An other day without a single problem with my M3

An other day without a single problem with my M3

What gives ?

Based on what I read here, this should not happen!

lunde | 17 augusti 2019

Must be defective.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 augusti 2019


jjgunn | 17 augusti 2019

Keep searching.....find something ..ANYthing....then post it here.

F.vanalstine | 17 augusti 2019

Me too. Nearly two months not a glitch yet. Heading out on a solo 3200 mile trip out west next weekend. Hope it doesn’t all catch up with me then. I am a bit worried about the Lusk, WY Suoercharger though.


raqball | 17 augusti 2019

Coming up on 2 months.. No real issues to report. Very happy with the car and the quality.

lunde | 17 augusti 2019

@F.vanalstine: The Lusk supercharger station is good to go. I used it twice earlier in the summer. I had issues only at the one in Rawlins.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17 augusti 2019


Trekman | 17 augusti 2019

Me neither. Must have got a lemon?

lph | 17 augusti 2019

11 months of grins here! My face is getting tired, but I can’t seem to stop it.

adam09si | 18 augusti 2019

I mean, sure, found a rear panel with missing paint on a corner on day 8 after hand-washing the car, but every day other than that has been splendid.

82bert | 18 augusti 2019

10 months for one 3 and 5 months for the other. Couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t even tell you the cost of gas in my area these days.

M3phan | 18 augusti 2019

Don’t get me wrong… I love my model 3, but today I walked up to it and it was looking too beautiful to me, dang it, so I engaged summon to get it out of my garage, and wouldn't you know it worked perfectly like it has since the feature came out… Then I got in and initiated drive, and the darn thing was just too quiet, so I turned on the sound system to have some noise, and guess what???...I was enveloped in too much gorgeous sound that was too amazing for words…the nerve...anyway, my drive continued, full of crazy things like instant torque, navigate on autopilot through rush-hour traffic, leaving me unstressed from the drive, I mean how rude is that, so all to say I love my model 3, BUT...

; )

Mike83 | 18 augusti 2019

The car now charges too fast. Next, I'll have to figure out how to use this Spotify thingy. But I am getting better at Beach Buggy Racing II and what are those ? ? marks to avoid for?. Also playing Chess against Tesla is hard as it takes moves too quickly. With the fast charging the games take my attention now.

JustSaying | 18 augusti 2019

FUD, we had ours 18 months and at 20K miles and we have had to schedule yet another tire rotation and they want to do it at my house again!
; -D

stinnett | 18 augusti 2019

I was considering creating a post on just this very topic, but I was beaten to it.

I've had my Midnight Silver Metallic dual-motor AWD LR AP FSD premium interior lifetime streaming Model 3 since October 2018. I have been an avid reader of this forum since even before my pickup experience, which went fantastically well. I and the two teenagers who were with me at the pickup examined the car for defects, and found none. We drove the car home, taking turns, and after a little more than 200 miles of that, decided the car was an exhilarating ride. I rarely comment on the forum, but I read it a lot (maybe obsessively) and I can't abide the rancor and ill-will foisted on so many posters.

I have enjoyed this car like no other. It has been problem-free. I haven't had issues with playing music on my USB drive, almost no flaky AP driving -- some, but it's still a kid and still learning. I use AP every day on my drive to work. I wash the car and it looks great. I sit in it and I'm as comfortable as I care to be. My passengers, the same. The car hasn't caught fire, hasn't crashed into the side of my garage, hasn't had any battery charge loss ... but it does get better almost monthly.

I've had enhancements to power, to the media player, to AP; security features have been added, climate controls have improved.

When reading so many threads on this forum, though, I sometimes wonder what I'm doing wrong. How did I get a car so nicely appointed and trouble-free? Are the delivery people at the Indianapolis service center just that much better? (Thanks again, Allison.) I think I must have gotten an M3 built on, I don't know, Wednesday and everyone else seems to have one from Monday.

I actually believe most people's experiences are closer to mine than to those here who only contribute calumny and vitriol. Complainers tend to complain, but those who are quite well satisfied tend not to say anything. But like most of those commenting in response to the original poster, I am more than happy with my M3. Thank you Mr. Musk. You might be an alien, but you're my kind of alien.

Life is good, but it's better in a Tesla.

mrburke | 18 augusti 2019

@stinnett - Good motto

BuffaloBillsFan | 18 augusti 2019

I do have a small complaint with NOA. Lane merging with other cars coming onto a highway is NOT smooth, to say the least. Coming home from Chapel Hill yesterday, I decided to let other cars merge into the interstate while I was on autopilot. It did not end in fatalities or even an accident, but it also not end well. I slowed down on AP, the car merging slowed down. AP slowed down even more, and the merging car slowed down even more. There was another car trying to merge behind me, and AP slowed down even more. I finally had to hit the break and stop moving completely before the car in front of my finally merged. The merging car behind me was understandably not best pleased and let me know it.

Not the fault of AP, but still a significant issue before FSD can be implemented completely. I blame the (asshole? Old? Inexperienced?) driver who could not recognize that the NOA was offering him access in front of me. As for the guy behind me, I understand his frustration with coming to a complete stop on an on-ramp. Not the best situation to be in.

I will check out of NOAP at future on-ramps.

That said, it is my ONLY complaint about my M3P. This is far and away the best car I have ever bought. Fit/finish were perfect, and I have nothing but good things to say about customer service. This car is the reason I will never buy and ICE again.

In fact, I am now investing heavily in TSLA, and will buy more shares if the stock prices drop any further. The sky is really the limit for Tesla.

Just my humble opinion.

I would love to hear if others had the same experience with on-ramp merging. Should I have continued to let NOAP run the show or eventually interceded like I did?

leo33 | 18 augusti 2019

For me, the latest AP (I'm on 2019.28.3.1) has done a really good job matching speed and allowing zipper merges. Unfortunately, there are a few really bad drivers who don't know how to merge, and slow down as you describe. They are a hazard no matter what. Of course we always have the option to override AP's speed-matching by stepping on the accelerator.

This is another situation where the capabilities of the car just keep getting better. Not only is it better at allowing merges, but NoA lane changes are getting way better as well. I'm simply having a really hard time finding things to complain about with the car.

apodbdrs | 18 augusti 2019

Under no circumstances are you guys to let Consumer Report, LA times, Seeking Alpha, Fox News, CNBC, GM, Ford, or the other Tesla haters know because they will spin your good experience with your Tesla Model 3 into a disaster! Ha! Ha! LOVE TESLA MODEL 3!

FISHEV | 18 augusti 2019

At least you understand its day to day.

Two service calls in first eight weeks with unresolved problems with Lane Keeping is excessive. It keeps Tesla's average down to the point it lost "Recommended" rating from Consumer Reports due to the Tesla owners reporting all the repairs needed.

mrburke | 18 augusti 2019

@FISHEV-After 11 months worth of day I don’t understand your “day to day” comment.
But with your last comment, I have come to understand that you are a fu%#,n as&h*+=;.

Bighorn | 18 augusti 2019

For me, it is now year to year. No problems in year one.

stinnett | 19 augusti 2019

Thanks for your comment on my tagline ending motto. I not only end posts that way, I believe it. I work at an elementary school and we have a large, eight-foot-long dry-erase board outside our gym for announcements and odds and ends. One day I decided to have some fun. On a blank board, I wrote "Life is good" and signed it as the principal (he approved in advance). Then I put my motto on, along with a poster-sized picture of me and my M3 on delivery day, with TESLA in big letters on the building behind us. I added a "talk balloon" saying to give me a checkmark if anyone agreed, and left some markers to do just that.

Before the day was out I had hundreds of checkmarks. A couple of people (faculty) who I'd provided a test drive added their checkmarks and names. Before it was all erased to make way for the next display a couple of days later, I had so many checkmarks of all sizes and colors there was no room left for any more. Many students stopped me in the hallways to be sure I'd seen their marks and heart-shapes and circles.

It was very pleasing to see how the kids reacted. The older ones actually know quite a bit about the car and, of course, always asked "Does it really drive itself?" I answered yes, mostly, and getting better all the time. Always, always the reply was they couldn't wait to get one.

Sometimes kids are smarter than we give them credit for.

Life is good, but it's better in a Tesla.

CharleyBC | 19 augusti 2019

Yeah, flawless here too after 22,000 miles. Nice to know others are having this problem. I heard the Tesla service people are really nice, but I've never gotten to meet any of them. Darn.

jimglas | 19 augusti 2019

sounds like yu should start a class action lawsuit.
I cant imagine your emotional suffering

BuffaloBillsFan | 19 augusti 2019


Me? Oh yes! I am considering filing a $100 million lawsuit against Elon because the (asshole? Idiot? Older person?) didn’t follow lane-merge protocol.

Then, after the stock tanks due to my lawsuit, I will buy another $100,000 of stock, and after all that, I will drop the lawsuit.

Just kidding! Maybe . . .

The truth is that there a lot of very shitty drivers on the road, and true FSD will need to account for them. I have had good experiences with on-ramp merging on NOA, and unfortunately more (or mostly) bad ones. That is not a criticism of Tesla by any means . . . It just means that Tesla has its work cut out for them to accommodate for crappy drivers. My car did the exact right thing. It was just not prepared for the merging car to do the exact “wrong thing.”

I will take over control of the car from now whenever I see a congested on-ramp. I trust my “Jarvis,” but I don’t trust my fellow drivers.

Jodi3734 | 19 augusti 2019

@stinnett... I too am on this forum a lot but rarely post. You should post more! Your positivity is infectious (and in a good way)!

@mrburke... thanks for starting this post.

Mike83 | 20 augusti 2019

One big advantage is that we sold our ICE cars and since our Teslas don't need maintenance such as oil, gas, filters, brakes, mufflers, smog checks, etc. we are save lots of time(and lower insurance costs) which we use to take more vacations in our Teslas. Life is better than good. grin ;-)

calvin940 | 20 augusti 2019

Best car I have ever owned hands down. Love driving it every single day. Took it camping recently and it was so awesome to have it out there. Everyone walking around the campsites was always stopping to take a look and sometimes sparking up conversations about it. I am sure there are some new perspective owners in the bunch having been able to see and sit in one. In some respects it was better than a meet up because nobody actively had to go anywhere they weren't already going to be. Plus the awareness of a Tesla and its disruption is huge. There is so much less awareness of any other car manufacturer by a huge margin yet they don't advertise.

wiscy67 | 20 augusti 2019

@Mike83 I don't have lower insurance costs but I've never had a car this good either. Yes to all your other points.

ahostmadsen | 20 augusti 2019

We had the car for three months. No issues with the car when we took delivery, and zero issues since. I was worried because consumer reports warned against quality issues. Either I was lucky, or Tesla improved manufacturing quality.

Mike83 | 20 augusti 2019

wiscy67 We switched to Costco which was 43% cheaper saving about $1100 per year.

charles.a.braun | 20 augusti 2019

@BuffaloBillsFan - Not sure what the law is in North Carolina, but I can tell you that in California, AP behaves completely inappropriately when in the far right lane and cars are merging onto the freeway.

andy.connor.e | 20 augusti 2019

You're not looking hard enough. If you look harder, you'll start to create problems out of nowhere.