V10 Upgrade and Spotify

V10 Upgrade and Spotify

Hey all,

I recently upgraded to V10 and as a result lost Slacker and gained the Tesla Spotify App. I'm looking for some input from any of my forum mates:

I subscribed to a premium Spotify account and then attempted to login via the Tesla browser. Off the bat I get an error message that the Tesla browser in not compatible and I need to use a different browser so I rebooted and voila I was logged in. Once I got the app up and connected I attempted to do a search for music only to find out that (to my knowledge) there is no "Search" function in the app. I then tried to do a voice search but when I attempt that it defaults to the "Tune-in" app and does not search Spotify. Kind of perplexing as I don't want to be driving and trying to manually find music at the same time.

Anybody else seeing this? Anyone have further information?

Much Appreciated!


EVRider | 9 oktober 2019

I don’t have V10 yet, but I’m pretty sure you need to log in using the Spotify app rather than the browser. The browser isn’t used for streaming audio.

Boonedocks | 9 oktober 2019

+1 EVRider it is a native app in the media “tray”

Also OP where do you live? I gained Spotify, and have been using it since V10, but did NOT lose Slacker.

iTesla | 10 oktober 2019

Slacker (LiveXLive) is under "Streaming." Tap "Streaming" and tap "Genres" and that should look familiar. The streaming app does not say Slacker anywhere until you logout. If you hit the logout button, it will ask for your Slacker credentials or you can hit the button for Tesla's account.

akikiki | 22 oktober 2019

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