Tesla Stock Can Triple in Price: Fund Manager

Tesla Stock Can Triple in Price: Fund Manager

Target price: $890.00
Recent price: $255.68
Timeframe: 2-5 years

We believe Tesla will become a leading player in the more than $2 trillion global automotive industry and the recent negative concerns around the company create a great buying opportunity at the current share price.Why Tesla Is a Great Company

Why Tesla Is a Great Company1. Tesla’s long-term growth will be driven by its disruptive, exceptional product portfolio in the near term.
2. Strong brand as the pioneer of electric vehicles will secure long-term growth.
3. Minimal competitive risk thanks to other legacy competitors’ inability to adapt to the transition of consumer demand from ICE vehicles to EVs.
4. Automation and economies of scale will continue to improve margins, and Tesla, as a pure EV maker, will achieve margins that have never been seen by other ICE auto makers.

SamO | 23 juli 2019

Undervalued. Even by that generous metric.

jimglas | 23 juli 2019

I have a sell on my stock
at $4,000

andy.connor.e | 23 juli 2019

How many of these kinds of predictions have we seen in the last 3 years? It gets old.

SamO | 23 juli 2019

$6,000 for me. A number I calculated based on 1.5M cars per year, a charging infrastructure, sales, service and Tesla Network.

They will be able to collect billions in software revenue making them the Apple/Google of transportation.

andy.connor.e | 23 juli 2019


You completely forgot about the utility battery storage and solar roof. Could be $8000

Mike83 | 23 juli 2019

Boring transit will require EV's also as ICE cannot be used in tunnels. There are more revenue sources we don't know about or are in the works. The shorts are over 40 million shares. Time is on our side. Yes it is.

Tesla-David | 23 juli 2019

I think I will set my sell price at $10,000/share. Go Tesla! ;0)

rglossin | 24 juli 2019

Tesla posts loss of $1.12 per share, vs. expected loss of 40 cents

jimglas | 24 juli 2019

so, time to buy

Mike83 | 24 juli 2019

5 Billion in cash. I picked up some shares after hours. Love it.

SamO | 24 juli 2019

Such incredible news. Wow.

OCModel3 | 24 juli 2019

And down goes the stock again. Owning TSLA stock is not for the faint of heart. Fully understand why the shorts are so attracted to it, but hopefully someday the company will be able to meet and SUSTAIN profitability.

carlk | 24 juli 2019

Shorts' only hope is Tesla will go under. That's very unlikely to happen. Long as it's alive and kicking it will continue to grow fast and grab market shares from everyone just like how it was in this entire decade.

andy.connor.e | 24 juli 2019

So they have $5 billion i cash, but reported a larger loss. Does no one think what Tesla can do with that money?

efuseakay | 25 juli 2019

I’m in when one share is $1,000,000,000.

tew ms us | 25 juli 2019

@carlk I don't think Tesla will just sell its assets and close its doors; it's too valuable as a going concern.
Somebody will buy it, but, unfortunely we'd probably get a stock for stock buy out. I'm not interested in stock from a legacy auto maker, so I've got my fingers crossed that Tesla can continue to borrow.

BuffaloBillsFan | 25 juli 2019

Long range thinking . . . Not great news yesterday, and stock price dropped precipitously. but, people forget that this is a company that is growing it’s business. They are spending money like crazy ramping up a factory in China and putting up charging stations like Johnny Appleseed strewed, well, apple seeds. I must admit that I am little concerned about their solar roof business. That does not at all seem to be going well . . .

FTR, I’m still in the black, since I bought at 180. I don’t care if the stock drops below 100, or even 50. I will buy more if that happens. IMO, Tesla is definitely a long-term prospect. And, I suppose not for the faint-of-heart.

I am definitely prepared to lose my entire investment in Tesla if that should happen, but it will not IMO. This is a long term winner.


SO | 25 juli 2019

The stock price is where it was 2 weeks ago. Big deal.

If people were in it for then long haul (many years), then this drop means nothing other than to maybe add to your position.