Does Raven S come with Bio Defense Mode Filter?

Does Raven S come with Bio Defense Mode Filter?

I remember kind of laughing when this feature was originally released, indicating it would protect you in the event of fallout from a nuclear bomb.

My Raven MS is the first Tesla I've driven that "I think" has it.

If it does, then believe me, I'm certainly not jumping into my car in the event of a nuclear bomb.

I live in very close proximity to the fire this weekend in So Cal. It was so bad that just the smell of smoke woke me up at 2:45 AM on Friday. Scared the crap out of me as I thought my house was on fire. Went looking all around, then went outside and saw a blood red moon through the smoke and realized there was a fire nearby.

Anyway, that was the morning I was leaving for my road trip. Thanks to all the freeways being closed down, had to drive 40 miles out of the way to go around the closures. Didn't give it much thought, but could certainly smell the smoke in the car driving through the area.

Came back two days later and soon as I got to the area, smelled the smoke residue just driving through the area, which this time surprised me as I realized that I'm supposed to have this filter that keeps all the bad stuff out of the car.

Maybe I just don't understand what it is? But from the sound of the descriptions of the feature, seems like it should have kept this smell out of the car??

Am I missing something? Or is it no longer an option Tesla does? I assumed it was part of the car since we no longer have the choice of options when ordering a car. Maybe that's why?

Just curious? If anyone knows.

EVRider | 13 oktober 2019

Good question. The specs on the Model S page just list HEPA Air Filtration, no mention of Bio Defense Mode.

spineeric | 13 oktober 2019

I have a December 2016 S and I have Bio Defense Mode. But I have to manually turn it on if I need it. I have only used it twice. Going off memory.....

Tap on the fan icon in the menu bar at the bottom. The heated seats menu and A/C option opens. You will see the Bio Defense button if you have it. Once you turn it on, the fan automatically goes to high setting. It's a little loud but it really does eliminate the outside odors.

Boonedocks | 13 oktober 2019

Yes it does!!

2015P90DI | 13 oktober 2019

@spineeric, thank you. Didn't realize it's something you have to actually turn on. I will take a look for that option. Thanks for the info.

aniket.patel | 14 oktober 2019

Bio Defense mode is just a fan setting (essentially) which puts it on almost full spend to increase the pressure inside the cabin so that the air inside the cabin gets ejected. The main hardware portion is the large HEPA filter which will prevent 'most' harmful things entering the cabin. The big thing Bio Defense mode does drive the fan to max and over-pressurises the interior of the car, preventing (theoretically) the intrusion of unfiltered air through other gaps in the car. | 14 oktober 2019

I found bio mode worked great when we drove through a LA fire last year. Smoke on the road had visibility about 30 feet, yet barely noticed the smoke in the car. At on point we were less than 8 feet from low brush flames. Worried it might melt the tires, but no issues. I expect the road was closed soon after we got through.

Mike83 | 14 oktober 2019

It really works great in fire and smoke areas. They recommend changing the Hepa(large) filter every 3 years but with the smoke I wonder if more often is needed. How does one test it? I suppose you could use a petri dish and see if anything grows after a 10 minute run.