FUD Spin- Nobody Wants to Steal Your Tesla

FUD Spin- Nobody Wants to Steal Your Tesla

How about instead of FUD Spinning this data, the "reporter" could actually use her brain to determine why the Model S/X are amongst the least stolen vehicles in the US, like PIN-to-drive, Sentry Mode, App Tracking, etc. Instead they claim Teslas are least stolen because they are parked in garages charging. How does this explain why the BMW 3 is the #1 least stolen car?

This reporter wouldn't even be smart enough to steal a Dodge Challenger like the majority of thugs do.

Then I turned on talk radio to hear a couple of idiots claiming the stolen muscle cars are stripped and sent to Mexico to be sold in black market but they don't want Teslas because the batteries are toxic waste and if they hot-wired a Tesla it would explode.

I'm sure the insurance companies will promptly reduce our premiums since our Teslas are safe from thieves.

Xerogas | 2 augusti 2019

@Tropopause: that is some serious spin! Can’t win for losing — imagine the headlines if Teslas were the *most* stolen car.

The mental gymnastics required to make these headlines is boggling — right up there with the eTron’s “stately acceleration” or whatever twisted term they came up with.

jimglas | 3 augusti 2019

Can I use the term "stately acceleration" to describe my current running ability?
Makes losing sound so much better

Xerogas | 3 augusti 2019

@jimglas: "Can I use the term "stately acceleration" to describe my current running ability?
Makes losing sound so much better"
You have my permission, along with “majestically crosses the finish line”, and “politely allows others to lead”

jimglas | 3 augusti 2019

Bravely runs away?

Yodrak. | 3 augusti 2019

"stately acceleration"

Should replace "Chill mode"? Tesla has it, if that's what you want.

Yodrak. | 3 augusti 2019

I wonder where other EVs stand on the list? My guess is that they are also pretty low. My further guess is that EVs aren't a top target because there are so few of them - not many to steal in the first place and no market for the parts in the second place. Teslas would be lower than the others because of the anti-theft features.

jimglas | 4 augusti 2019

No parts to steal. At least very few and no market for them

Yodrak. | 4 augusti 2019

Thanks for confirming my thought.

BuffaloBillsFan | 4 augusti 2019

Yeah. What they said. No parts to steal and tracking. Why steal a car that will tell the cops exactly where you are? And then, what sellable parts could steal if you were to dismantle them? The tires maybe? I don’t think that the M3 screen would pass as an iPad, even if you could reconfigure it. Basically too much risk for not a single gain. Better to stomp on their windows and hope they aren’t looking.

Besides, I think they are pretty hard to steal in the first place.

Oops . . . I guess they are looking after all.

finman100 | 5 augusti 2019

“Unlike some other EVs we’ve recently tested, the E-Tron doesn’t lunge off from a stop; it has a more leisurely rollout."

from consumers dis-report.

really? leisurely is how you sell the instant gratifying torque of EVs? wow.

so...stealing one of the Audi EVs may result in a non-getaway...

blue adept | 5 augusti 2019

I cannot manage to think of even one reason why I should be concerned or upset that no one would want to steal my car...not even one.

andy.connor.e | 5 augusti 2019

If someone steals your car it'll be a joyride. They will not last long unless they drive it completely off the radar, in which then, they're not exactly able to use the vehicle they just stole.

jimglas | 5 augusti 2019

Re: "it has a more leisurely rollout."
No way drive it like you stole it. Even if you did steal it

Xerogas | 5 augusti 2019

“Stately acceleration”

blue adept | 6 augusti 2019

@Xerogas, @jimglas, @Yodrak., & @finman100

Sounds more like a sales ad for a yacht than an automobile's performance description.


+1 for the funny double entendre.