Electric Frunk Open/Close Unit Now Available

Electric Frunk Open/Close Unit Now Available

Just saw this. Unlike the auto-trunk thing from a few months back, this one is plug and play -- no wire tapping or other invasive work. It obviously requires some mechanical skill, but seems far more straightforward than the other one. $500 on the site. The install video I posted below has a 5% discount code, FYI. I doubt I'll rush out to get it, but does seem like something I might want down the road (pun intended).

jebinc | 15 september 2019


bjrosen | 15 september 2019

I don't get it, the frunk pops open from the app or from the touch screen, how hard is that? Closing it just involves pushing it down, admittedly more gently than is natural, but it's hardly a chore. I can't imagine why anyone would want to spend the time or money to put this thing in their car.

Bighorn | 15 september 2019

I believe it’s illegal as an offering from Tesla

Atom12 | 15 september 2019

@Bighorn: "I believe it’s illegal as an offering from Tesla"

Why? I think the Model S I had for a month or so had it.

Atom12 | 15 september 2019

Oops! My bad. I thought this was trunk. Reading glasses...

lilbean | 15 september 2019

I thought it was trunk too. I don’t care about the frunk auto opening.

Techy James | 15 september 2019

While the video is cool. I am not ready to put that much money in what is simply a convince item. Also what testing was done to assure that if something accidentally shifted in the compartment the hood wouldn't fly open causing a safety hazard.

lilbean | 15 september 2019

Exactly! And not legal.

wb808 | 15 september 2019

@bjrosen - “Closing it just involves pushing it down, admittedly more gently than is natural, but it's hardly a chore.”

While I agree it’s not “that bad” having to close the frunk yourself, I can definitely see the desire for auto closing. Anyone that cares about their paint (and/or has a darker color) hates fingerprints and possible scratches from rings and such so not having to touch the top of the frunk is a definite plus.

I’ve installed the auto open struts with a weaker spring, so closing it is much easier than stock, requiring a gentle final push with three fingers on the emblem to close. However on hot sunny days I’ve learned quick that the emblem (and surrounding paint) can get pretty damn hot, so not having to burn your fingers is another big advantage.

When you think about it too, most people love the now ubiquitous (mostly) auto open/close trunk function, and how much of a “chore” is that really eliminating?

All that said, is this worth $500 and a possible warranty void? Nope, not for me at least.

SalisburySam | 15 september 2019

I’d go for it if there was an installer near me. I might actually use the frunk if I could close it without using two gloved hands. Now I just store my tire plug kit and portable compressor in the frunk.