Delivery time accuracy?

Delivery time accuracy?

Any speculation on how accurate the website delivery times are? An employee in an Ohio store told me that delivery times are 4-6 weeks! When I look usually the website says 2-3 weeks.

Does that mean demand is more robust then ever? I hope so!!! Go Tesla! World domination!

M3phan | 3 september 2019

When you’ve waited 2 1/2 years or more, 8 weeks ain’t nuthin’! It’s totally worth it.

kat.i.houston | 3 september 2019

I can’t speak to Ohio delivery times but I did a custom order here in Atlanta and it was less than 2 weeks....

navt | 4 september 2019

Ordered May 1. Estimated delivery June. It is now September and still no delivery advice. UK, but still. Go figure.

SnowZA | 4 september 2019

I ordered mine on the 1st of May as well here in the Netherlands. They gave me a delivery estimate of the 2nd of September. I picked my car up on Monday - the 2nd of September.... So I think my delivery estimate at least was pretty spot on.

76_m3_76 | 4 september 2019

I'm in Socal, where there is almost 0 stock of any Model 3 variant. Order SR+, with no options, on Aug. 11. Will take delivery Sept. 6th. So, just under 3 weeks. I'm happy with that time period, given the dearth of inventory in my area.

jrweiss98020 | 4 september 2019

Order time was '2 weeks' when I ordered a month ago. '3 to 4 weeks' via text 8/24. Still waiting...

RADEAN84 | 4 september 2019

I'm in Northern California and ordered mine on 8/24 with an ETA within 2 weeks. This Saturday 9/7 will be the 2 week mark and I haven't received any texts, e-mails, web updates, etc. Still just says they are drawing up the contract. Have a feeling I'll be waiting a while longer. Good thing I have other vehicles because I did already sell my daily driver to have the funds ready to pay for the Tesla.

iasen424 | 4 september 2019

I ordered 8.9, Model 3 LR White, based out of Nevada. I received a text 8.24 they were "waiting on final few touches" with no timeline provided. I do not have a VIN, my account says they are drawing up the contract and will reach out to me.

Original estimate was within 2 weeks. The Sales guy, said he has seen them in 1 week and seen them in 3 weeks. Just depends on build configuration and other unforeseen factors. It has been almost 4 weeks :(

athenross | 4 september 2019

SoCal resident here. Ordered my gray LR AWD on 8/18. Site and Adviser said within 2 weeks. Checked in at the end of last week (just a couple days shy of the 2 week mark) as I hadn't received any updates whatsoever. Apparently, the price drop from a couple months ago, coupled with the now standard white multi-coat paint has created even more demand and now a bit of a backlog for deliveries.

I'm anxious to get my M3 for sure, but not really all that upset over the delay...yet. Best thing for them right now is to have high demand, as long as they can eventually fulfill these orders.

roger.klurfeld | 4 september 2019

Model 3s are made in batches, depending on color. So a lot depends on whether they have made your color recently and have one available.

Rhino229er | 4 september 2019

SoCal resident here. Ordered LRAWD + Performance in Midnight with White interior and was quoted 2 weeks. As of today it's been 3 weeks and my splash page still shows drafting up the contract...

julia | 4 september 2019

My brother in Law got his spot on the two week quote date. I ordered mine on Monday from the same dealer in Scottsdale. I am praying its the two week window. We shall see

athenross | 9 september 2019

Quick update:
Received a text on Friday 9/6 that my car was on the truck outside Bakersfield and asking to schedule delivery. Got the MVPA document e-mailed to me and scrambled to get the loan setup with my bank and get all the checks cut.

Then, around 4p, got a call that the car was there and I could pick it up Saturday. Got a copy of the check and FedEx# from my bank for proof of the loan, brought a cashier's check for the down payment to the pick up and drove off with the car (well, there were a few other hiccups, but in the end everything was fine).

So, total time for me was 1 day shy of 3 weeks.