App Won’t Connect

App Won’t Connect

I experienced the “under maintenance” issue with the Tesla app like many other people. Today when I launch the app it seems stuck in a loop and never fully connects. All I see is “updated yesterday” and the circular arrow spinning non-stop. Anyone else seeing this or have ideas on how to correct the issue?

hokiegir1 | 3 september 2019

Try logging out of the app and back into it. Mine wouldn't connect this morning, but that fixed it immediately.

andrewsjra | 3 september 2019

Same here. Last night it wouldn’t connect to our Tesla’s or solar. I didn’t think until this morning after it was still stuck to just log out and back in. Everything works fine now.

dt22cc | 3 september 2019

Meanwhile, news outlets posting false articles that people were locked out of their cars for hours.

DJW53 | 3 september 2019

Log out under settings, Sign back in. All good!

mrburke | 3 september 2019

I deleted the App & reinstalled. That worked fine. Looks like I need to re-enable my phone as a Key.

I did not try logging out & back in.

aptwo | 3 september 2019

Happened to me last night as well. Car still open and drive normally. Just a minor inconvenient.

Nazrat414 | 3 september 2019

Thanks all - should’ve come up with “log off / log in” myself! Alas...

Joseb | 3 september 2019

Same for me, it was stuck in "Updated yesterday" since Sunday night. Logging out then back in fixed it.

82bert | 3 september 2019

Funny how the news tries to jump on this. Still a good reminder to keep the card on you. Reality is how many cars have 2 different ways to unlock them like the Tesla? There are a few with the hideous punch code on the driver’s door, but beyond that...

CST | 3 september 2019

It's actually a real problem. If you rely on your phone, the authentication bearer token expires eventually, *without any previous warning*. If the network is down, you cannot re-login to the app to gain access to the car. This is what happened to a number of users yesterday.

To compound the issue this weekend, apparently, many users were logged out of the app due to a glitch, and could not log back in for awhile.

I take my key-card if I can't walk back.

leo33 | 3 september 2019

The car's owner manual does tell you to always keep your key card with you in case your phone fails for whatever reason. Also, I remember being told the same when I first picked up the car.

apodbdrs | 3 september 2019

Always have your key card with you! Just because you can't link to the server does not mean blue tooth doesn't work, just have to be close to the car.

devilphish | 3 september 2019

Same for me, but I could still open the charging port with the app, but couldn't see any charging data. Logged out and logged in and it was fine.

CST | 3 september 2019

@apodbdrs - if your auth token expires, you are logged out and cannot unlock the car with bluetooth until you re-login. If the network is unavailable, you need to use your keycard.

tanya_liquorish | 3 september 2019

I am trying to provide app access to my secondary contact and I don't see the box of the VIN in my contact.

How do I give him access

M3phan | 3 september 2019

Daniel-san, log off...log on...

ken | 3 september 2019

Log out then in. Solves it.

apodbdrs | 3 september 2019

This is what I found in one of the Tesla videos:

When asked about the outage, a Tesla spokesperson instead pointed us to a Model 3 support page and specifically noted,

“A paired Phone Key uses Bluetooth frequencies instead of a network connection to communicate with your Model 3. This means that if you’re parked in an underground parking garage with no cell signal on either your phone or your car, you can still lock, unlock, and start your vehicle without issue.”

tbd2001_01 | 4 september 2019

Yes.. happen to lots of people... finally got it to work..

RollTideTesla | 4 september 2019

Anyone relies on their phone 100% to operate their car deserves what they get. Phones get lost, stolen, damaged, batteries depleted, bluetooth wonkiness, etc. I was surprised to learn not carrying the card was a thing. That's just dumb.

RollTideTesla | 4 september 2019

Anyone who relies on their phone 100% to operate their car deserves what they get. Phones get lost, stolen, damaged, batteries depleted, bluetooth wonkiness, etc. I was surprised to learn not carrying the card was a thing. That's just dumb.

CST | 4 september 2019

@apodbdrs - true, but to use the bluetooth unlock, you need to be logged into the phone app. If the phone app login expires, which it does periodically because the bearer tokens have an expiration (6mo ?), you have NO app access to your car.

You can simulate this. Log out of the app and see if you can unlock your car.

donstalker | 4 september 2019

Hokiegir1, THANK YOU!

Mochamoto | 4 september 2019

I was going to log off and log on in the mobile app until I saw the "All Stored Data will be Deleted". Hesitated for a day and did the "Log off, log on". "Wax on, wax off", which solved the issue.

Do anyone know what the "Stored Data" is?

howard | 9 september 2019

Phone application stopped working September 1, thought maybe it was a subscription thing since I bought it in September. Nothing I did worked until I just deleted the application from my iPhone, powered off the phone, powered phone back on and reinstalled the Tesla application. Now going out to reset the phone as a key. This is just irritating!

howard | 9 september 2019

Went through setting the phone key back up. Deleted the old profile from the car. Everything works again.

Joshan | 9 september 2019

the phone is simply a convenience thing. The master key to your car is the card and you shoudl always have it, just like you always have the keys to every other car your drive.

Sheesh, people will complain about anything.

howard | 9 september 2019


The phone application is more than just a convenience. It provides a host of fuctions the card key cannot. Right or do you deny that too? When I cannot check the battery status or turn the car on when parked at the airport when I get back from a trip it is irritating. On top of that car did not charge while I was gone and was pretty low. I could have contacted the parking garage office to check on the charger had I known. I could also comment it is never a problem with my OnStar app....