Tesla App down?

Tesla App down?

So I checked my Tesla app and it told me my model 3 is no longer in my account and has been removed. Anyone else have this issue?

mmusallam | 27 september 2019

Yup same here

cdgram23 | 27 september 2019


jamesxq | 27 september 2019

Yeah, same problem with my MX. Now I can't sign in any more.

Zeroeffect | 27 september 2019

Whew, glad it’s not just me. I changed my password because I thought something crazy happened

rm760 | 27 september 2019

same here

Mike83 | 27 september 2019


beaver | 27 september 2019

Same, back now but it happened twice in 30 min

X-Treme | 27 september 2019

Too many downloads? Server overload?

studintx | 27 september 2019

Happened here as well, I emailed support and tweeted a screenshot

dmastro | 27 september 2019

I think I'm logged into the app, but the update wheel is spinning at the bottom, status says Updated at 5:09AM, and the app is unresponsive while it's trying to update.

I assume one of the network hamsters fell off its wheel and all will be resolved at some point.

Zeroeffect | 27 september 2019

My app is back up. Who knows for how long.

PrescottRichard | 27 september 2019

Someone here in AZ said the car was not responsive but their solar was so maybe something specific to cars going on.

FWIW- my car was showing up, 2016 90D last I checked a few minutes ago.

dmastro | 27 september 2019

Just forced an app update to v3.10.00 (through Apple App Store) and I'm connected again.

SCCRENDO | 28 september 2019

Log out and log in again

peter.408511 | 28 november 2019

Mine too. Been working fine last night.

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