MX Issues From Day One, 8 Months Later Still Have Issues

MX Issues From Day One, 8 Months Later Still Have Issues

After owning a MS for about 5 years I traded it for a MX. What a mistake.

My MX has had issue from the very first day, about 8 months ago.

First it wouldn't charge. Okay, that's only an issue if I want to drive the car.

Once they fixed that, the charge cable wouldn't open the charge port door. Again, if I never drive the car, it's not really all that bothersome.

The service center acknowledged the charge port door issue. But, they had not fix for. Nor did they have an estimated date when it would be fixed. That was 2 months ago.

Has it been fixed? As far as I know, there is no way to find out. If there is a know issues and fixed issues list, I don't know where to find it.

You can't call Tesla and talk to someone. At least the number I call (like the local service center) only has an option for voice mail and they don't return voice mail calls.

I tried texting the servie rep who turned over my broke car to me with the known issues to see if she knew a fix had been issues. No response.

Then there's the constant rebooting Sat Radio. I was told that was my fault. I put a USB drive in the port that was too big. I guess they guy who wrote the code that checks the size of your USB drive decided if he thought the drive was too big, he'd reboot the Sat Radio. Each and every time you turned on the card.

I pulled out the USB drive. No change. Still reboots.

When I brought the car in, I had taken photos of the issues when I encountered them. Basically providing them date and time stamps so they can check the logs. That didn't help at all.

Does anyone here know how I can figure out if these (or any other issues I have) have been fixed? I ask, because it seems to me the only way to find out is to make a service appointment, drive the car over, leave it with them and see what they have to say at the end of the day.

Elon has decided to make far more cars than the team can support. The factory workers don't have the time to make sure the car they ship can be charged. The software team seems to be too busy putting out new features to worry about fixing the ones they already shipped. And the service teams are simply swamped, deliverying and now maintaining far more cars than they've been staffed for.

Any suggestions here would be helpful. As I'd rather have a fully functioning car as opposed to just come here and rant. (cause that's what this feels like)

MrGasEx | 6 augusti 2019

Wow. Not one replay. Am I the only one having these kinds of issue?

jimglas | 6 augusti 2019

apparently so

20854 | 6 augusti 2019

Lemon Law case?

sschaem | 12 augusti 2019

I have similar story, but I attributed it to Tesla rushing order in late 2018.

First delivery, so bad I had to refuse it. ("half" the car needed rework)... and it was really sad , when I open the passenger door the door seal fell off... the seal for the trunk was half way installed... the driver side door seal was mangled (ripped and the entire needed to be opened), etc..

Second was acceptable, even so the glove box would not open, the charge port would not close (but you could force it), the hood was totally miss aligned.(one side almost touching , the other side you could slip your pinky), the falcon wing door where miss aligned the seal was getting ripped opening/close the door, etc.. (and the FSD never calibrated, but it did after a week, and was acting bezerk).
So this one can a first trip to the service center for all the major thing, and decided to get the rest fixed when the HW3.0 get retrofitted. (Its so time consuming )

At the time the car was $172k .... but it did not follow Elon appreciation rule. Instead Tesla told me 5 month later that my trade in value was $95k ... just $77,000 in deprecation after 2500 miles.

So third one... a Raven, A trade in as I wanted the new suspension. Much better overall build, but still day 1 defects.
Just one big one, the passenger door doesn't close reliably. and look like hack to even have it close in the first place. And some metalic rattling sound >30mph on some roads surface

So Tesla did not really improve its model X manufacturing process, and certainly not its Quality assurance.
(And as get to find out, even interior was downgraded for the raven due to cost cutting)

RAUDIKAL | 6 september 2019

If you refuse the car, it doesn’t mean you get another car, the problems get fixed and you take delivery at a later date.
My delivery interaction was minimal and the person didn’t even take the time to greet me properly. My X had a few issues that are still outstanding now... two years later. Service isn’t any better than the delivery experience. I went through the growing pains of Columbus, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio service centers opening, but see service getting worse due to poor communication.

klaws | 6 september 2019

It’s crazy, my friend who works at Tesla told me to get an s over an x because of the quality control being one of my biggest concerns. Seems like a lot of model xs workout, but more consistency with the s. I feel as if the x almost has too much technology

bryce | 7 september 2019

I currently have similar issues with getting an error for emergency braking disabled randomly come on when driving. So basically I cannot count on the car to brake in an emergency as it should. I have had this issue since about day 7 took it in twice already and they tell me its a software issue they will fix in an update. Car has updated like 5 times with no fix. If I bring it in at least 4 times, I'm eligible for the lemon law case. Maybe thats the only way to get tesla to actually live up to what they should be doing. Very Disappointing

jimglas | 8 september 2019

more Bryce FUD
Smelling up multiple threads