Performance Model $1,000 price increase?

Performance Model $1,000 price increase?

Looks like the price is now $55,990.

Joshan | 16 augusti 2019


jimglas | 16 augusti 2019

the only thing constant is change

Lonestar10_1999 | 16 augusti 2019

It’s likely that material costs are increasing for Tesla and this is now passed on to the consumer. This small price increase should not dissuade potential M3P customers.

howard | 16 augusti 2019

jimglas | August 16, 2019
the only thing constant is change


spuzzz123 | 16 augusti 2019

Poor kids. That’s what I paid for my Lr RWD. Wished I had waited 6-9 months

calvin940 | 16 augusti 2019


St☰v☰ | 16 augusti 2019

That reminds me, I thought the FSD was going up to $7k today? When I look in my account, it's still showing $6k.

82bert | 16 augusti 2019

I think today is the last day to get at 6k. I could be mistaken, however.

rsingh05 | 16 augusti 2019

It’s now $15K less than what I paid 9 months ago. Yesterday it was $16K less.

However I did get a higher rebate so it’s about $11K less. I did get free unlimited supercharging though, and did get the car early so I’m totally
fine with it.

I’m sure Tesla is getting a huge demand at that price - I won’t be surprised if it goes up again by a couple of grand in the near term.

Joshan | 16 augusti 2019

some people also posted it was erring out last night when trying to order. So they may leave it up a little longer.

Or jayreb could be right and they do not raise it haha. We will know more Monday.

Joshan | 16 augusti 2019

wtf... why do I keep calling him jayreb ... I mean Jebinc

St☰v☰ | 16 augusti 2019

@ 82bert | August 16, 2019
I think today is the last day to get at 6k. I could be mistaken, however.

No, you're probably correct..

kevin_rf | 16 augusti 2019

It's only $1k more than what I paid for my LR AWD! I feel gyped, I demand a free flame thrower for waiting in line.

LikeLightning | 16 augusti 2019

Only adding to this string b/c it's somewhat related as far as price changes goes and to share my experience (and there is no Y forum yet): The Y ordered 4 months ago is $2500 cheaper with today's pricing. I "chatted" with Tesla (thx @joshan for help with/that earlier) to see if they would make the adjustment for me or if I had to cancel and re-order it. Long story short - I had to cxl and order again. The Tesla rep kept recommending I wait b/c they may still honor the new pricing for me anyway. He seemed unable to grasp the idea that was a wholly avoidable risk and that the only thing I would lose is my place in line for the ordering. Ehhh. Whatever. It's $2500 cheaper now, so a-o-k w/me.

apodbdrs | 17 augusti 2019


kc10kevin | 17 augusti 2019

@LikeLightning Actually, you didn’t have to cancel and reorder. Just need to go in and edit order, keep same configuration and bam, $2500 cheaper. Took 30 seconds.

bjrosen | 17 augusti 2019

The tariffs go into effect Sept 1 so it could be that, it could also just be Tesla trying to get to profitability. Bumping the price on the performance model probably won't effect sales much, I suspect that people who buy the performance model really realy want the performance model. Bumping the price on FSD, which is supposed to happen soon, could backfire. FSD isn't a must have option. I bought FSD at $6K, but it was only because I decided to go all in on this car because it's my 65th birthday, but I probably wouldn't have if it was a normal purchase. But if the price had been $8K instead of $6K I suspect I would have let my better judgement take over and I would have passed on FSD.

LikeLightning | 17 augusti 2019

@KC- That was the first thing I tried to do but every time I went to "edit," it just brought me back to the original "manage" page... I couldn't edit anything. I didn't want to risk losing the lower price. I did make this comment in the reply with the cancellation... so maybe they'll still adjust the original order.

jjgunn | 17 augusti 2019

Bought mine in April. If you include the tax credit drop from June 30 to July 1, it's virtually the same price. Including Tax, Title & License.


kc10kevin | 17 augusti 2019

@Like That sucks!! I just told my buddy about it and he edited his design no problem. Saved him $4000 since he had ordered White. What a pain to have to cancel and reorder!

in7 | 17 augusti 2019

kevin_rf, the flamethrower is not one of the available Tesla accessories yet.