Can you blow tesla model 3 speakers?

Can you blow tesla model 3 speakers?

I love to listen to my audio at max volume with the bass cranked up. Am I at risk of blowing my speakers?

pieromontas | 19 augusti 2019

In my experienced in other cars there should be no problem because there is a software limitation to avoid that from happening but if it happens it should be covered under the bumper to bumper warranty.

lilbean | 19 augusti 2019

I would be worried about blowing your hearing.

rxlawdude | 19 augusti 2019


vincelorto | 19 augusti 2019

Damn. That's loud. Usually at 50%, I'm thinking its loud enough and I don't even have the sub & amp.

M3phan | 19 augusti 2019

50% is very audible from outside the car with doors closed and windows up. 100%? Whoa.

Frank99 | 19 augusti 2019

My kids get upset with me when I pull into the garage - “Dad, we can hear that in here!”
I’ve found that the sound system really takes a step up in quality on the last couple ticks - the bass comes up, and the overall balance is very nice to my ears. Note that I leave the eq flat

jjgunn | 19 augusti 2019

I had Perry Mason by Ozzy at 10 today. I didn't go to 11

Damn that bass just crushes your chest!

Thanks Bang & Olufsen!

joeydoesntshare... | 19 augusti 2019

yes 50% . you can blow up but its audible outside.

VolleyballNE1 | 20 augusti 2019

@jjgunn. Where do you see the volume set to a number? It's just a slider for me with not even a percentage. 50% and 100% is just a rough estimate of the bar. Am I missing something?

Bated Breath | 20 augusti 2019

I thought I quit turning the stereo up to 11 because I was old. I now realize that I quit because my sound systems were garbage. I'm back to cranking it up until my neighbor's car alarm goes off. Thanks Tesla!

efuseakay | 20 augusti 2019

Yes. Just play Nickleback at any volume.

gmr6415 | 20 augusti 2019

I hope you aren't in Florida or it will cost you:

Florida Statutes

316.3045 Operation of radios or other mechanical soundmaking devices or instruments in vehicles; exemptions.—
(1) It is unlawful for any person operating or occupying a motor vehicle on a street or highway to operate or amplify the sound produced by a radio, tape player, or other mechanical soundmaking device or instrument from within the motor vehicle so that the sound is:
(a) Plainly audible at a distance of 25 feet or more from the motor vehicle; or
(b) Louder than necessary for the convenient hearing by persons inside the vehicle in areas adjoining churches, schools, or hospitals.

jjgunn | 20 augusti 2019

VolleyballNE1 | August 20, 2019
@jjgunn. Am I missing something?
Yes, watch "This is Spinal Tap"

Magic 8 Ball | 20 augusti 2019


-------Sergeant Carter

rmg007 | 20 augusti 2019

@volleyball - The volume level of 11 they are referring to is for the S or X (I know the is a 3 forum). There are no numerical values on the volume slider for the 3.

lbowroom | 20 augusti 2019

Does it sound distorted? Then maybe. If not, no.

lordmiller | 20 augusti 2019

@volleyball - He's making a Spinal Tap reference. These go to 11!!

VolleyballNE1 | 20 augusti 2019

@rmg007. Good, I'm not missing anything. I wonder why they decided not to numerically label the volume control.

VolleyballNE1 | 20 augusti 2019

We are all going to go deaf and not know it since we will just push the slider a little higher...

tri_t_to | 20 augusti 2019

Here's some reference decibel level to go by. Running max volume in the M3 is probably above 109 db.

Noise Source Decibel Level (dB) How long can you listen without protection?
Jet take off 130 0 minutes
Ambulance siren 109 Less than 2 minutes
Personal music player at maximum volume 106 3.75 minutes
Pop/Rock concert 103 7.5 minutes
Riding a motorcycle 97 30 minutes
Using an electric drill 94 1 hour

leo33 | 20 augusti 2019

@VolleyballNE1 maybe they decided that a simpler UI was more important than an amusing cultural reference. You will find numbers on the EQ settings. But alas, mine only go up to 8.

lbowroom | 20 augusti 2019

Volume is relative to recording levels and source levels. Volume numbers are pretty much irrelevant.

aptwo | 20 augusti 2019

I notice certain songs kind of required you to turn the volume way up.

TabascoGuy | 20 augusti 2019

Unfortunately there are many more that required you to turn the volume way down.

CharleyBC | 20 augusti 2019

@Frank99: "My kids get upset with me when I pull into the garage - “Dad, we can hear that in here!”"

Young folks today just do not appreciate the finer points of rock n roll. When I was a kid...

hcdavis3 | 20 augusti 2019

Magic, I got suspended from Twitter perhaps permanently. I feel your pain brother.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 augusti 2019

@hcdavis I started on twitter during my “vacation” and am surprised to find the four letter words used there by people at Tesla banning use of such here. On the model airplane forum the running joke is that if you don’t get suspended at least once a year you are not worthy : )

gballant4570 | 20 augusti 2019

I simply cannot get suspended from Twitter..... but with regards to volume, I got hearing aids two weeks before I got my Model 3. The reason I got them was that I would have to change insurance in less than a year, and the insurance I had at the time allowed me to get great hearing aids without spending much of my own money. I did not think I really needed them. Of course my wife believed I did. The music sounds better with them, and you can set a profile for music on them.
If you find yourself turning the music up to 11, or if you are a musician past 55 or so, you might want to check into some....

ST70 | 20 augusti 2019

I'm sure my girlfriend in college could...she would blow anything

derotam | 21 augusti 2019

gballant4570, too bad your wife doesn't realize that the hearing aids aren't going to help you "hear" her any better...she'll probably complain that the hearing aids aren't working and you should get better ones, haha.

syclone | 21 augusti 2019

I think the're too big to get your mouth around.

joeydoesntshare... | 27 augusti 2019

I thought I quit turning the stereo up to 11 because I was old. I now realize that I quit because my sound systems were garbage. I'm back to cranking it up until my neighbor's car alarm goes off. Thanks Tesla!