1st it was Can't Stream Via Bluetooth Any Longer (Android) now a new Gremlin

1st it was Can't Stream Via Bluetooth Any Longer (Android) now a new Gremlin

Weird, I could stream up until today, pandora, audio files stored on my phone, now nada. The phone still connects and all Tesla App functions still work off phone save the streaming function.

EVRider | 18 augusti 2019

Is your phone paired with the car? Touch the Bluetooth icon on the touchscreen to check. If it is paired, is it paired for both calls and media?

St☰v☰ | 18 augusti 2019

Interestingly, while paired to operate functions (Tesla App), it lost its media/call paring. Tried several times, it would not pair, even tried to pair after a reboot, still nothing. I'm stumped.

bjrosen | 18 augusti 2019

Have you rebooted the phone as well as the car? Also which phone do you have? Did you just get an OS update?

St☰v☰ | 18 augusti 2019

I have a note 9. I rebooted both, phone and car. It's almost like the bluetooth in the car is somehow off. It sits there searching for the phone, but never connects.

EVRider | 18 augusti 2019

Try deleting the existing phone pairing from Bluetooth settings in the car and then re-pair the phone.

jjgunn | 18 augusti 2019

Yup....Delete pairing from car & phone -- reboot both, re-pair

Had it happen on a Model 3 loaner once.

St☰v☰ | 18 augusti 2019

That did the trick. Deleted old profile and added it again. Can't explain what happened, but at least I'm reconnected.

Thanks for your assistance!!

roger.klurfeld | 18 augusti 2019

@sky-pilot: Same thing happened to me. Yesterday not connecting. Today I re-paired my phone and everything came back to normal.

St☰v☰ | 19 augusti 2019

New issue:

So apparently my USB hard drive is no longer speaking to the car. I unplug it plug it back in and nada... so just for kickers, I reformatted it (FAT32), added the TeslaCam folder and a couple of songs just to see if I could see them. Nada... not seeing the drive at all and no USB icon in the media bar.

jim | 19 augusti 2019

@sky-pilot: Do you have any other USB devices connected in the car? If so, temporarily disconnect all USB devices excecpt the USB drive.

St☰v☰ | 19 augusti 2019

Nothing else, both charging USB's were disconnected as well.

leo33 | 19 augusti 2019

Your music can't be on the same partition as the TeslaCam directory. I think TeslaTap's usb page explains all that.

EVRider | 20 augusti 2019

leo33 is correct. Once you add the TeslaCam folder, that drive can only be used to record video. You can create two partitions on the disk, one for music and one for video, but using separate disks is recommended.

St☰v☰ | 20 augusti 2019

@leo33 & @EVRider: That did the trick. However, I know I didn't create two distinct partitions before and it worked. But who cares, it's back to working and I'm happy.

So thanks!!