Driver profile can be linked to key in 2019.28.2

Driver profile can be linked to key in 2019.28.2

Just installed 2019.28.2 on both my Model S and Model 3. On the Model 3, it adds the ability to link driver profiles to keys (card, phone, or fob). Finally!

On both cars, it also adds Dog Mode Improvements: "Once enabled, Dog Mode will now restrict any manual climate adjustments except for temperature."

pilotsmith69 | 2 augusti 2019

how do you get the update

raqball | 2 augusti 2019


I am hopelessly suck on 2019.15.1xx but I am hopeful to see the stuff you all have had for a while now... :p

Seriously, that's a cool feature and I hope my next update bumps me to 2019.28.2

jjgunn | 2 augusti 2019

pilotsmith69 | August 2, 2019
how do you get the update

1) Get your car on WiFi
2) Go to "software" select "advanced"
3) Wait
4) Install updates at your own risk.

WillRide | 2 augusti 2019

@jjgunn, forgive the newbee question but if you don't proactivly do the 'advanced' software update, will you eventually receive that release as a standard over-the-air update?

mrburke | 2 augusti 2019

@WillRide - You will receive it, or maybe a later version if the first had bugs that needed to get fixed.

vmulla | 2 augusti 2019

Excellent news. They listened to the community yet again.

mrburke | 2 augusti 2019

Yea !

Next - maybe we can get different work addresses for different driver profiles

lbowroom | 2 augusti 2019

I thought it couldn’t be done because of the range of Bluetooth. Guess I was wrong, cool.

hokiegir1 | 3 augusti 2019

@willride- You will still need WiFi at some point. That point will just be later in the scheduled roll out.

EVRider | 5 augusti 2019

The new driver profile feature appears to be a little buggy. I linked my profile to my phone key and my wife's profile to her key -- this morning when I got in the car with my phone, the car switched from my profile to my wife's. My wife was with me but she didn't have her phone. Later this morning when I got in the car again, my profile remained in effect.

I tried reporting this bug using a voice command, but it cut me off after the first couple of words.

hokiegir1 | 5 augusti 2019

@EVRider - I assume this is an optional feature where we'd have to go in and actively link them if we want to use it? (Sorry -- I don't have the update yet myself to see how it works). Hubby and I discussed after reading your initial post and we're going to stick with the status quo as long as we can, since there are so many times that the first person to the car (and the one that unlocks it) isn't the driver for us. I know there were many others who wanted this feature, so I'm glad they will be able to use it -- and hopefully it will get better with time.

Joshan | 5 augusti 2019

Thank goodness!!! My wife sits so low in the seat, I feel like I am sitting in a hole getting in the car after her :)

rdh37 | 5 augusti 2019

One time my wife forgot to change the profile back to mine when she exited the car. When I got in, I got squashed. I am 6'5" and she is 5'5"...Since I drive this car 95% of the time, it will be a welcome feature for the few times she drives it. Gotta love the always "improving" (changing) car.

Tesla's are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're going to get...(The movie Forrest Gump) for anyone who did not see the movie).

Have a nice day.

jjgunn | 5 augusti 2019

Yes you will eventually get the update. However, I'd like to point out the Navigation Data (updated map) is 5-6 GB & requires WiFi.

Bottom line....Get your car on WiFi

gmkellogg | 5 augusti 2019

I hope it's out soon, 24.4 has been buggy for me.

kevin_rf | 5 augusti 2019

Does that include drive to pin. Was thinking I wouldn't mind a keycard I leave in my desk at work with drive to pin.

jjgunn | 5 augusti 2019

Um do you mean Pin2Drive?? That's already there.

kevin_rf | 5 augusti 2019

Yes, but Pin2Drive tied to different keys... Like each card having different codes.

Joshan | 5 augusti 2019

@kevin just curious. For what reason would you want that?

wiscy67 | 5 augusti 2019

This is welcome news. Can't wait to try it out and also hoping it (eventually) links to correct phone via bluetooth for making and receiving calls.

CharleyBC | 5 augusti 2019

When you and spouse approach the car simultaneously, how does it tell which of you is the driver?

kevin_rf | 5 augusti 2019

@Joshan Since the cards are cheap enough, it's called leaving an emergency card in my desk that no else one can use. Keys have been "borrowed" more than once off of peoples desks. Usually to fill the vehicles with stuff like glitter, diet soda, and balloons, but occasionally to move to a different parking location...

Joshan | 5 augusti 2019

@kevin forgive me not understanding, but how does a different pin on each key help with that? Do you share your PIN with coworkers?

Joshan | 5 augusti 2019

Even without the pin they can still use it to open your doors for most of the items you listed. I feel like I am missing something :P

kevin_rf | 5 augusti 2019

Not as worried about that as much as someone driving off with the emergency key. The emergency key is in case something happens to the wallet/phone and having a emergency key that I can get home with.

Joshan | 5 augusti 2019

@kevin sorry if I am not being clear. I totally get wanting a pin on the second key. But why a DIFFERENT pin?

lbowroom | 5 augusti 2019

"When you and spouse approach the car simultaneously, how does it tell which of you is the driver?"

There's a Bluetooth receiver on each side of the car I believe, and one in the back.

EVRider | 5 augusti 2019

@hokiegir1: Yes, it's an optional feature. On the same screen where you manage keys, there's now an option to associate any of them with the current profile.

@CharleyBC: If two people approach the car with phone keys at exactly the same time, I don't think you can predict which key will be detected and used first.

Other than the one occurrence I reported earlier, the new profile feature seems to be working correctly. Not sure what happened the first time.

Joseb | 5 augusti 2019

That's great news, can't wait for the update.

MadOverlord | 5 augusti 2019

2019.28.2 just arrived here. No more "Detention Level Garbage Masher Mode"!

gwolnik | 5 augusti 2019

One problem with this is when both drivers go somewhere together and the passenger gets in the car first with their phone. The car will change the seat settings to the passenger's profile before the driver and their phone get in range. I don't have this software update yet, so I don't know if I can keep things the way they are now. A possible resolution would be, if two different phones are detected within seconds of each other, leave the seats the way they are.

howard | 5 augusti 2019

hokiegir1 we're going to stick with the status quo as long as we can, since there are so many times that the first person to the car (and the one that unlocks it) isn't the driver for us.

1+ My wife is never without her phone.

lbowroom | 5 augusti 2019

I suspect that if your spouse opens the passenger door first it won’t change the driver profile

SolArray | 5 augusti 2019

(Am I missing something?) Seems that if two potential drivers are approaching the car..., only one of them should have bluetooth On - the one who will drive. That should allow the Model 3 to identify the driver without error.

lbowroom | 5 augusti 2019

Why would someone turn their Bluetooth off?

kevin_rf | 6 augusti 2019

To save phone battery? I often do it when I'm trying to extend my phone life.

hokiegir1 | 6 augusti 2019

@solarray - I have other bluetooth devices (such as my smartwatch), so why would I turn off bluetooth just because hubby might be driving?

As I said, I'm glad the people that want this feature will be able to use it. I'm even more glad that it's designed as optional. We may test it briefly to see if passenger-side approaches do leave the settings, but that's still not always the case with us as one may be loading the car or unplugging it (therefore, on the driver's side) but would still be the passenger. We're just lucky that we don't have a significant height difference so hubby doesn't get squished if my profile is left. :)

Joshan | 6 augusti 2019

I have Bluetooth on 100% of the time and will not be changing that.

Sky Pilot | 6 augusti 2019

@raqball | August 2, 2019

I am hopelessly suck on 2019.15.1xx but I am hopeful to see the stuff you all have had for a while now... :p

Up until last Saturday, I was stuck on 2019.12.1.2, now I have 24.4

rdh37 | 6 augusti 2019

While I do not yet have this update (fine by me), I suspect that the profile will only switch when a phone approaches from the driver's side of the car. It is also possible that the profile will only switch when the driver's side door is opened. Regardless, Tesla's design engineers are smart people so I am confident that in the end, the feature will work well. Have a nice day.

charles.a.braun | 6 augusti 2019

Profiles tied to key fobs for S and X have been a thing for a couple of years now. It rarely works correctly (for us) and we eventually shut it off on our Model S. Probably wont even bother with it in the 3.

CharleyBC | 6 augusti 2019

You may have noticed (I have) that Walk-Away Lock will kick in even when you remain near the car. I most often see this in our garage, where I get out of the car, and then fiddle around on some little chore, while staying close to the car. Toot and it locks. The point is one can remain close enough to not break the Bluetooth connections to the car. So the further point is the car can tell that your phone is outside the car.

If you look at your Bluetooth info on your phone (at least on an iPhone--I'm not familiar with Android) when you're near the car, you see four extra connections, in addition to the one you use for music and phone calls and stuff. Those are supposedly the key. And someone said months ago (I can't find this now) that there are four Bluetooth radios scattered here and there around the car. So the car can analyze the signal strengths from the four BT radios to triangulate the spatial location of the phone to determine whether it is inside or outside the car, enabling Walk-Away Lock to work.

So extending that triangulation logic, it could be that the car is determining which of you or your beloved significant other is approaching on the driver's side, even if the passenger arrives first. This is 100% speculation on my part.

finman100 | 6 augusti 2019

we've come a long way from ye ol' jagged cut, metal bit of technology and a turn of the wrist to enter a car...

"triangulation, 4 bluetooth radios, spatial location, signal strength"

yep. i see a space flight mode for this car. eventually.

Everyone roll yer windows up, we're headed out to Mars...

Go Elon!

h2ev | 6 augusti 2019

That's cool, but what I want to know is does it fix the horrible backup camera quality brought by the last update 24.4?

Joshan | 6 augusti 2019

I am on 24.4 and see no difference, it looks like high def. LR AWD HW2.5

h2ev | 6 augusti 2019

Yeah it used to be high def. After 24.4 it looks like 480p. There are others who had the same problem after 24.4.

Before, I used to just look at the backup camera when backing out of a busy parking lot. Now I can't, because I won't be able to see if the car parked across also put their car in reverse.

raqball | 6 augusti 2019

h2ev | August 6, 2019
That's cool, but what I want to know is does it fix the horrible backup camera quality brought by the last update 24.4?
I updated from 2019.15.105 to 2019.28.2 and the backup camera quality is about the same. II had no issues on the old nor the new with the quality of the backup camera. I'd say if you had an issue on 24.4 then 28.2 should fix it..

Joshan | 6 augusti 2019

I know dumb question. Have you done a hard reboot with the brake pedal?

majassow | 6 augusti 2019

Release notes say that BT on driver door is detected. So far working great for me. 6'4" with 5'5" wife: needed to be fast on that cancel button if she had been driving it.

Since the update it switched automatically to my profile after she drove it, and when we both got in (with me driving) it stayed on my profile.

Kudos to Tesla for considering customer feedback!

KAM6 | 6 augusti 2019

I just want to clarify that you don't need to be connected to wifi to be notified there is an update You only need to be connected to WiFi to complete the download and installation.