Software Update before service

Software Update before service

I have a mobile service coming to my work tomorrow and today a received a software update .

should i update the car?

i think i read somewhere that you get this update before a service and that is better to leave it pending until they arrived.

FISHEV | 19 augusti 2019

Service probably sent you the software update. They did something similar when I had a Mobile Service call coming to the car. You should install it but it you don’t they will so not an issue.

jjgunn | 19 augusti 2019

Pretty normal before service. I install it

Thrillion | 20 augusti 2019

Same here, they requested that I install it. I did and didn't seam to be an actual update to the software as I didn't notice a update report.
I suspect if might just be for access or troubleshooting.

hokiegir1 | 20 augusti 2019

The scheduling email says not to install it and doing so may cause your visit to take longer as they will have to redo it.

hokiegir1 | 20 augusti 2019

Didn't finish my thought.... So, unless they specifically ask you to as they did in @nailsmails case, I'd leave it for them.

HighlandPony | 20 augusti 2019

This is from an email for my upcoming service appointment:

Note: The day of your appointment you may see an update pending for your vehicle. Please do not install that update. This update has been sent by the Service Team and will be used to complete repairs on your Tesla. If you install the update before your appointment, we will have to resend the update to your car which will increase your appointment time depending on connectivity.

Best regards,
The Tesla Team

Not sure if this applies in general but for my case it is pretty clear that they don’t want me to install the update.

pieromontas | 20 augusti 2019

Well in my case i got contacted by tesla the morning of my appointment saying that the update contains the fix of my problem and so far it was true lets see if my error message comes back.

Tyerc | 20 augusti 2019

I got the same email, my service appt is 14 days out. Update showed up today, Two week wait? Nah.