In case you haven't gotten a wireless charger yet..

In case you haven't gotten a wireless charger yet..

This BASENOR wireless dock is almost 70% off for prime day. $40 from an original $129 price tag. Not sure on the quality, but for the price I figure you can't go to wrong. It is a lightning deal so grab it while you can!

EVEdriver | 16 juli 2019

thanks for the heads-up. just ordered one !

rkalbiarEV | 16 juli 2019

Wow. That's crazy

dmastro | 16 juli 2019

Picked up a TapTes for less than $38 yesterday. Still available today as a Prime Day deal

I think almost all of these chargers are the same product with different branding.

raqball | 16 juli 2019

Snagged one as well! Thanks OP for the heads up. Mine was free as I had $40 in gift credits.

aperfectecho | 16 juli 2019

Thank you!

legna_fo_htaed | 16 juli 2019

You're welcome everyone! I was shocked no one had posted it yet! Glad other owners can take advantage of the sale!

bddaughe | 16 juli 2019

Dang it! It expired as I was getting ready to purchase it. Ugh!

legna_fo_htaed | 16 juli 2019

nooooo... ah that's unfortunate. :(
I don't know the manufacturer, but this one from JustCool is 50% off

bddaughe | 16 juli 2019

Thanks for your help @legna_fo_htaed. I've kept the Basenor on my list and will check price of it and other popular ones around Christmas.

There are a couple around $29-$39, but with no reviews, I'm a little nervous trying those. But I do appreciate you offering alternatives.

andrewlee05 | 16 juli 2019

Amazon delivered the TapTes charger today, but no car :( The body shop is holding my car hostage.

nvjx | 16 juli 2019

Thanks, just ordered the Tap Tes for $38.

ODWms | 17 juli 2019

Isn’t that the version 1 Taptes charger? I believe the Verizon 2 is out now. Not sure what the differences are.

FISHEV | 17 juli 2019

I ordered Version 2 from TapTes. I need the large vertcal charging spot on the bottom for my 7+ in Mophie wireless case. Got notice that it shipped FROM CHINA yesterday. Kind of interesting as Taptes uses Chinese air freight company which delivers door to door in US.

raqball | 17 juli 2019

The Basenor is back on sale at Amazon. A little more than yesterday but now even at $49 is a good deal..

legna_fo_htaed | 17 juli 2019

Awesome! Good looking out @raqball

sfca | 17 juli 2019

Basenor has a history of faking reviews and using images and videos of other companies' products. If you look at the first image on the Amazon product page, you can clearly see that it is the Nomad charger (with the logo removed). The supposed product video also shows the Nomad charger, and they didn't even bother to hide the logo there (though they did make sure to watermark the video with their own name). The rest of the images may be of the real product, but I wouldn't put it past them to have stolen those from someone else.

While saving $50 or more on one of these copycat charging pads may seem like a good deal, be aware of who you are buying from.

dmastro | 17 juli 2019

@sfca To your point, as I mentioned above I suspect most of these chargers are manufactured by the same maker and branded by each seller. Most of the marketing photos are the same with maybe some changes to the font.

Considering that they're likely all the same, especially because the charging parts are all basically commoditized anyway, I think getting the least expensive one you can find is probably the smart way to go.

sfca | 17 juli 2019

@dmastro The Basenor charger is not the same as the Nomad, though it is likely identical to many of the other generic charging pads available now.

Also, what kind of company uses video of a competitor's product in their own marketing, with the original branding still visible? If you think the "smart way to go" is supporting such a company, go for it.

Note that Basenor is a flagrant repeat offender:

spuzzz123 | 17 juli 2019

Lol why would fish be buying accessories for the 3 hes trading in for a Kona?

legna_fo_htaed | 17 juli 2019

I think getting the best value is the smart way to go. Considering how much all of us paid for our cars I think value anywhere we can is important, and advantageous.

dmastro | 17 juli 2019

@sfca: I've never seen the Basenor but I'll assume it's probably very similar to the TapTes I purchased or the many other companies that appear to be buying product from the same manufacturer and apply their branding. Kind of how Costco (Kirkland) or some generic brands buy the same product from the "household" name and brand it themselves.

@legna: Totally agree. I believe all the components inside these chargers are more or less the same, so to me value should to a large degree be based on cost. Aesthetics can play a role in perceived value too, and some people may be willing to spend more for a higher quality shell like the Tesla, Nomad, Jeda, etc.

Syed.Hosain | 17 juli 2019

I have the Taptes (version 1) and like it a lot. Works well with my Samsung Galaxy 9+ and my wife's iPhone X.

The quality of the product is perfectly fine, and the price is very good indeed... :)

raqball | 18 juli 2019

My Amazon score arrived today... Took all of a minute to install and it works great.. Very happy with it. Thanks again to the OP for the heads up!

gballant4570 | 18 juli 2019

Wireless PHONE charger. I want a wireless CAR charger.

dmastro | 18 juli 2019

Received my TapTes yesterday and installed today. Great fit, good quality construction, nice grabby surface, and it came with two USB splitters so I could plug in my new USB drive for sentry/dashcam. I couldn't be happier for the price.

robpatrawala | 18 juli 2019

Anyone figure out how to fast charge a Samsung phone with one of these Wireless pad? Some say to use the 12v in the front. That would mean some major wires showing.

thedrisin | 19 juli 2019

@robpatrawala. There are several YouTube videos on either routing wires through the console to the 12v outlet or tapping into a 12v line. It will charge about 35% faster by my measurments.

legna_fo_htaed | 19 juli 2019

Mine came in today, I plan on installing on lunch!

@robpatrawala I've seen people who run wires from the 12V outlet through the center console inside the plastic and to the front, not sure how. I'd assume the plastic come right off and goes back on over the wire.

Jaaahon | 19 juli 2019

Curious, does this have extra USB ports?

legna_fo_htaed | 19 juli 2019

I just installed the Basenor charger and it's working great! It has 2 USB splitters to allow for sentry/dash cam plus music. Dash cam and both sides are working for charging and it fits nice and snug.