Charged to 100% by Itself

Charged to 100% by Itself

Hi. I received my Model 3 Standard Plus last Wednesday and the delivery team said they set it to charge to a maximum of 90% each night.

It indeed charged to about 210 miles each night until last night. I have it set to charge at 9:30 pm when I am at home, but last night it changed that to 100% and the car now reads 234 miles. I truly do not remember doing anything to the car that should fully charge it. Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, I tried resetting it to 90% this morning on the screen. but I cannot find in the manual where it says what each dash on the battery picture stands for. Which one is 90%?

Thanks from a new driver. Love my car and don't want to ruin the battery.

in7 | 9 september 2019

If you charge it that high, be sure to start driving it right away to get it down to 80% or lower. You don't want to leave it parked at 90 or 100% for any length of time. Press the charge icon on the screen, then tap on the button that says Set Charge Limit, and drag the slider.

derotam | 9 september 2019

You probably accidentally moved the slider either in the car or the app on your phone... Each mark should be 10%.

Joho.keith | 9 september 2019

This happened to me once and I attributed it to putting the phone in my pocket with the app open. Like a pocket dial of your phone. The charging screen in the car has daily and trip on top of the battery icon. Slide it to daily. The highest value of daily is 90%. I’ve charged my Tesla’s to 80% over the last 6 years and haven’t seen any significant 3% in my case) degradation. 80% is one more notch to the left.

cosmicwarrior | 9 september 2019

I always charge to 90% because here in Texas the heat really takes a toll on range, plus I like to drive fast lol. Charging to 90% shouldn't hurt the battery from my understanding, am I wrong?

sandysimon45 | 9 september 2019

Thank you for such quick replies. I will take the car out of the garage very soon and drive it to get the battery down. | 9 september 2019

@cosmicwarrior - 90% is fine. Even 100% isn't all that bad if done occasionally. It's worse on phones and other small devices that don't have a reserve or tapered charging.

jrweiss98020 | 9 september 2019

in7, why not leave it parked starting at 90 or 100%? It will discharge on its own at ~1%/day, as long as it's unplugged.

rxlawdude | 9 september 2019

I have seen this happen on two occasions (once with our MS and once with the M3) after software updates that were applied while the cars were plugged in, but waiting for the time to start scheduled charging.
Next morning, found them at 99% with slider set to 100%, not of our doing.

ed | 9 september 2019

A friend asked if charging the tesla was better to cycle the charging, rather than keeping the battery charged every day to run it down to 30 - 40% then fully charge, run the battery down again to 30% etc. Any thoughts? I've had conflicting information.

Joshan | 9 september 2019

just drive and enjoy the car. Did your micromanage your ICE like that? People really overthink things with Tesla's.

gballant4570 | 9 september 2019

On the screen the division next to the last is 90% - should say "daily" for that mark or less, and "Trip" for above that mark.
The only times I've been surprised by a 100% charge I has simply forgotten to move the slider back to the 90% mark fro the day before. I generally charge to 100% about once a week in anticipation of a high mileage driving day.
I achieve the 100% charge by moving the slider early in the morning, to avoid reaching a 100% SOC a few hours before driving. Maybe I'm splitting hairs, but I just don't want the car to sit long on a 100% SOC.

Generally I would say listen to Joshan's post above. The only two settings I routinely use on the car are 90% and 100% - 90% daily, and 100% periodically. Closing in on a year and 17k miles, I see no actual evidence of loss of capacity. SOC mileage estimate variations can make people believe they are seeing loss of capacity. If you look through these forums you'll see many. many posts......

walnotr | 9 september 2019

Leaving the battery at 100% puts a strain on the chemistry in the cells. It is ok to charge to 100% but the electrons need to start moving as soon as possible so a breakdown does not begin.

jordanrichard | 9 september 2019

in7, you are partially correct about SOC levels. Yes, do not charge to 100% and let it sit there for hours on end, as a routine. 90% won't do anything. Over the past 5 1/2 years with my Model S85 I have practiced what I call seasonal charging. In the warmer months I go to 80% and then in the colder months 90% to help make up for the increased range usage. I presently have 165,000 miles on my car and have only experience 5% range loss.