So with this new advertising campaign: "Starting at $84,990, Model X comes standard with Autopilot, Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, premium interior and sound, plus in-car gaming.
Any purchase of a new Model X will come with free unlimited Supercharging."

Now that the X includes Ludicrous and fee supercharging, I wonder what trade in values are for performance X's purchased in the last 6 months (when Ludicrous cost $20k and you paid for supercharging).. if it makes economic sense to trade them in for a new one given now free supercharging...

Tesla must be having trouble with new sales to add this incentive?

marty | 6 augusti 2019

Tesla offers 1000 hours of supercharging if you buy from a referral. In Virginia they took away my referal hours without letting me know. Now the Model X I bought 1 month ago is offered with free unlimited supercharging, I feel like I have been ripped off! | 6 augusti 2019

@E.g.harrison - Buying any car as a 6 month investestment is a really bad idea. Now after 4 years, all these changes will make almost zero difference in resale value. Remember that free Supercharging is not transferable either, so adds zero value in cars bought today when considering resale value.

@marty - Prices and promotions change all the time from all car manufacturers. Not sure why you feel ripped off. I assume you also feel ripped off on every prior car purchase - or just unknowing of all the scams dealers do?Two people can go into a dealer at the same hour and come away with the same car - paying thousands of dollars difference or having some options for free. Rebates, dealer kickbacks and other promotions make it a total nightmare. At least with Tesla the price you pay is the same for everyone else at the same time.

reed_lewis | 7 augusti 2019

I always tell people to 'do the math' with Super Charging costs. If you charge at home, and only use Super Charging for trips, think about how far you will drive in those trips.

The average price for Super Chargers is about 30 cents a kWh. So if you drive 3000 miles using Super Chargers, the the total cost is 3000miles/3m/kWh = 1000 kWh. 1000 kWh costs $300. Is it worth taking a significant financial loss for $300?

Consider driving 20k miles a year using Super Chargers. The yearly cost would be $2000 so for 5 years it would be $10K. If you were to trade in and buy new, it would more than likely cost more than that.

This reminds me of people who take cruises. Cruise lines sometimes give OnBoard Credit which is usable on the ship for purchases, Etc. Sometimes the price of the cruise will drop significantly, but you lose the OnBoard credit. But there are people who will not rebook using the local price because they will lose the onboard credit even though the total price would be less.

jimglas | 7 augusti 2019

I suspect they are trying to clear inventory before they announce a new refresh which will make the current model X look very old | 7 augusti 2019

@jimglas - More likely just to boost sales, especially now that the lower end S/X is no longer available. Elon already said no refresh is coming, although there code be some small changes - as they do just about every month.

jimglas | 7 augusti 2019

I suspect they will upgrade to the battery used in the model 3. More efficient and faster charging. Perhaps 400 mile+ range?
Not to mention more efficiency in manufacturing if all the cars use the same battery

reed_lewis | 7 augusti 2019

Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think that Tesla manufactures the 18650 battery themselves. That is made by someone else. The 2170 in the 3 is made in the gigafactory though. Of course Tesla assembles the pack themselves, but not the raw 18650 battery.

I seem to remember that Tesla has a purchase agreement for the 18650 from someone else though. Perhaps finally that agreement is ending. | 7 augusti 2019

reeds correct, Tesla does not make the batteries for the 3 or S/X. Panasonic makes them. The S/X batteries are made in Japan, while the M3 batteries are made at the Tesla Gigafactory. I assume panasonic leases the space needed for making the batteries, or Tesla gives it to them for free with a corresponding discount.

As for the S/X getting the M3 batteries, the GF has been production limited for all the M3s being made. Tesla even has to buy more batteries from Samsung? to meet needs of the energy division (powerwall, etc.). Still it is expected that someday the S/X will get the same M3 batteries.

jordanrichard | 7 augusti 2019

The 18650 batteries come from Panasonic. Without a complete redesign, the S and X will not get the Model 3 batteries (2170).