MR RWD lost 10% with V10

MR RWD lost 10% with V10

I was using only 30% battery to do my commute loop each day for over 6 months. Now, after installing V10, I am using 33% or more. Anyone else with this configuration see this much loss with that update?

stingray.don | 11 oktober 2019

Weather may be responsible as well as phantom drain from sentry mode, cabin overheat protection, etc. Impossible to say if it is battery capacity without first looking at how much energy you are using. Have you tracked your kWh/mi?

EVRider | 11 oktober 2019

One new energy-draining feature in V10 is standby mode for Smart Summon. You can turn that off in the Summon settings. Not sure if you meant you’re using more energy only while driving or in general.

Joshan | 11 oktober 2019

wont be a huge difference, but if you are using AP the car accelerates much more quickly now. That will add a tiny bit.

hokiegir1 | 11 oktober 2019

I agree that cooler temperatures may play a part in this, as well as the items noted by @EVRider and @Joshan. The BMS starts to kick in with temps in the low 60's, and in the 50's, you can start to see limited regen for short periods -- both of which can contribute.

Bighorn | 11 oktober 2019

Title seems rather poorly worded for a number of reasons.

gmkellogg | 11 oktober 2019

My range algorithm has definitely changed. I charge to about 85% which is like 263 or something. Now when I charge to 85% I"m at 240 or so.

In terms of efficiency I was consistently getting about 230-240 wh/mi but now I'm up to the 250-260 range. There have been a couple of days where I think the heating has kicked on.

marym23 | 11 oktober 2019

My MR went from 264 in the middle of September down to 249 in a one week period. I sent to SC and they said they noticed something but told me to charge to 60% and then follow that by charging to 90%. They thought it'd take a week or so but no such luck. I re-scheduled with the SC but through text messages they've said that this is normal and the a drop of 15 miles in range within first year is no worry. They told me to continue with the charging schedule and that it should help to "re-calibrate" the car. So far nothing! I'm at 250 miles when fully charged and it doesn't seem to be moving.

TexasBob | 11 oktober 2019

@marym23 - range estimator seems to jump around a lot. (See my post where it bounced up last night after 32.12)

One thing for sure: the car really, really does not like being charged to 100%. It especially dos not like being charged to 100% and left at that level for several hours or more. That most definitely will degrade the thing quickly.

andy.connor.e | 11 oktober 2019

Try a battery refresh where you leave plugged in at 90% for a week or 2. Not to plug it in and not use it, but when its plugged in leave it at 90%.

andy.connor.e | 11 oktober 2019

Otherwise @Hal is known for his anti-Tesla propaganda.

marym23 | 11 oktober 2019

Well I'm doing what Tesla suggested. They did have me charge it to 100% just to see what the charge would show. It was 248. I have owned the car 11 months; only supercharged it twice, and charged to 100% twice. I'm not going to stress over it as there's nothing I can do about it. Other than this, I absolutely LOVE this car. Only wish I had a true mid-range and not a standard plus!!