Model X Loaner

Model X Loaner

Dropped off my SR+ and they gave me a 2016 X P90 with ludicrous+. It had 37k miles. The only thing it didn’t have was auto pilot. No speed limiting and launch mode worked.

I can’t believe how fast that car is. No exaggeration my neck hurts after only 2 days of driving. I drove it like I do my own but there is no comparison.

Any X owners with P90 or P100 and also Performance M3? How do they compare overall? The huge front window is really nice being tall and the rear doors were a huge hit with my kids.

My 3 handles a lot better and the 3 A/C is 100 times better. It was 115 yesterday. I also noticed what I would call a shudder during heavy acceleration. Not sure what that was. There were no rattles until I turned the stereo up. It was laughable how many things rattled inside because of the sub. But with it at normal volume it sounded great.

We are looking at the Y but with the price decrease in the P3 I’m curious of feedback from those that have both. The speed is just incredible.

gballant4570 | 17 juli 2019

Some Model 3's are fairly quick as well....but I've never had the pleasure of driving an X. Sounds like you drove a P90D, which has a 0-60 time of 3 seconds. A bit faster than my LR AWD Model 3 as well, even a slight bit faster than a P3D. So I am thinking a Model Y should have a variant with similar acceleration, but that stat probably remains to be seen.

Passion2Fly | 17 juli 2019

You’re comparing a $45k car to a $155k (fully loaded 2016 X P90DL)... you should be getting a lot more than just a faster car...

model3AZ42 | 17 juli 2019

There are many things that make it better. Understanding that a lot of the things are out of my price range, I was focusing on the things that are.

Passion2Fly | 17 juli 2019

The first production 2016 X still has the active rear spoiler. That’s really nice. Also active suspension should make the handling at least as good as the Model 3 if not better. The X Performance needs the 22 inch wheels to shine on a track. The 20 inches are too small for a 6,300 pounds monster...

model3AZ42 | 17 juli 2019

I noticed the spoiler. I didn’t realize it doesn’t function that way any more. I just can’t get over how much fun it was.

carlk | 17 juli 2019

I have a 16' X P90DL. On paper it has the same 0-60 as P3D, 3.2 sec although I have not driven the 3 and do not know how they compare in the real world. All I can tell you is I had a stop light run with a 911 Turbo and killed it badly. That poor guy probably still does not know what has hit him. Mine with 22" handles real well, much better any SUV or large sedan, except my S P85+ (the + is the handling upgrade available between 13' and 14') although I don't think it can handle as well as even the base model 3.

Active spoiler was only on the P90D but a few very early 90D got that too. Then for whatever reason Tesla just dropped that altogether. Fortunately mine still have it. It not only goes up and down but also tilts at above 45mph to alter the air flow. Fun to watch plus less worry of hitting the garage door when you open the trunk.

The X imo is the most under-rated Tesla car and may even be the most under-rated vehicle of them all. We probably will never see another car with this level of design and feature again. Elon said he likely will not go this far again although he does not regret that he did it.

model3AZ42 | 18 juli 2019

Thanks for sharing carlk. I’ve owned and rented a lot of different cars. Driving that X was the most fun I’ve ever had. The acceleration is blistering. I’m going to test drive a performance 3. I just wish the Y was out so I could drive it and compare.

FISHEV | 20 juli 2019

“I also noticed what I would call a shudder during heavy acceleration.“@drewwallen32

Noticed that also in rented X doing acceleration demos for friends. Mode X feels gigantic after the Model 3, something that big, that fast definitely feeds into one’s inner Road Warrior.

On the kids and the X so true. Picking it up at owners house ( and his 5-8 year old kids running around. I asked which car did the like better the maxed out Suburban or the Tesla. It was unanimous for the Tesla because of the doors. Adults the opposite. Doors are interesting but well...embarrassing. Parking in town for dinner, crowded Park City PM street crowds, the doors felt a bit ostentatious. More look at me vs. practical.