2019.28.3.1 Update.

2019.28.3.1 Update.

After not driving it for almost three weeks, I installed the latest update sent to me just this morning.

I seem to have lost my Dash Cam feature, and when I do a "hard reset," the a/c no longer comes back on as before.

Before posting this, I did check the USB drive on my desktop computer, to find that nothing had been stored. I then reformatted the drive and relabeled it "Tesla Cam." I reinstalled the USB drive back into our Model X, and still I see no Dash Cam icon, even after powering up the car and putting it into DRIVE.

I also scraped my right front rim on a curb, after reminding myself to be extra careful when pulling into my chosen end-parking spot. GRRRRR!!! Granted this last rant has nothing to do with the latest update I'm sure, but everything with my chronically inadequate driving skills.

So, what the heck happened to Dash Cam and the hard reset that no longer includes the HIVAC system coming back online?

CrazyHorse | 26 augusti 2019

I got 28.3.1 on 8/24 and no issues (dashcam, ac all good)...knock on wood. Someone mentionded in another forum that they had some issues and did the following sequence: parked the car, did a full power off, then on, then hard reset, then full power off and back on again...maybe that will help.

CrazyHorse | 26 augusti 2019

Forgot to give my info: MX 100D, May 2020. Someone mentioned that older models are seeing AC and dashcam issues....A fix should be out soon.

Diveboss164 | 26 augusti 2019

avesraggiana wrote “I then reformatted the drive and relabeled it "Tesla Cam."
The USB drive needs an empty folder created name “TeslaCam” all one word as shown. If you haven’t done this, please give it a try and let us know if that works.

eveningsun | 27 augusti 2019

The combination of 2 issues seems like the MCU is overloaded with logs, try doing factory reset, car will run much smoother and non of the issues above will be present (though will take 2-5 minutes to set up wifi and home link again but worth it)

Marklavinsky | 27 augusti 2019

I am trying to use the Sentry feature. I have a 2018 model X. I put a thumb drive in and get the red light on the top of my screen indicating the sentry mode is activated. Later, there is a message on my dashboard telling me something has been recorded, but when I put the thumb drive in my computer, there is nothing there. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks

inconel | 27 augusti 2019

@Lamontnash1 can you reveal if your May 2020 X has interior redesigns or newer battery technologies? ;-)

avesraggiana | 27 augusti 2019

@Diveboss164. Thanks. I went from TeslaCam to Tesla Cam, and back to TeslaCam. Did some soft and hard reboots for good measure. Nada.

Providentially, I had an appointment today at our local service centre to have the headliner above the driver replaced. It had sustained some water damage, probably from the heavy rain, last winter. The service supervisor took a look at my Dash Cam and determined that I had a bad/corrupted USB drive. Strange this, I've since reformatted that same drive and repurposed it to play my music. Music is all there, and it plays just fine. I've run off to to order some new flash drives.

As for the other problem with the HIVAC, naturally, everything including the A/C sprang back to life after two reboots performed by the service technician. Go figure.

And finally, I had driven to the service centre this morning armed with a list of complaints of squeaks and rattles emanating from all over the passenger cabin - the falcon wing doors, the rear hatch, wherever. Naturally again, on the drive over to the service centre, they ALL disappeared. Not a squeak, not a rattle, the car was relatively quiet for the 45 minute drive. Go figure.

CrazyHorse | 27 augusti 2019

@inconel....opps typo...2019, not 2020 lol