Driver-side fender liner vibrates when driving on the highway

Driver-side fender liner vibrates when driving on the highway

Hi everyone,
Has anyone encountered a rattle that occurs when driving their model 3 on the highway? I believe the sound is produced by the driver-side fender liner vibrating against the fender itself. I'd love to hear how you were able to address this issue.

Wattsworth | 19 augusti 2019
coselectric | 20 augusti 2019

If you can't figure it out easily, make an appointment and take it into the Tesla SC. They're really good at fixing rattles. I believe they will take care of any rattles for free within maybe the first four months (not completely sure about the timeframe, but I feel like that's what I was told).

I took my car in 3 months after I took delivery for a console rattle and a steering column rattle. The advisor there went for a drive with me, listened to the rattles and told me that he knew exactly what to do. When I picked the car up he told me that they fixed the rattles and also preemptively took care of a couple other common rattles I wasn't having while they had the steering column torn apart. Haven't had any rattles in the 8 months since then. These guys seem motivated to make these cars right, so leverage that.