Car not turning off when I leave car

Car not turning off when I leave car

Already happened 4 times. I leave the car and when I come back, the screen and air conditioner is left on. The side mirrors are also not folding. I checked the button on the locks to make sure it was on to lock when I leave, and I also checked my phone. I also hard reset. Anyone else having this happen? I’m on the newest software update. | 16 september 2019

Sounds like one of the doors is not fully closed. If a door is even a 1/4" open, the car considers it open and the A/C remains on with the displays. If you are sure every door is fully closed, it may be one of the door sensors has a problem, although I've never heard of one failing. The car also will not lock if a door is ajar, so the mirros failing to close is a good indication the car is still unlocked.

nolasco1974 | 16 september 2019

Yea, door is closed all the way. Didn’t lock. Now I turned off and on my Bluetooth on my phone to see if that helps. | 16 september 2019

If you've checked all four doors, it sounds like you'll need Tesla service. Keep aware until resolved, the car will not be locked!

St☰v☰ | 16 september 2019

Did you try a reboot to see if it goes away?

nolasco1974 | 16 september 2019

I tried it several times. Now I turned off my blue tooth on my iPhone X max and turned it back on. When I got out of the car it locked. So hopefully that solved the problem. Will keep an eye on it.

kevin_rf | 16 september 2019

I always glance at the center console when I exit the car. It will show if a door is open.