is there anything else I can assist with today?
• It is most likely that the wrong address was printed on the package. I have heard reports on the forum that this has been a problem for you.
7:22 PM
• How do you know that? You just said that you received an email with the correct address.
• I received the order confirmation with the correct address, I never received any information about you shipping it.
• J
I'm escalating this issue to the Online Orders Team. I advise you to contact FedEx while you wait for the Online Orders Team.
7:24 PM
• I will do that, but I expect nothing from FedEx as I am not the one who paid them for shipping it.
7:25 PM
• J
Thank you for your time today. Please reach out if there is anything else we can help you with. Have a great day. Goodbye.

vmulla | 12 juli 2019

Patience! Tesla means well, they're just caught up with breakneck growth.

douglas_peale | 12 juli 2019

Vmulla: Patience you say. It took 3 months to straighten out a screw up with the referral I used. I waited 3 months before I could even order a key fob, suffering with using airplane mode every time I wish to open the door of my car. and I waited 4 weeks before I sent my first e-mail about this issue because of the note on the order page saying to allow 3-4 weeks before shipping. I got no response to that e-mail. I tried e-mailing using a different path only to find that that went to the same address as the first one, and now this chat where they try and pass the buck to FedEx! They should have owned this problem, immediately sent me a key fob to the correct address, and dealt with FedEx themselves! I did not get to choose the delivery method, I did not get to choose the delivery carrier, I did not make the arrangements with FedEx, I should not have to deal with FedEx regardless of whether they screwed up or Tesla gave them the wrong address. Tesla should own this problem and fix it.

I'm sorry, but I have given Tesla plenty of my patience.
I realize that I should not have used the word "you" in my chat. I did not intend to imply that Jordi was personally responsible for what had happened.

I am venting steam here, at this point I'm rather annoyed with Tesla.

shank15217 | 13 juli 2019

@Douglas_Peale Don't blame Tesla for your crappy Samsung phone. Get a Pixel or a OnePlus if you want an Android phone.

douglas_peale | 13 juli 2019

I blame Tesla for claiming their software works on Android phones, and not having a list anywhere of phones that actually work. I blame Tesla for taking my money for a key fob, and not delivering it to me.
I'm trying to get this problem fixed, but Tesla is not helping much.

douglas_peale | 13 juli 2019

I have talked to FedEx. They claim that the package was delivered to the address on the label to a person who's name does not even resemble mine. I do not believe that the tracking number that was given to me is in any way associated with my order.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 juli 2019

If you paid by CC file a dispute with your CC company.

qqaaplz | 13 juli 2019

Two M3, one LR one AWD P, Four different phones, IPhone X, Samsung galaxy 10, Motorola Z, Huawei P20, all works fine, except randomly it takes more than the time I wanted to wait for the car to wake up.

beaver | 13 juli 2019

Tesla has a bad frack record of shipping address mistakes. I have received two shipments meant for someone else and also had my order delivered to someone at my work with a different name. They just screwed up, call and ask them to ship you a new one.

vmulla | 13 juli 2019

That's a good idea, claim the money from your CC provider. Also, make sure your next purchase is on a credit card.

douglas_peale | 13 juli 2019

vmulla, and Magic 8 Ball: I paid with a credit card, but I am not quite ready to file a dispute. I want the key fob more than I want my money back. I finally got in touch with someone at Tesla on Friday night after normal business hours, so I need to give them a chance to rectify their mistake.

hherbly | 13 juli 2019

I got one less than a month ago, no problem, arrived two weeks after I placed the order.

shank15217 | 13 juli 2019

Key Fob sucks compared to the phone. I have one and without passive entry it's a liability.

vmulla | 13 juli 2019

Maybe so, but many folks wanted it, much of the demand was kinda justified back then.

@douglas_peales' issue is really about a botched order at the Tesla store and customer support - best to seek help with CC folks.
This isn't a Model 3 issue.

No42 | 14 juli 2019

Ordered 06/06. Not shipped yet. Guess will need to contact them now.

hcdavis3 | 14 juli 2019

I got one 2 months ago. Dead with both batteries. Got an rma and it took two months to get a credit, Tesla says it’s been credited..nothing yet. Not good.

mystic3 | 19 juli 2019

I've seen multiple complaints (probably 10) from here, other forums, and twitter. Lots of people not receiving purchased merchandise (not just the FOB) and Tesla being unresponsive. Probably will have to dispute the credit card charges to get money back and start over.

I also purchased a Model 3 Key FOB on 6/6. Never got a shipment confirmation, never received anything, and after a week with 2 separate e-mails going to 2 separate Tesla e-mail addresses, no response.

Consumers are protected with ordering online and never receiving anything. The Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule is a federal regulation that is administered by the Federal Trade Commission. The short summary of that is we have 60 days to dispute the transactions with our credit card company with proof that we never received anything. So keep track of your days. If disputing doesn't work, send a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

Considering I waited 2 and a half years for my Model 3, I'm losing my patience, and consider it a miracle that I somehow got my 2 hats, floor mats, paint repair kit, and roof screen from them in the mail.

jmcgough | 19 juli 2019

I have had mostly very bad experiences with Tesla since I paid the initial deposit. Pre-delivery experience: Horrible. Sales person did not return emails, texts or calls. Post-delivery experience: Horrible. Trying to get an answer to a basic product question that should be - but is not - addressed in the Owner Manual, I call Tesla Support and went straight to voicemail - voicemail!? - I left my message and phone number, but... two weeks later, still no reply.

As for "Patience! Tesla means well, they're just caught up with breakneck growth." No offense, but that's b.s. Customer Service is part of the offering. If you can't support it, don't sell it.

Someone at my company returned his Model S - even though he liked the car - because the customer service was offensively bad.

douglas_peale | 24 juli 2019

Another attempt to get this resolved:
Hello my name is Jordi and I will be assisting you today.
• I talked to you on Friday.
7:34 PM
• I have since talked to FedEx. They say that the package was delivered to the address on the shipping label, and that that address in no way resembled mine. Including the addressee having a completely different name.
7:35 PM
• Vin phone number and e-mail address in case you forgot: xxxxxx 408-xxx-xxxx
7:36 PM
• J
Thank you.
• This is still in regards to order # xxxxxx
7:37 PM
• I have not yet heard anything from the "Online Orders Team", nor gotten a reply to my two previous e-mails
7:38 PM
• I'm sorry to hear that.
7:45 PM
• J
I'm showing that the case has been assigned to that team. They will reach out to you as soon as they can.
7:47 PM
• How long do you think that will be?
7:48 PM
• J
Between 5 to 7 business days.
7:57 PM
• So, they will try to contact me right in the middle of my vacation. Great! This is taking far longer than it should.
7:58 PM
• I'm sorry if that is the case. This is just an estimated time frame.
8:01 PM
• J
I don't know how soon are they going to be able to assist you. I did escalate the case and it's currently open on their queue.
8:02 PM
• I hope they do something soon. it is 5 and a half weeks since I ordered this. I will eagerly await their call.
8:03 PM
• J
I understand. Just to clarify, they will email you with a resolution.
8:04 PM
• I would prefer they ship me a key fob.
8:05 PM
• I think that they will do that too.
• I hope so. Thank you.
• J
Thank you for your time today. Please reach out if there is anything else we can help you with. Have a great day. Goodbye.
• Chat Ended by Agent

douglas_peale | 24 juli 2019

I tried again today. I found that the chat link has been removed from their web page.
I sent this e-mail instead:

Last 6 digits of my VIN: xxxxxx

Phone Number: 408-xxx-xxxx


Order # xxxxxx

On June 6th I ordered a key fob.

On June 6th, my credit card was charged for $163.88

On July 6th, I replied to the order confirmation inquiring about where my key-fob was. I never got a reply.

On July 11th, I tried to ask the same question through your web sites e-mail link. I never got a reply.

On July 11th, realizing the website e-mail went to the same place as the previous e-mail, and expecting the same results, I tried the online chat.

I spoke with Jordi. Jordi gave me a tracking number that was clearly for someone else. It went to Arizona, I live in California. Jordi blamed FedEx and basically said it was my problem, and to deal with FedEx Myself.

I called FedEx the next day as they were closed at the time of the chat. According to them, the tracking number was for a package that was addressed to someone else who's name did not resemble mine even in language, and that it was delivered to the address on the label.

On July 15th, I tried live chat again, and got Jordi again. I explained that the package associated with the tracking number I was given was for someone else.

Jordi claimed that a ticket had been raised with the "Online Orders Team" and that I should be contacted in 5 to 7 business days.

That was 7 business days ago. I can find no evidence that they made any attempt to contact me.

I attempted to chat again today, but found the link entirely missing from your web page.

Given my past experience, I do not expect any response from this e-mail.

If I do not have a key fob in my hands, or a valid tracking number by Friday, I will be disputing the charge with my credit card vendor.

To be clear, I am 56 years old, and I have never dealt with an online retailer as bad as Tesla. This will be the first time I have had to dispute a credit card charge that was not due to a stolen credit card.

When Tesla bothers to respond at all, it is only an attempt to get me to go away.

I am NOT a happy customer.

I am NOT a happy stock holder.


Zsar | 24 juli 2019

got mine today July 24 ordered july 18 maybe earlier if not for the weekend.

JFleischood | 25 juli 2019

@douglas_peale - Do not expect any compassion or accountability on here.

Phone doesn't work with Tesla? -Get a better phone, loser.

Package sent to another state entirely? -Get off your lazy a$$ and drive there and fight the recipient for it.

Car won't turn on? - Get over it. All cars have issues and Tesla is busy. Don't bother them.

It's funny because it's true!

douglas_peale | 25 juli 2019

Progress at last.
This afternoon I finally got a response from
That last e-mail I sent seems to finally triggered some action.
Their response:

Hi Mr. Peale,

Thank you for contacting Tesla. We sincerely apologize for the delay in regards to your missing item. We are working with our warehouse to have your item process and ship. Once a FedEx tracking # is available it will be email to you in a separate email.
Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you,

Later, I got another e-mail with a tracking number. It is supposed to be delivered by the end of the day tomorrow.

I'm still pissed that it took so long, but I will be happy to finally have a solution to the broken phone key problem.

As an interesting aside, the phone key worked for the very first time after work today. I was very surprised. It worked once before when I was leaving a shopping mall. That is twice in four months.

douglas_peale | 26 juli 2019

I got my hopes up for nothing. The FedEx Tracking I was given says they have not yet received the package to ship. Scheduled delivery is now "Pending". Shipping label was created at 3:09 PM yesterday.
It is unbelievable the number of screwups going on in this single order.

douglas_peale | 27 juli 2019

FedEx now shows that they got the package at 10:44 PM on Friday. It is in transit and scheduled for Monday delivery.
With the way this has gone there is a good chance they sent the wrong thing or a broken one. I hope this saga ends soon.

douglas_peale | 28 juli 2019

I'm not sure the last delay was Teslas fault.
The FedEx tracking shows at 9:14 PM a "Shipment Exception" with the explanation that the bar code was unreadable and was replaced. All times before that are suspect, so I have no idea when Tesla actually gave the package to FedEx.

douglas_peale | 29 juli 2019

My key fob showed up today, 54 days after I ordered it and paid for it. I found it sitting on top of my mail box 15 yards away from where FedEx said they put it. They claimed they left it at my front door. I don't know if they left it at a neighbours front door and that neighbour left it on my mail box, or they left it on my mailbox and lied about where they put it.
But I have my key fob finally. I can put this thread out of my misery.
Oddly, my phone key worked for the third time today.

mystic3 | 30 juli 2019

I'm in the same boat as you douglas, but still no Model 3 Key FOB for me.

Sent 2 e-mails, and its been 2 e-mails on 7/11 and 7/18, still no response from Tesla.

I've already started disputing the transaction with my credit card company, and I'll be submitting a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission unless my Model 3 Key FOB miraculously shows up within the next week.

My background as a customer:
Performance Model 3 Owner with EAP, and FSD
Day 1 reservation holder before unveil

This experience has made me stop advocating to people to buy a Tesla.

beaver | 30 juli 2019

I think they just made an error in shipping name and address. If you have the address it went to does it resemble yours? I got a shipment for a guy from the same address but San Francisco not my city (Pasadena).

People relax it’s a key fob. I think you might be able to pick one up at a service center. Not sure

douglas_peale | 30 juli 2019

In my case, I think what happened is that I ordered in the initial rush just after they notified everyone that the key fobs were back in stock. I had extreme difficulty getting the order to take since the web site kept crashing. I think what happened is that after my order was accepted, the e-mail confirmation was sent and my credit card charged the web site crashed again and lost my order. It might be that a new order that came in after the web site re-started re-used the order number. This might explain the tracking number I got from the live chat.

But this is all speculation. I got no explanation of what hapened from Tesla.

mystic3 | 5 augusti 2019

douglas, I sent an e-mail similar to yours as my 3rd e-mail, and I finally have my Model 3 Key FOB. I guess they finally realized their mistake as they Over-Nighted it through Fedex.

Sent 3rd e-mail on 7/31, left Tesla on 8/1, had it on my doorstep on 8/2.

After 2 months from ordering, we both finally have our key fobs, haha.