Powerwall algorithm is not good enough

Powerwall algorithm is not good enough


i own a powerwall in the UK as as we move into winter i am fed up with waking up in the morning to see that the powerwall has not charged overnight.

I have been through support with this already and am told that the algorithm needs to "learn my system". Well i'm sorry but this just doesn't cut it.

Why on earth can't i just tell my powerwall to charge up to a certain level every night on my cheap rate electricity because this is what i need to be able to do. And, frankly, this is what i thought i was getting.

There's no way on earth someone can write an algorithm that can predict my energy usage properly. Even if you tie the system into the local weather forecasts i live in a coastal region where the forecasts are frequently wrong and even if they were right, it's still not good enough.

I have an electrical heating system (air source heat pump) and i need to ensure that my battery is charged adequately, every night, so that the following day i maximise the usage of my low cost electricity.

And what happens if i'm away for a few days, or a holiday, does the algorithm learn that "hey, this guy's not using much power, let's not charge up at all!". Whereas the reality is that ifi had the ability to define when and by how much the powerwall charged up i could have the system ready and waiting for me upon my return. And vice versa, I can tell the system not to charge at night when i'm away up to the day before where it can charge from the mains electricity.

I ask that you give us, your customers, the ability to do this please. Give us the choice - if people are happy with the algorithm then fine, leave the box checked - call it "automatic learning" or something. But for goodness sake stop trying to be so clever because it just doesn't work for people like me, where i live.


Beeza | 9 oktober 2019

You’ve got my vote! I’ve also requested it!

gregbrew | 10 oktober 2019

Across the pond (USA), it's actually against the law to charge a Powerwall from the grid, except in weather emergencies via the Stormwatch function. PWs can only be charged from solar, during the day. The utilities don't want customers using the TOU tariff differential to make money by time-shifting. In Australia, for example, one *is* allowed to charge from the grid. You might want to check with your local laws to see if charging from the grid is even allowed in the UK.

Passion2Fly | 10 oktober 2019

Did you check your Tesla App?
Do you have an Option called Advanced Time Based Control?
In the US we can only charge the PowerWall from the Solar if using Time Based Control. The only way to charge from the grid is if in backup mode...

gregbrew | 10 oktober 2019

US utilities won't allow you to charge PWs from the grid...even in "Backup" mode. PWs can only be recharged from PV.

Beeza | 11 oktober 2019

There's no issue charging from the grid in the UK and we all have the Time based controls here, the issue is the Algorithm that controls the Time based controls which works by learning the historical usage and weather, it just doesn't work in a climate that has unpredictable weather where everyday is different. Some manual control is all we ask.

Passion2Fly | 11 oktober 2019

Tesla PW can be installed with or without solar. With solar, the PW only charges from the grid in emergency modes such as Storm Watch.

gregbrew | 11 oktober 2019

Passion2Fly, As I noted in my first post of October 10th.

Beeza, Time-based controls in the USA are set by the user. It's not a matter of the TEG learning behaviors and adjusting itself (like a NEST thermostat), but the user sets the behaviors of the PWs according to when TOU tariffs change. I hadn't heard that the TEG firmware allows for learning behaviors. Very interesting. I wonder if something like that will be rolled out in the States...

Passion2Fly | 11 oktober 2019

There is only one "smart behavior" which I'm aware of in Time based control. The system "makes room" for energy storage if the super off peak times fall during sunlight...
In San Diego, SDGE has weekends super off peak from 12AM-2PM. During the week is 12AM-6AM. Obviously, the super off peak are not during the maximum solar radiation. So, every Friday and Saturday, my time based algorithm empties the battery all the way down to "emergency reserves", so I can charge with solar on Saturday and Sunday... It doesn't do that Mon-Fri... It's cool, I like that. It's a smart use of what's called "shoulder rates" (between on peak and super off peak).