MySolarCity mobile app will be deactivated

MySolarCity mobile app will be deactivated

Comparing the mysolarcity web application to the Tesla App, it looks like a strip down version.
It is less intuitive and lack the top down view similar to folders Year-Month-Week-Day.
I have two big concerns:
1. Are we planned to loss the mysolarcity web application in addition to the mobile app ?
2. Is there any plan to dramatically improve the Tesla App so that we can have all the features that we have now ?

edwardneal2222 | 20 juli 2019

after poking around in the Tesla app I am not finding anything in the My Solar City app that is missing from the Tesla app. It is different, but the information is there, "now", "yesterday", "week" "month" & "year" graphs of consumption, production and grid input and usage - - its all there

igetited59 | 20 juli 2019

For those of you who have the MySolarCity App. I've compared this app vs. Tesla App and the Tesla App SUCKS! Does anyone on here feel the same. What made me purchase the Tesla Solar power for my home was the MySolarCity app. Comparing the two:
- Tesla doesn't have the Lifetime app, which compares current year to Last Year.
- Doesn't give you everyday in Month mode.
- MySolarCity is EASIER to read.
- Doesn't have the BS, such as ridiculous LOOT BOX, waist of time.
- Useless Leaderboard.
When I show a person how cool the Solar power is, they are Totally Disinterested in the TESLA app vs MySolarCity.
What do you think. I've written to TESLA and if they want to increase their sales, they ought to incorporate the same look and functions as MySolarCity APP!

xtojan | 21 juli 2019

I agree with you. Tesla needs to emulate the SolarCity app that was extremely easy to use and very informative!

Suzann11 | 21 juli 2019

We need the total lifetime production stat to enter into our states's SREC program. Will this feature be added soon?

I prefer seeing production in a calendar year or month.

fred_rok | 21 juli 2019

This Tesla app to replace the Solar City information is a joke, right? Tesla is supposed to carry the innovative torch and this transition went backwards 10 years. Give me a break.

edwardneal2222 | 22 juli 2019

it may not be as easy, but if you enter your daily production into excel or even just write it down you can track your long term production going forward and if you record your information from the my solar city app before they shut it down you wont lose anything. Yes it would be easier if they just kept the my solar city app, but at least they gave us a heads up so that we would have time to save everything

edwardneal2222 | 22 juli 2019

it may not be as easy, but if you enter your daily production into excel or even just write it down you can track your long term production going forward and if you record your information from the my solar city app before they shut it down you wont lose anything. Yes it would be easier if they just kept the my solar city app, but at least they gave us a heads up so that we would have time to save everything

stan.sorensen | 22 juli 2019

By requiring us to use a new app that is a great step backwards, I must state my absolute displeasure with Tesla.

This is not an upgrade. And not only that, but when I try to use my new tesla login, I'm told there is no equipment associated with my account.

glenn.odell | 22 juli 2019

I thought the reason I couldn't get the wealth of information that the MySolarCity site provided was because the Tesla site wasn't fully up to snuff yet. It appears that it never is intended to be. Very sad!!!! One of the things I liked most about Solar City was that they treated you with respect and gave excellent customer service. Sadly, it appears that the woes of the Tesla automotive division are being visited on the solar energy division.

The Tesla site barely recognizes the Energy division. Apparently there is no way to get any data at all about solar installation there. I have to use the app to get any info at all, and the amount that is available is a tiny fraction of the rich content that MySolarCity provided.

Shame on you Tesla!

yshirman | 22 juli 2019

Forget about inferior tesla app. Forget about the fact that solar panels are not a moving vehicle and so it is easier to monitor them on the computer instead of phone app. What I care about is to check my billing situation. Tesla's support tells me to access Billing Portal from my tesla account -- but there is no such thing as Billing Portal in my tesla account!

Does anyone else has this issue?

jchivian | 23 juli 2019

The Tesla app is inferior to the SolarCity app. While I can get daily totals by looking at the "WEEK" graph, there is no way to scroll from week to week moving backwards in time. This ONE feature would redeem the Tesla app but otherwise I'm with everybody else, the Tesla app is a giant step backwards from Solar City.

shark75080 | 23 juli 2019

I paid my bill via the solarcity app and now, I'm not sure how to pay it. It's very frustrating that they "replaced" and app that worked quite well with one that seems more interested in having me sell their product for them. I'm so upset frustrated. Their FAQ sends us to a site that doesn't exist for a 'billing portal.' I'm so unhappy with all of this. But as a lease customer I have no recourse.

bruceaspring | 24 juli 2019

How many of you have read your contract that says that they need to provide us with, "We provide 24/7 web-enabled monitoring at no additional cost to you, as specified in the agreement." per my PPA dated. I will start another thread with this same quote for feedback.

asaf.tzadok | 24 juli 2019

It seems that Tesla no longer cares about its Solar business :-(
Nobody from Tesla response to all the concerns that we shared.

miriamross57 | 24 juli 2019

I can't even get my info on the Tesla web page or app! Am I doing something wrong? I've gone and used my same email and changed the password as advised on the support page. The Tesla app tells me "There are no products linked to your Tesla account. Anyone else have this issue? I am not a lease customer as we paid for our solar, but still would like to monitor my usage!

jklinken | 25 juli 2019

I'm having the same issue as everyone else with the Tesla app. I'm getting the message "Sign in failed, There are no products linked to your Tesla account" When I login to or using my browser, my solar panel information is there. I contacted Tesla on July 5th about this issue with their app. Their robot assigned a case number but I never got any response. I followed up on July 15th. Still no response. I recently bought a house with solarcity solar panels so I'm sort of new to SolarCity/Tesla. Is this the kind of customer support (or lack thereof) that I can expect? I heard it was pretty bad, but this is ridiculous. All they have to do is say they are working on it. But maybe they're not and don't really care if we lose our monitoring capability.

jklinken | 25 juli 2019

I actually reached someone in customer care and she said the problem with the Tesla app is a known issue and they are working on a solution. I asked when it was going to be fixed. She didn't know. I asked if they were going to postpone deactivating the until it is fixed. She didn't know. I asked how they were going to accommodate folks who didn't have a cell phone or tablet - only a computer. She didn't know. I asked if there was someone at Tesla who could answer these questions. She didn't know. Thank you Tesla for the great "customer care".

lslymen | 27 juli 2019

This downgrade is very disappointing, and I believe a breach of contract. We are supposed to receive web-enabled access to our account. Losing detailed info from prior days/months, the "now" generation graph, etc. makes it much more difficult to check generation over time vs. what was guaranteed in our contracts, as well as ongoing proper system operation.

Jsetchko | 28 juli 2019

Totally agree with so many of the comments. Very disappointed. Tesla app is extremely hard to read and it is missing the most important feature that I use: the year to year comparisons. I went with Solar City... I did not buy solar city panels because of Tesla. Don't even own a Tesla.

hoffman_r | 2 augusti 2019

Yes ... the new app is a big step backwards ... big question... why is the data for the same period different on the two apps? The new app consistently indicates less solar generation?

ohkawadk | 3 augusti 2019

The support information about the SolarCity app/data going away says:

"We have a few feature enhancements coming to the Tesla app in the coming weeks:

You will be able to view your solar production, home consumption and Powerwall use for any historical day, month or year. Navigate from day to day, or week to week, etc. to see your home’s solar production over time. We will also be adding lifetime views.
You will be able to export your solar and battery production data. From the Energy Usage page, you can download your own data and send 5 minute power data from the selected period to your computer via airdrop, email, sms and other methods."

Of course Tesla doesn't always live up to its promises, but this sounds to me like the Tesla app is supposed to be updated to have the detailed info that is currently only available in the SolarCity data.

My biggest interest is whether the data from the Tesla app or the Solar City app is what will be provided. Currently, the Tesla app shows my solar production 1-2 kWh lower per day than my Solar City app. I am starting a daily check vs. what the inverters show. Tesla's app for grid usage is also often up to 1 kWh/day different than my utility reports. I believe the Solar City data is correct and the current (as of 8/3/2019) Tesla data seems to have some curve smoothing. Hoping that changes.

Tesla-David | 3 augusti 2019

@ohkqawdk "the Tesla app shows my solar production 1-2 kWh lower per day than my Solar City app."

I have 13.2 kWh solar system (not SolarCity solar but another vendor) and monitor my solar directly from our Public Utility District (PUD) meter every evening over past seven years and compare that production directly with my Tesla application, and can say definitively that the Tesla application gives me an accurate solar production estimate. I do not have a SolarCity application, so can't comment on that comparison, but taking the reading directly from our PUD meter tells me the Tesla application is correctly monitoring our solar production. Therefore, I am not clear what all the fuss about relative to Tesla application reporting of solar.

crick616 | 4 augusti 2019

I am another frustrated Solar City customer. Solar City's presentation of the information was much easier to quickly understand. It's a big mistake for Tesla to ignore the PC platform for monitoring. Many (most?) of us would like to be able to download detailed data to a spreasheet for further analysis.

bill.haughton | 5 augusti 2019

I think we all need to contact Tesla, and let them know, if they stop the data we were promised, we'll stop the money they were promised.

edwardneal2222 | 5 augusti 2019

my contract only says I will get web based monitoring - it does not make any statement to exactly what information that will include.

Bill - does your contract promise anything more than what mine says?

monitoring could legally be nothing more than a light that says its working or not

I agree that what they are doing is not what I would like, but from a legal point of view are they meeting what the contract promised? I dont think they are, because to me "web based" means I should be able to do my "monitoring" from any web browser on any computer - the phone app is not in my view "web based" Now the question is am I willing to fight that in court or to destroy my credit score by not paying? NO I AM NOT

Are you?

dmpierce | 5 augusti 2019

As mentioned above, the PowerGuide website at should NOT be deactivated per the terms of the Solar City solar panel contract. The smartphone based Tesla app does not provide the same information available for PC users. Elon Musk must be apothetic to his handicapped customers to make this decision. A PC with Internet access is needed for many of those with low vision who do not use a smartphone to monitor the Tesla solar panel system performance.

Ben in CT | 9 augusti 2019

Tesla-David -- If you have the motivation to go out and monitor your own meter on a daily basis, then you have my respect.

Frankly, I am pulled in so many directions that I would never succeed in doing so consistently, but more importantly, you've missed the point: those of us with the Solar City app have access to much more data, in a much more user friendly format, than the new Tesla app. Without looking at our meters in all kinds of weather (mine is on an exterior wall of my house, in an unlighted area that is covered by snow in the winter, mosquitos and mud in spring, heat in summer -- in short, not something I really want to do on a daily basis.

Before forcing the conversion, Tesla owes us a comparable product to what their forcing us to give up.

johnusaf | 12 augusti 2019

I am yet one more frustrated Solar City customer. Solar City's presentation of the information was much easier to quickly understand. It's a big mistake for Tesla to ignore the computer platform for monitoring. Many of us would like to be able to download detailed data to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

cat3010 | 19 augusti 2019

Add me to the list of disgruntled people. I have a bill to pay but have no access to my solar account billing information. Nice info on a Tesla auto I have no interest in purchasing.

deeheiler | 19 augusti 2019


gregbrew | 19 augusti 2019

Paul and Delores, This is a Tesla *customer* forum. Nobody here can help you. Call Tesla customer support.

timwmetz | 19 augusti 2019

The SolarCity App was such a HIGH Upgrade from the new TESLA App we are forced to use. Half the time I try to log into my Tesla account online or from the app, it tells me it is the incorrect password. The Tesla account is ALL ABOUT SELLING CARS. I don't want to buy a car, I want to see my solar energy production and I also want to see my Billing for the month. I cannot find ANYTHING about my billing anywhere. All of the information I find online about getting to this stuff, does not work. This is a joke that we are being forced to deal with.

bhegerty52 | 20 augusti 2019

If your password does not work you need to call Tesla and fix it, All the info you are looking for is on the website.
You can view the energy under the Energy Tab, you can see all your account info including billing under the Account tab. You can monitor your energy with the App. You are not being forced to do anything! The SolarCity app was way outdated.

Noam | 20 augusti 2019

Bhegerty52 - um, where, exactly can I view my energy on the website? And the MySolarCity app didn't need to be updated - it was only a wrapper for the website. It was the website that was updated - there was no need to update the wrapper. And how do you feel the tesla app satisfies the *contract* requirement to provide web-based monitoring?

mtantuico | 21 augusti 2019

Tesla account not showing my bill or any Data. Have they put out any information about fixing their system / App or are we stuck with this?

Noam | 21 augusti 2019

mtantuico - you should call Customer Support and open a ticket for the app not working for you. They aren't likely to fix your problem if they don't know about it.

chris | 22 augusti 2019

URL for the billing portal:
You can see your documents (contracts) here:

gregbrew | 22 augusti 2019

Hey, Noam! Good to see a familiar name here. I don't do Reddit.

BTW, SolarGuard is still working great...

bhegerty52 | 22 augusti 2019

Noam, Can you monitor your solar production? Can you view your online account? If you answer yes to these than you are getting as promised. Even using an app it is still considered web based. Where do you think they get the info from? Your inverter is connected thru your router, info gets sent to Tesla, Tesla sends the info back to you.

Noam | 22 augusti 2019

bhegerty52 - um, no. "Web-Based" implies accessible using a web browser (and specifically *not* requiring a dedicated app). I can't access my monitoring in a web browser (well, technically I can - either using the SolarGuard, or using the web paged *I* wrote using their PowerGuide API). So that doesn't satisfy the contract requirements in my mind (and my attorney agrees - I'm just not sure if I can afford to take this to arbitration at the moment).

dinucatona | 22 augusti 2019

On my new Tesla app i am missing a full year of production and totals between screens do not match. I opened a ticket with Tesla on Mon Aug 12. I have yet to hear from them. Like most others i started using Solarguard.

bhegerty52 | 23 augusti 2019

Noam-So if you can *Technically* monitor your solar by using Solar Guide or PowerGuide from a page *You* supposly wrote, then you are monitoring thru a web base browser. Whats the issue here?

Noam | 23 augusti 2019

bhegerty52 - if *I* have to write software to monitor my system, that's not really *them* meeting *their* obligations, is it? She software I wrote for myself doesn't help any other customer. Their API isn't a turnkey solution for anyone. Neither the API nor the SolarGuard are currently supported (or linked anywhere).

bhegerty52 | 23 augusti 2019

Noam-How are you monitoring your system with your own software if they are not providing you with the info. Are you actually that concerned about the other customers? Everyone has their own way of coping with change. I myself prefer the app, I am on my phone more than the computer. I never did monitor my solar via computer. Most people use their phone more than a computer. And so far the app is working just as good or bad as the SC app.

Noam | 23 augusti 2019

bhegerty52 - as I said, the API and SolarGuard are not supported - and could be shut down at any time. Via the API, they aren't providing me with web-based monitoring. They are providing me with a conduit by which I could retrieve the data over the Internet, and create my ow web-based system to display it. My web browser access *my* server. The code on my server makes the API call to the SolarCity server, returns with the data, and then my code (on my server) generates the web page. You cannot actually make a direct web-browser call to the API, it won't send anything back. So while you might not be concerned by the loss of web-based monitoring, lots of other people are.
Does your contract promise they will provide any monitoring at all? Does it specify web-based or an app? Because if it doesn't specify an app, then they could shut it down, and *not* be in breach of your contract - but you'd probably be upset by it.

bhegerty52 | 23 augusti 2019

Contract says they will provide monitoring, They are providing monitoring. It doesn't matter what form, I can monitor and see what the system is doing. When the communication goes out, then I go out and look at inverter. Bottom line is I reduced my utility use of power and I send them my access, isn't that what this is about.

smaches | 23 augusti 2019

Dudes - semantics is no reason to get all riled up as each of us has their own opinion. Here's an example of a def from Technopedia - "A web-based application is any program that is accessed over a network connection using HTTP, rather than existing within a device's memory. Web-based applications often run inside a web browser. ... Web-based applications are also known as web apps."
So *apps* is associated with *web based* in the vernacular, so does this mean that a *browser* is also considered an app?
So confusing....but not a deal breaker, especially considering that during MOST mergers and acquisitions where there may be older software involved, there's only one winner.
Isn't this Progress, Intelligently Planned??

bhegerty52 | 23 augusti 2019

smaches-Well said! Best example I have read yet.

dinucatona | 23 augusti 2019

The new Tesla app show less production last year than the SolarCity app. Anyone think i can get Tesla to send me another check for the difference?

BTW, for all you cheerleaders out there. A mobile app is not web based monitoring. smaches just posted a definition saying ""A web-based application is any program that is accessed over a network connection using HTTP, rather than existing within a device's memory". The phone app has to be downloaded and lives on your local device. So not web based.

I would be more worried about discrepancies in data of different on different pages of the app. Personally i do not think this app should have been released in its current form. Nevermind the original form they had out a few months ago. Not sure who is running the show there and makes the decisions but it just shows lack of professionalism.

tmlwts | 23 augusti 2019

I cannot see my Solar usage on the Tesla app , this sucks.