About the record time in sentry mode

About the record time in sentry mode

Can I adjust the record time in sentry mode to local domestic time zone instead of UTC-8 ? Any one know this ? Thanks

EVRider | 13 juli 2019

For me, I think Sentry Mode is using the local time zone (EDT), but I’ll check again. There’s no option to adjust the time zone. | 13 juli 2019

Mine is on Fremont time

khhsu | 13 juli 2019

Fremont is in UTC-8 time zone, I live in Taiwan of UTC+8 time zone. Sometimes, it's hard to distinguish the record time in sentry mode.

EVRider | 14 juli 2019

I just checked, and although the Sentry Mode files have a PDT time stamp, the time stamp in the names of the files and the folders containing them use my local time zone (EDT).

hizonor48 | 14 juli 2019

How can I retrieve any pics taken during a sentry event?

EVRider | 14 juli 2019

@hizonor48: You can retrieve Sentry Mode videos (no pics) as follows, assuming you have a USB set up to record video:

1. If the dashcam is recording (dashcam icon has a red dot), pause it by pressing on the icon for 1-2 seconds. The red dot should turn grey. If you see a green check mark instead, it means you saved the last 10 minutes of video rather than paused the dashcam, so try again.

2. If Sentry Mode is active, in which case the round icon next to the dashcam icon has a red dot, press the round icon to turn off Sentry Mode.

3. Wait about 20 seconds and then remove the video USB from the car.

4. Use a computer to look at the USB. The Sentry Mode video is in the SavedClips folder.

If you're not using a USB in the car, you can't retrieve the video.