Request for makers of Model 3 mud flaps

Request for makers of Model 3 mud flaps

I have a request for the makers of the Tesla Model 3 mud flaps:

Please make an additional mud flap that attaches to the rear fenders in front of the rear wheels. Currently, the rear mud flaps attach behind the fenders behind the rear wheels - which is great, but there is a lot of paint damage to Model 3s that happens from the rear wheel spraying debris forward to the lower rocker panel just below the rear door. So it would be very beneficial to have the mud flaps on both the front and rear sides of the rear fender.


syung61 | 20 augusti 2019

eBay has a set of 4 Mud Flaps made for for Tesla 3. no drilling required.

Trekman | 20 augusti 2019

I thank you for bringing this up, otherwise I would have made a huge mistake installing mine. I received my mud flap set today and briefly went out to see how they fit and how much work it would involve. Testing the front set they would have fit snug and precise, but the rear set looked like I would need to do quite a bit of retrofitting. Seems I was attempting to force-fit them to the front of the rear tires. Then I saw your post.....boy did I almost f**k things up! Thanks (and really, I are smart!)

Pierogi | 20 augusti 2019

@syung61 - yes, those are the latest mud flaps also found on Amazon with great reviews. I am asking the people who make those mud flaps to simply make 2 more that mount on the left and right rear fenders in front of the rear tire. This would provide a much needed level of protection for the lower rear rockers behind the rear doors. If these 2 more mud flaps are added then it will make a great total of 6 that will add great protection to the paint. Thanks