Referral Issue

Referral Issue

Probably a long shot at this point but I had someone order an M3 (at time of order they did not use my ref. code) but after placing the order, they submitted my info well before taking delivery. Tesla gave him the run around and now we are 2 months later and no referral credit. I assume any chance of referral is lost but wondered what other experiences were.

johnobrien | 19 augusti 2019

Ordered through a referral link, but have had no confirmation other than the order proceeding. Is there a way to know if the referral is properly registered?

EVRider | 20 augusti 2019

@tywos1033: Some people have had luck getting referrals added after the car was ordered, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

@john: The person whose referral link was used should see some evidence of that on their account page.

Rsherr | 20 augusti 2019

I have had two friends both order new model 3 with my referral code. In both cases I had a real problem in getting the credit for the referral. In one case both the purchaser of the new car and I were awarded credit after his car had been delivered. In the other case, Tesla would not issue the credit to either of us and we were referred back to Cherry Hill NJ Tesla. It seems that they caused the problem, but to date nothing has been done to address the problem. Tesla continues to be a great car, but service and follow thru could be greatly enhanced.

tywos1033 | 20 augusti 2019

looking doubtful for me. thanks

EVRider | 20 augusti 2019

@Rsherr: Sometimes Tesla screws up the referrals, but other times buyers don’t use the referral properly but think they did. Unless you watched your second friend order the car, it’s hard to know who’s at fault.