Phone App worthwhile, needed, a must?

Phone App worthwhile, needed, a must?

So, have it for a couple weeks now and all is good.
Wife will drive it the most and she is good with a cell phone. Me, not to much.

She will get the phone app on her cell when Tesla acknowledges our account.
But is it critical to have? I understand that with it can pre heat/cool cabin. But, what else is it worth?

I'm assuming it tells you when about full whilst at super charge so can come out of the store and move it so dont get $1 a minute idle fee. But can look when I plug it in the dash shows how many minutes will take to charge. I can make sure to come out before that time and move it. Dont know how often we will even use a SC.

So that is pretty much the main two things, or is there more and might be worth learning the cellular telephone application?


johncrab | 25 juli 2019

The app does quite a few things. It will help you get back to your car if you park and walk a long distance, especially as night comes and things look different. It can also help you unlock your car in the rare event that a key fob stops working to let you in. It also nags at about 15 minutes before a car has finished supercharging to give you time to get back to it - and if not enough time, you can move up the charge set point to give you more time to get back to it. It is also the best way to schedule service. This can be done online but the app works better. Finally, it will identify nearby superchargers and you can send directions to the car so when you get in, it is ready to drive there. It is a rather good app and I'd encourage you to download and give it a try as I think you will find it very helpful.

Bighorn | 25 juli 2019

A must.

AZGLFR | 25 juli 2019

The app is mostly just a helpful tool , as johnc points out . However for me there was one time it saved me a tow of over a hundred miles as well as a night at a local motel. The car recognized my FOB and unlocked doors etc but stepping on brake to start i had error message saying key was not in car and would not start. after many ,many tries with emergency service they had me try try the phone app , It started the car and we drove home , the next day the Tempe Az. service center replaced my failed Motor Control Board .

Bighorn | 25 juli 2019

Idle fee is 50 cents/min when 50% or more full--not a dollar unless all the stalls are full.

TranzNDance | 25 juli 2019

Not critical, but I like the start/end charge notifications for home charging. I sometimes don't have my fob, and it's easier to use the app as a backup. It's how I get notified of software updates, and I start the installation from the app.

Innkeep | 25 juli 2019

Get the app. This may be the excuse you needed to take more advantage of your smartphone. Smartphones really can be fun to use.

EVRider | 25 juli 2019

If you use Sentry Mode and someone triggers an alarm, you'll be notified on the phone.

If you have a smart phone already, why wouldn't you install the app? If your current phone doesn't support it, then I guess it doesn't justify upgrading the phone.

lilbean | 25 juli 2019

It's nice to have but not absolutely necessary. The loaners are not on the app and it's fine.

Bighorn | 25 juli 2019

When you call your spouse to unlock or start the car remotely for you, it's a life saver. I've done that plenty. Also, if someone got into an accident and ended up unseen in a ditch somewhere, you could locate the car immediately. Lots of reasons that it's a priceless adjunct beyond getting idle fee notices. That's one of the least useful functions.

NKYTA | 25 juli 2019

I haven’t said it in awhile, but Bighorn is right, except about the plenty part (ageist I know). ;-)

patricianossiter | 25 juli 2019

The Tesla app for iPhone or Android enables you to remotely monitor and control your Tesla car or Powerwall from your phone.So,to some extend,it's necessary.

Bighorn | 25 juli 2019

It’s been me helping other family members who shall go unnamed.

nukequazar | 25 juli 2019

It's a must for many reasons but basically this is a very high tech car that has an integral mobile app. You really need to use it.

1. Charge time estimate when the charge starts may be wildly far off from the actual time. Actual time has been considerably less than initial estimates for me, e.g. initial estimate been up to an hour or more at times but it ends up taking 30 minutes. Relying on the initial estimate could lead to a $30 idle fee. Even the app estimate that says 15 minutes left can be far off, either short or long, so you really need to have the app and watch it, if you're far from the car.

2. Set pre-heat/cool, as you said.

3. Open/close sunroof vent, if you have one.

4. Turn valet mode on/off.

5. Set a speed limit if someone else is driving it.

6. Turn sentry mode on/off. You don't want to always leave it on because it uses a lot of battery.

7. Lock/unlock the car.

8. Start the car if the fob is lost or dead.

9. Control Summon.

10. Other fun stuff like honk the horn, flash the lights, open the trunk and frunk...

mbrocious67 | 25 juli 2019

I get to be an awesome husband when I use the app to turn on the heat in the car for my lovely bride before she leaves work on cold days. There are lot of little features that have been mentioned above that make the app really useful.

pgkevet | 26 juli 2019

You can use PC android emulators and download the app to a PC for use at home.
I did buy a phone when I got my Tesla..useles otherwise since no signal where I live. Best use is to download some movies to the phone for watching while charging.... if you're mean like me and take a thermos and snacks on trips and sit in the car.

PBEndo | 26 juli 2019

App will also notify you of and allow you to install software updates remotely.

EVRider | 26 juli 2019

Tesla just announced that you’ll be able to request roadside assistance directly from the app, so that’s another reason to use it.