How to address the squeaky steering?

How to address the squeaky steering?

My 1.5 week old Tesla (320 miles) started making some squeaky noises when I turn the steering well (at super low speeds - <20mph). Has anyone else seen this? Any pointers? I have an appointment scheduled for later this week to check it out

Magic 8 Ball | 8 september 2019

Put this in as a URL: squeaky steering

You will find other threads that have discussed this.

jimglas | 8 september 2019


rahul.zingde | 8 september 2019

Thank you. Video links on where to put the wd40 will be super helpful!

Atoms | 8 september 2019

Make service appointment with Tesla on app.

walnotr | 8 september 2019


M3phan | 8 september 2019

One owner posted their squeaky steering wheel solution from the SC: (1) it might need the clock spring replaced. (2) Also might be the brake line popped off the clip against the frame and rubbing against the steering column. The brake line is metal and scrapes against the column when turning.

rahul.zingde | 8 september 2019

thank you all for your feedback. Scheduled an appointment with the SC!

andrewsjra | 8 september 2019

I had a similar issue while turning the wheel at slower speeds. One SC told me it was the steering module and replaced it. I got it back but the issue persisted. I had several rangers take a look at it and after 5 appointments I finally had it properly diagnosed. The cause in my situation was a rubber gromet that was not straight causing it to rub when turning the wheel. They just repositioned it and placed additional oil on it. The squeaking has not returned.