Purchased self driving package for $3000 + tax

Purchased self driving package for $3000 + tax

bettymr | 15 augusti 2019

I purchased the self driving package about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Other than confirmation of my purchase and a charge to my credit card of $3000 + tax, I have not received any software changes. I have also posted several problems including this one to the support and have received no responses. One issue has not been corrected although my repeated request began about 6 weeks ago. The latter issue concerns a balance on my account as $187,527 for the car I purchased and received in Feb.,2019. Does anyone know of a way to get assistance from customer service?

Bighorn | 15 augusti 2019

No SW changes exist yet beyond the EAP you have. If it’s not a purchase option on your account page, you have it.

EVRider | 15 augusti 2019

You don’t get a software update when you buy FSD, they just enable the feature. Since you already have EAP, like Bighorn said, you won’t see anything new. At some point Tesla will start releasing features to FSD owners that are not also included in EAP.

Regarding the other issues, I can’t help you, but if you didn’t use the support form in your My Tesla account, try that.

barrykmd | 15 augusti 2019

Congrats. You just spent $3K for nothing.

2015P90DI | 15 augusti 2019

OK????? Would you like a pat on the back???

So how are you enjoying all of your new features so far???

Oh wait, there aren't any!!

OK, sorry, just being a smart ass. Figured there'd be some type of post behind the title, then saw the post was blank aside from the title, so not sure what the intention was by posting it?

EVRider | 15 augusti 2019

@2015P90DI: Maybe you should have read the other replies before posting your own.

MJP.75D | 15 augusti 2019

Be sure to use a credit card to pay that account balance — that’s a couple of business class tickets to Europe! Enjoy.

johnson.todd.r | 15 augusti 2019

I just added FSD tonight and was billed twice! I have only one car. If you are planning on doing this tonight, the site is currently very slow and now I cannot get back to my normal page showing my S and the Manage button.

ST70 | 15 augusti 2019

Am I missing something??? What's the urge to get a useless feature now?

ST70 | 15 augusti 2019

I'm a stockholder so please keep buying everyone!

Hood7 | 16 augusti 2019

I love my S, and Tesla generally... but at this point my level of trust is severely eroded. Would love to update my car, or even replace it with a new Raven-updated S, but the constant double-speak and false statements (which I no longer take as 'promises') force me to sit back and wait.

ST70, I think the urge to get FSD now is that Elon tweeted a while back that the price for FSD would be going up on August 16. It's August 16 now and I don't see a change in price. I guess technically Elon didn't say August 16 of this year, so....

nukequazar | 16 augusti 2019

If the price doesn’t go up, there will definitely be a class action.

I’m thinking he may extend it a day because the site was overloaded and crashing last night.

Bighorn | 16 augusti 2019


MhoPower | 16 augusti 2019

I was billed $3k twice by Tesla also. WTF?

johnson.todd.r | 16 augusti 2019

@MhoPower At least my account page is back up and shows the double charge. I have sent messages both through the webform and to, but so far only crickets. It seems Tesla does not want to provide phone numbers for us to contact them anymore, so I have no idea what else to do. We should be able to call and have this corrected immediately. As much as I love my S, Tesla really needs to hire someone who understands customer service and puts it first. If Musk is getting in the way of that, he needs to kept as the idea person and isolated from these decisions. If I don't hear back from them soon, my only recourse will be a Tweet to Tesla and Musk.

EVRider | 16 augusti 2019

@johnson.todd.r: Did your credit card actually get charged twice already? Did you try calling your local service center? If you got charged twice and don't hear back from Tesla, you can always dispute the duplicate charge with your credit card company.

johnson.todd.r | 16 augusti 2019

@EVRider Credit card shows two pending charges. My Tesla account shows two charges as well. I plan to dispute one if Tesla doesn't fix this soon. The Tesla site was having lots of issues last night.

MhoPower | 17 augusti 2019

I feel burned when I cannot get a response from a vendor I have paid $100k+ to. I have two pending $3k charges on my card and I have authorized my cc company to dispute one of them as this is all that I authorized to charge me.

nukequazar | 17 augusti 2019

This is an annoying but simple problem. Just call your credit card company.

dougk71 | 18 augusti 2019

Just remember that when Tesla takes your reduced price order for something Tesla will not deliver for sometime it is being subsidized by loyal customers that paid the full 10k for FSD. Just maybe the future price will reduce below the 3k and then you will also be subsidizing the "Johnny come lately" to FSD.

Chdodge3 | 18 augusti 2019

I also upgraded and got charged twice. Several messages to Tesla have gone unanswered. I’ve also started a disputed double charge complaint with my credit card company. I love my car and own stock, but Tesla’s customer support has become awful. I went to a Tesla showroom and they were very nice and understanding but told me they also have no way to reach customer support. As an investor and car owner I find this very discouraging.

johnson.todd.r | 18 augusti 2019

I also disputed the double charge with my credit card company. They actually had a specific selection for a double charge. Tesla really does need to have a better way to contact a human being. My last service was through the app and text with no way to actually talk on the phone to explain the situation. On the other hand, the mobile service has been great once they actually get to me.