What Did It Cost to Register Your Tesla Where You Live?

What Did It Cost to Register Your Tesla Where You Live?

I'm in Northern California and just paid $626.00 to California DMV to register my 75D for year 2020, which got me wondering: I know California taxes are through the roof, but what did you pay to register your Tesla in your home state? So, what state are you in and what did you pay?

GHammer | 14 oktober 2019

$66/year Oreogn

AZGLFR | 14 oktober 2019

Arizona 2015 model s , $58.00 this year . Arizona is supposed to raise EV registration rate to match ICE rates this year or next .
At least that is what i have heard .

MSMS75D | 14 oktober 2019

It cost me ~$1180 to register my 2018 75D in Bellevue, WA! Used to pay around $80 in TX.

PrescottRichard | 14 oktober 2019

$120 for 5 years in AZ.

AZGLFR-If you’re in AZ and your car has been registered for 6 months you can prolly renew for the 5 year rate. It may be a bit more than what I paid because of the DPS fee

murphyS90D | 15 oktober 2019

About $76 for two years in PA.

barrykmd | 15 oktober 2019

When it was new, my 2015 MS cost $1200 to register in Colorado. This past year it was $600 or so, IIRC. As the Tesla SvC only collected the state portion of sales tax, I had to pay the county portion when I first registered at DMV, so I wrote a check for about 6K.

In CO, car registration is a personal property tax (partly deductible our our income taxes) based on MSRP and age of the vehicle. When I moved here from PA where it was a flat ~$30/yr, it was a real shocker to register a car, but our real estate taxes are about half of what I paid in PA for a similarly valued place.

nipper2 | 15 oktober 2019

No sales Tax on Electric Cars in NJ $65.00 for Registration discount on all toll roads . We don't have a personal property tax

bhanuk99 | 15 oktober 2019

$187 for 2 yrs in MD because the weight is over 3,700 lbs. Used to pay $135 for 2 yrs for lighter cars.

bryan.hopkins | 15 oktober 2019

2015 MS 85D, state of MI, $357 per year.

bobrobert | 15 oktober 2019

About $6000 with sales tax, etc. in Ga. Wasn't eligible for the $5000 EV state income tax credit. About 2 years into ownership Ga passed an alternate vehicle fuel tax which started at $200 annual + tags fees, which has been increasing a few bucks every year since. Well, thanks for the road maintenance even if you ain't that sincere about supporting EV's.

BarryQ | 15 oktober 2019

Abut $1,800 in Nevada. (This is not sales tax. With that included, the first year would be over $10,000 on a 100k car).

jordanrichard | 15 oktober 2019

$43 for a 2 year registration here in CT. My wife's Benz is $90.

When initially registering a car there is also a $45 title fee to create a title. If one finances their car, the lein holder's info is printed on the title and sent to lien holder. Once it is paid off, the lien holder signs the title, indicating that the lien is paid off.

tes-s | 15 oktober 2019

Do you also pay annual tax on your car? In CT the registration is not expensive, but there is annual personal property tax we have to pay in addition to the registration fee.

jordanrichard | 15 oktober 2019

Just to add to what tes-us said, this personal property tax goes down every year as it is based on an accessed valued which obviously goes down each year.

Corp | 15 oktober 2019

In the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, we pay a yearly excise tax to our town based on the value of vehicle; it was several hundred for my 2017 leased Model S. Since I have a vanity plate, I pay $80/yr in actual registration fees.

mg.weinberg | 15 oktober 2019

$43 for 1 year in Pa.

Mathew98 | 15 oktober 2019

$175 for 2 years. About $20 more than a minivan.

No road tax, normal sales tax of about 9% for initial sale.

There should be tons more EV sales in NJ since they don't collect sale taxes for all EV brands.

dalley514 | 15 oktober 2019

2017 75D South Carolina
$300 capped sales tax when purchased in 2017
~$40 for tag yearly
$1750 property tax this year! Will decline as car depreciates.
SC will wear you out on boats and cars - beware!

johncrab | 15 oktober 2019

Red states like Arizona refuse to raise the petrol tax or the tire tax - you know the taxes where the more you use the road, the more you pay. After all, they can't be seen raising "taxes", but they can sure "fee" everyone to death. If you live in AZ, renew for 5 years now and lock in that sweet deal because it will be gone after 01 January. The $132/5 years is the only reason I kept an AZ plate. It raises less attention than a foreign plate when I am in Redneckerstan.

rm760 | 16 oktober 2019

$1067.00 in Orange county CA for a 2018 P100D Model S

booshtukka | 16 oktober 2019

No road tax on EVs in the UK.