Stop auto-play

Stop auto-play

I listen to podcasts a lot in the car using the excellent Pocket Cast player on Android. Frequently, my car resumes playing an episode before I even get in, and sometimes even quietly in the background when I'm on a phone call. This seems to be a function of the car, not the app. It even happens when I explicitly pause playback using the car's controls, then leave the car and return.

This is annoying because I often have to search backwards, trying to figure out where I actually left off. Sometimes, play resumes as much as half an hour forward from where I last listened.

Is there any way to stop automatic resume from happening on Bluetooth devices in the car?

Thanks for any advice. | 17 juli 2019

It's the app. Many apps have a "feature" that auto starts to play as soon as Bluetooth connects. The idea is as you come in range of a bluetooth speaker, it starts to play. Seems like a nice feature until you get into the problem with a car and you don't want it to auto-start as you describe. Some apps include a setting to specifically not auto-start. Check if your app has such a setting (it maybe worded differently too). If no option exists, you may have to look for another app.

Flash | 17 juli 2019

Arthur, not sure if this will work on Android, but the only solution I’ve found on iOS is to try to remember to close the app. If the app is not open nor running in the background, it won’t auto play when I get in my car.

booshtukka | 19 juli 2019

I’m not convinced it’s the app. My phone always auto plays when connected to the car, regardless of which audio source it chooses. I haven’t had this issue in other cars. This has been flagged tons of times before.

radio | 19 juli 2019

In iOS I force-quit the Music-app which ends "Auto-play" for a couple of days. Workaround is to turn-off Bluetooth.

Ohmster | 19 juli 2019

^You can also tell Siri to ‘Stup playing’. Or try some of these suggestions. www w-music-app-auto-playing-your-car

I thought there was a new direct way in iOS Settings, but I can’t find it. I must have set it as mine does not auto play. | 19 juli 2019

For Android, here's another way to stop auto-play:

ArthurG | 23 juli 2019

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

@TeslaTap, there doesn't seem to be a feature to enable auto-play in Pocket Cast. I've looked and looked.

@Flash, I always close the app, but even that is not enough. Only switching to another app and playing from it seems to solve the problem, but that's a nuisance. If I don't do that, the app is started again the next time I get to the car, and playing resumes, sometimes when I'm not yet sitting in the car.

@booshtukka, yes, I'm convinced it's the car because it doesn't happen with any other devices I use to play Bluetooth audio, e.g. my headphones.

@radio, turning off Bluetooth sounds like a nice idea, but the Tesla is so slow at reconnecting when I do that that I'm hoping for a better solution.

I wish that Tesla would just provide an option to definitely turn audio off until the user takes some action to restart it.

booshtukka | 24 juli 2019

What’s most annoying is that it auto plays even when set to a different source. So I’m listening to the radio, and then suddenly realise two podcasts have played in the background and I’ve not heard them. I’ve never had this happen with another vehicle. I think this actually didn’t happen in Version 8 either.

ir | 24 juli 2019

This is likely a Tesla Media Player issue. It definitely happens on iOS and now confirmation on Android seals the deal.

Important to disable streaming over cellular on your app. Otherwise you could drain your data plan silently.

The player has been plagued by “will not take stop for an answer” type bugs. It shifted from Slacker to Radio to simply opening or closing the door and now Bluetooth music. The last incarnation is the most insidious as it can eat into your data plan.