Saw Porsche Taycan on the road today...

Saw Porsche Taycan on the road today...

All black, some fake exhaust ports and what I think was a charge port that had black tape covering it...

It looked pretty good! Strongly resembles a Panamera but much smaller. It has a more sporty look vs Model S. I’m interested to see the production version in the showroom...

NKYTA | 31 juli 2019


NKYTA | 31 juli 2019

Lacking performance of a 2012 P85.

Wait for it...

parichey | 31 juli 2019

Should the Taycan be compared to MS or M3. Dimensions and performance seem to align with M3

SamO | 31 juli 2019

M3. And it will lose in every metric to the P3D.

MS is enormous in terms of passenger and cargo size. Somewhere between a BMW 5 and 7 series but with more room for cargo then either.


Madatgascar | 1 augusti 2019

Looks like the size, performance, and range will be similar to Model 3 Performance. The price point will compete directly with Model S. Interesting to read the car press gushing about all the technical innovations... like how the engineers put the battery in the floor of the car, to give it a very low center of gravity, which makes the car feel like it’s riding on rails....

bp | 1 augusti 2019

Didn't we go through this before when the last "Tesla killer" was introduced - the Chevy Bolt?

The Bolt has been on the market longer than the Model 3 - and all I see on the roads today are many, many Model 3's - and very rarely a Bolt (or Volt)…

Competition for Tesla will be good for everyone. Because Tesla really hasn't had any competition so far, it's allowed Tesla to ignore a few areas (like smartphone integration/mirroring) that will be present in (all of) the competing long range EVs.

Tesla has some significant advantages - in-house manufacturing of batteries/motors (based on proven designs), direct sales/support (without going through dealerships), their own long distance & destination charging network, faster time-to-market for model changes/new technology, ...

And by Tesla aggressively pricing S/3/X, even with the US tax credits available to the other manufacturers, they'll have an even more difficult time selling their competing vehicles at a profit...

Even with the greater resources available to the other manufacturers, this is still Tesla's game to lose...

finman100 | 1 augusti 2019

so feature-wise, would people really enjoy the whole car-play/iphone thing (sorry, never had it so not sure what i'm missing, ha) when the EVs themselves wouldn't be much fun for long-ish road trips?

I guess I'm wondering aloud if these "features" are enticing enough fornon-Tesla EVs that do not have a Supercharger fast charging network. The EA (Electrify America) and what not don't even come close. sorry.

I, for one, would be terribly disappointed if I couldn't, you know, actually go the places i want to in my car. a new car at that! no amount of features would entice me. YMMV

Is the market that easy to appease? What's it worth for Tesla to be even bigger by offering these types of features? cost of adding them, versus sales to people that HAVE to have them? interesting...

jordanrichard | 1 augusti 2019

Let's not let the media/marketing experts dictate what is and isn't compared. The media needs to come up with and print stories. I thought it was/is ridiculous that the 3 was being compared to the I-Pace. A low sitting 4 door sedan with a crossover!!!!! Someone looking to buy a crossover is obviously in the market for a crossover, not a sedan. It's like comparing a bass fishing boat with a yacht.

Darthamerica | 1 augusti 2019

I suspect it will have an attractive base price but like all Porsche vehicles if you add floor mats it will go north of 6 figures! It is attractive though...

nukequazar | 1 augusti 2019

I just don't get why modern Porsche uses such terrible model names. Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, Taycan. These are terrible names for cars. Why didn't they stick with numbers? So much more classy and traditional. The 911 should just become EV at some point. They didn't change the name when they added water...

Tropopause | 1 augusti 2019

How long is that car going to be in testing? Get it out already, Porsche! It's not rocket science... or is it?

carlk | 2 augusti 2019

Porsche, Jaguar and Audi all like to compare their EV offering to Model S even that they are more like Model 3 or future Model Y. They have to because of price they are charging for those smallish and slowish cars. The latest I've heard base Taycan will cost $90,000+ and the top model that can match performance of P3D would cost $140,000+. Regardless these will all be horses if they could not catch up in the technology front.

carlk | 2 augusti 2019

Tropo A lot more is known now including price and performance of the P3D (beats most common 911 on tracks) they just have to figure something out to not be too embarrassed. I also thought the 800V system would be problematic. We'll see.

Tesla2018 | 2 augusti 2019

The local dealer had one about 6 months ago but it was not a running model. Just the exterior with really big wheels and painted black windows since it didnt have an interior.

carlk | 2 augusti 2019

Do you know how does Porsche take reservations? They made a statement 30K was reserved. I wonder what that means.

NKYTA | 3 augusti 2019

Saw an iPace On Oregon Expressway yesterday. Not really tuned for aerodynamics, but not horrible looking like the i3.

Tesla2018 | 3 augusti 2019

Jaguar brought an iPace to a British Car show in Stowe Vermont about a year ago before they came out . It was small compared to a model X, but the interior was nicer than the Teslas. Almost as nice as a Porsches with all of the leather. Range wasnt that good and no supercharging capabilty so it wouldnt be a good car fot up there were things are far away. Might be good in surburan areas with home charging but wouldnt want to go on a ski trip and find out range dropped when going up thru the mountains.

Tropopause | 3 augusti 2019

Now You Know said US Jaguar dealerships have six months worth of iPace inventory sitting on lots. Apparently the Tesla killer is DOA.

NKYTA | 3 augusti 2019

@Tropo, “six months”? So, what, 9 cars?


Madatgascar | 3 augusti 2019

@carlk, you can make a deposit through Porsche’s website. It involves selecting the dealer you will want to use.

AlphaInfinity | 4 augusti 2019

The best part? All of these manufacturers will offer at best a 100,000 mile warranty on the powertrain while trying to tell us that the 8YR unlimited warranty is unsustainable and will put Tesla out of business! :)

NKYTA | 4 augusti 2019

@scotgirl that is the plan. Join the evolution or lose. Oh, too late.

We know where you are at. Doopus.

Darthamerica | 26 augusti 2019

Update... saw it again Friday! Seems as if they like driving it through rush hour traffic. If you’re in the Los Angeles area on the FWY near the 110/405 interchange at the right time keep an eye out!

PrescottRichard | 26 augusti 2019

Saw the dash on one of the websites, holy crap. They certainly did NOT go minimalist on the interior.

hammer @OR-US | 26 augusti 2019

I'm still confused by DC charging for this car. Where do you find 800v chargers?

SamO | 26 augusti 2019

One in Germany. Allegedly.

hammer @OR-US | 26 augusti 2019

In reading multiple press releases and articles it appears you can use regular 400v CCS chargers but it looks like it only charges one bank of batteries at a time. It's still not clear to me how this is accomplished and I could be totally wrong, still confused.

DanFoster1 | 28 augusti 2019

How about those Porsche Superchargers though?—so many and so fast, oh wait…sorry Porsche, I often travel more than 100 miles from my house before turning back.

So Porsche has made a few pretty, expensive, effectively useless toy cars that you can’t charge quickly (or even actually buy?) Cool. Tesla must be quaking in their boots.

Tropopause | 28 augusti 2019

Supposed to be unveiled/released Sept 4 at Frankfurt Auto Show. 2-speed gearbox and still not as quick as Performance Model S. Really shows me how advanced Tesla's battery/powertrain is that Porsche still can't match it despite using a crutch (2-speed gearbox).

Hope the Porsche purist will buy this EV and force more to be produced over their gas counterparts.

PrescottRichard | 28 augusti 2019

It occurs to me Dan that everything you said about the Porsche was said about Tesla in the beginning.

Which means they’ve had years to ‘get it right,’ right? Still, lets not poo poo a first step too much.

SamO | 29 augusti 2019

Model S delicious began in July 2012.

Supercharger announcement was September 2012., throwing the switch on 6 station.

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) today unveiled its highly anticipated Supercharger network. Constructed in secret, Tesla revealed the locations of the first six Supercharger stations, which will allow the Model S to travel long distances with ultra fast charging throughout California, parts of Nevada and Arizona.

reed_lewis | 29 augusti 2019

If Porsche makes EVs cooler among the Porsche owners, then I am happy about that. The Porsche cars will certainly not shut down Tesla at all, as Porsche is a niche player in the auto market and Tesla is or will be making cars and trucks for multiple markets.

Porsche can use the Electrify America network and other DC charging providers which are OK, but not great. they are usable but certainly do not match the quantity and reliability of the Tesla Super Charger network.

But I wonder how Porsche will offer 350 kW charging while still keeping the batteries working long term. the amount of power going into the battery would be quite large, and I am sure would cause some degradation.

Earl and Nagin ... | 29 augusti 2019

A gearbox is generally NOT the best way to get faster acceleration out of an electric vehicle. Adding a larger drive motor that can provide more torque generally is.
The gearbox gives you more torque at the wheels at slow speeds. It also decreases efficiency by adding transmission losses.
The bigger motor give you more torque throughout the speed range as well as more overall efficiency.
The additional weight for the bigger motor tends to be less than for the gearbox.
I assume that there are transmission designers at Porsche that needed the work though . . .

Tropopause | 29 augusti 2019

Haha, thanks Earl and Nagin...

jordanrichard | 1 september 2019

When I heard about the 2 speed gearbox, then I recalled Porsche bragging about super fast charging, then there is “we can do constant launches all day long” bit, then there is “we can go “X” miles in 24 hours at high speeds”, it dawned on me that this is all about bragging rights. Which is Porsche main selling point. So this 2 speed gear box is to give the illusion that have something better than Tesla. The Taycan still has 25 miles LESS range than a 2012 Model S and with EVs, range rules.