Faulty windshield?

Faulty windshield?


I wonder if what happened to me is a larger phenomenon or just bad luck.

I got my front windshield cracked without any apparent reason. The crack wasn't there when I drove it, something also confirmed by my passenger. Then the car was left on my front yard for a couple of hours, after which I wanted to wash the car. While washing I noticed the crack - with no trace of impact at tall. My working theory is that the difference in temperature (hot summer day vs cold water) might have triggered it. If yes, it's not normal - temperatures are high but far from the highest possible.

In any case, wanted to ask around if anyone had something similar happened to them.


Magic 8 Ball | 16 augusti 2019

Clickbait "Faulty" FUD.

raqball | 16 augusti 2019

@javahe I recall seeing some people have glass issues in the past but I can't remember if they were from or rear.. Might be best to schedule an appointment and have it inspected.

I am sure if it's a factory fault Tesla will take care of you. They should be able to tell if it's a factory issue or an issues cause by impact or something else..

Good luck..

Joshan | 16 augusti 2019

The title does kinda give away their intention....

But having said it is very simple to tell if it is a crack caused by impact as somewhere on the crack there will be a spot with a small indent.

Joshan | 16 augusti 2019

A simple google search on this topic had a thread to nearly every Auto maker all with the same basic answer. Here is a VW one from 2010.... General consensus is you already had a tine crack and the shock of the cold water exacerbated it.

Syed.Hosain | 16 augusti 2019

The crack in my windshield was caused by an impact from some object. Pretty darn obvious when you see the star damage where it hit.

It's been slowly spreading across ... I have been waiting for the right moment to change it out, when the glass is available more quickly, prices become a bit more consistent, etc.

Marzipan | 16 augusti 2019

Had something similar happen to my Jeep back when I was still driving ICE cars .... Was bitter cold winter, car was parked outside), I turned the heat up all the way and after a very short drive I noticed a crack in the windshield going all the way across the screen around the location where the heater was hitting the windshield ... sucks but I wouldn't call it a windshield defect, just nature being a bitch. After googling it I learned this is pretty common across all brands

lilbean | 16 augusti 2019

Putting cold water on a hot windshield can crack it.